Dear Santa…

I hope it’s not to late and that the sleigh has not already flown off the ice shelf, as I have rather a long list, but rather than list it fully here, I’ve decided I’m going to use Telekinesis to send it you, such are the wonder’s of modern imagination; and of course the data will be enscripted not encrypted using my all new patented mind technology Thought Wave Demhealixography.  Do not adjust you’re brain matrix whilst transmission is taking place.

The transmission will take place in T-Minus 5……..4……3……2……1…….Transmission Activated; whilst you’re receiving this transmission I would of course like to take the opportunity to ask you to pass on my regards to Mrs Claus, and of course throw an extra carrot to Rudolph for me. You may feel slightly non-plussed during the transmission so focus you’re mind deeply and concentrate on the technology and knowledge you are receiving.  Awareness of the technology can cause massive resistance and extreme side effect reactions in some individuals,  though I’m sure you’ll not be one of them-Should you believe that you are such an individual we can make suitable arrangements to compensate you’re loved ones for you when you are returned,  Transmission completion will begin again in T-plus 1…..2……3……4……..5, Transmission complete.  

PS. How much money do you make on the Christmas cracker jokes and riddles only I’m thinking of writing some if there’s money in it, here’s a sample of the  low end market quality of my work-A start a middle and an end to the riddle can never be paralleled in time, so somewhere out there in a sleep is enough information to make you leap would you not see that you’re blind. 🙂

Thanking you in advance

Dave S Perkins Esq.

Factual Coincidences are not Magical Thinking

Why would I say this, well sometimes it is very easy to get sucked into the surreal and ludicrousness of being accused of magical thinking; and how you relate to it (any given piece of information) as you’re facts is guaranteed to be different to how a second or third party or more relates to what you are saying:-

How can I give an example-okay I will give some information that too me are facts, that I could interpret as some kind of magic (were I to be of such a mindset).   

Over the last couple of days I mentioned my Grandfather Jack who was from a rather large family born and bred in Crewe up in Cheshire and how I happen to have a trophy compass ( wartime memorabilia) and Crewe is also my mother’s Hometown although she has long since settled in Hereford.

So in the news I happened to note that a 22nd Regiment SAS military man (A Regiment regarded as being based in Hereford) who had been imprisoned for having a Trophy gift is being released in time to return to his family in Crewe for Christmas.

So it’s a simple factual coincidence that I can make links and connections too through my family History , nothing more, nothing less.  Just a sort of ‘the parallel lives of coincidences’ type of scenerio, and I’m sure his release will be magical to his family and friends both here in Hereford and up North in Crewe, Cheshire.

Of course it adds validity or reinforcement to the idea of themes that I was talking about.   I’m sure in the build-up to Christmas we’ll see multiple themes running.   In recent years one of the Themes of my childhood Christmas’ seems to have almost completely vanished, we used to see all the ‘YE OLDE EHNGLYSH’ language used pretty much across the board as a traditional selling weapon by advertisers, along with the sounds etc, now we see ‘invoked imagery’ in terms of picture postcard looks, it’s almost a paradox to see the one-dimensional lack of feeling and depth throwaway stuff we get now compared to the more genuine feeling & depth of the goode olde days.

If I Could Have A Saving Grace

If I could have a saving grace

I wonder what it may me

When all around this World is in pain

For lack of being able to see

A rush to judgement procrastinates

If only I had more Time

I’ll drag out perception’s for ever and a day

My only crime blood whines


The strangest ideas that people project

And then some obsessively free

As though the answer to all of my sins

Are the charges they make against me


Out of the mouth’s a treachury

Everyone born of a crime

Is that really reason enough

To deny the treasures to me


A choice direction an unknown place

A fresh start horizon to be

The wealth of mind and matters most

Integral love that eye sea

and there is always of course more

So although I used what might to some  have been regarded as a particularly macabre theme or strand, you can see how we all have these patterns woven through our own individual History’s.  Like learning to climb a rope ladder or net I simply followed one string or rope and moved upwards.  You can of course choose your anecdotes on any theme in your character profile life story.  I mentioned Jack Canfield yesterday, yet Jack was also the name of my Grandfather who fought against Rommel in the desert’s of North Africa (If I remember correctly) during WWII, I actually still have his compass from that conflict (just to digress). So more and more connections & links & closing down of loose ends etc etc.

One of the issues for many people is that they’ll say they like X actor or X actress, and there is nothing wrong in that per se (Going back to role models), but then they go ahead and act out some character that that person plays in a soap opera or movie etc, the stud action men and the man-eaters are of course nearly always our favourites.  There are many actor’s & actresses that may well be just like the characters they play, but likewise I’m sure you’ll find just as many that you think you like that you would absolutely hate in person.  We’ve all read these types of stories-Tom Cruise & Katy Holmes being a recent example, he being her childhood Idol, reality apparently didn’t match the idealisations that we often make of these hero’s and heroines.

I’m not saying be cynical or obnoxious or mean or nasty as there are more than enough people in this world only to willing to be those things, but a sensible and healthy regard for oneself is surely going to lead you to people of similar qualities.

People who have beliefs in things such as reincarnation often unconsciously attract people of a similar nature, the Anthony and Cleopatra’s, Romeo’s and Juliet’s that can’t be together for X reason, and much of it is pure psychological reverse psychology that people play on themselves, that somehow they aren’t going to play out the eventual death, separation or whatever when they’ve carried the story so far already is unlikely isn’t it?

Many of us absolutely reject people as role models that we should potentially want to have e.g. The Queen and Prince Phillip, yet at the same time we often crave these long lived marriages, relationships and so on.  I know from chatting to various women I met through dating websites a few years ago, that yeah they’ll date you but they’re often already wondering what the next guy/date they’ve already arranged will be like, you could say we are in the era of professional datee’s , and guy’s are often doing the same, that’s the unfortunate and often psychological trap that those websites set (I was told this by multiple women who had been on those websites far longer than my naieve ass) although I enjoyed the dates, I wasn’t particularly looking for a non stop never-ending merry-go-round so I enjoyed the period I signed up for and moved on. The social free lunch and the never never social merry-go round where we’ve all convinced ourselves that settling is not to be committed to, cos I did that before and it was bad.  I don’t wanna get burned leading to getting burned.

And it turned into another wierd rant, there ya go something for the weekend and it’s only halfway through the week 🙂

The Funny Thing About Anecdotes

Now of course it would be very easy to dismiss my anecdotes as simply fishing for sympathy, or I know people far worse of; or fill in you’re version of dismissal here ________________ ; but that would be missing the point of what I’m encouraging or the point’s I’m trying to convey or get across.

When you explore enough of you’re own anecdotes you will  often find the themes and sometimes richer seams of self-awareness than you previously realised.

Certain individuals go on about Jack Canfield and his ‘Chicken Soup for The Soul’ Books, yet all that triggers for myself, is the memory of the Christmas where sucking chicken soup through a straw was my Christmas dinner whilst all around were stuffing there faces with The Full Monty of a good old fashioned Christmas Feast; I’d had dental surgery a few days previous in an effort to save my Two Front Teeth, another accident I failed to learn anything from.

No the reason I’m retelling these incidents is because I found what might be called an ‘Out of Character’ theme, where incidents and accidents happened almost through a form of being possessed.  By that I mean I was thinking and trying to do one thing whilst my body was literally ignoring me and doing something else.

I have a small ‘Action Man’ type scar above my right eye, nothing new there you might say, the theme of late 80’s early 90’s pub and club fighting was often glassing and many guys have such injuries and wounds.  Mine of course is from being hit in the face with an old wooden tennis racket-The perpetrator was ME MYSELF and I was an experienced player who wouldn’t think to do that to himself in any way shape or form, it was just another regular game on the local courts and my arm/body literally decided to hit myself in the face, hard to describe unless you’ve ever experienced such incidents and many many more people have than would care to admit it, through fear of having the piss taken out of them-though its the sort of thing your gonna get ripped for anyway so you may as well tell the full truth.

Another time I was carving some balsa wood, too long ago to remember what I was making, but upon completion I remember that I became aware of a pool of blood and discovered I’d at some point stabbed my leg and been totally oblivious to having done so.

So poor communication between the hemispheres of the brain, or momentary possessions where your irregular side takes over can have potentially harmful consequences.

Now you could say I’m someone whose has had a History of an inadvertent self harm nature, where I wouldn’t naturally or normally do those things to myself, some part of me did do them.  We all read in papers or hear stories of folks who really do have far more regular and almost intrinsic inherent self-harming natures, again awareness and change is surely better than repeating these old behaviour patterns, wherever the origin from when they came.


Follow the Synchronous Paper Trail

Anyone who loves a good detective story and is interested in connecting the dots and details or exploring there own inner workings generally does this in one form or another, it can be consciously or unconsciously if it’s already part of your life’s routine.  For many people it fulfills or satisfies a deeper need, that most people have on a conscious or unconscious level.

A typical example might be reading your daily stars in the paper in hope of relating to others of your star sign, you could explore further by going to Wikipedia and seeing who was born on your  birthday, you choose a historical figure and investigate them further perhaps finding commonalities between you, you choose a commonality and investigate that further and so on, you can also step back return to Wiki and choose another figure and start the process again.

I’ve often found in these types of investigations that the ‘6 degrees of separation’ principle often applies.  You could even investigate your partner’s or family members commonalities in similar fashion and generally again you will find links or relationships that take you deeper into self discovery and awareness.

When you can dismiss the outward scenario’s of differing time period’s or indeed the fantasy Worlds created in a good book, the all to human frailties and behaviour’s will often appear again and again, you could say then why bother.  Well it really is personal choice, but if you were someone like myself to whom lady luck hasn’t ever truly smiled upon, you might be simply wanting to find yourself on the ‘life is great’ side of the coin instead of always feeling desperate and having your back firmly pinned to a cross or wall.

You could also do the old trick of say-looking up which star sign has the most millionaires and then deciding from now on I’m going to be that star sign, of course life has never been so obvious easy and simple, the rich in general have either inherited such wealth or have created a  business or product or idea that others will trade money time and effort for.

We often let our own beliefs and prejudices get in the way of doing exactly the same and putting the effort and work into how we want to be,live and so on.  Saving some money to get started can often be the difficult part,  I know I seem to have an aversion to money on some really deep level, I could back all the so called favourites in a weekend of football fixtures wanting to raise the cash only for them to lose me my money.

Where once as a youngster I really followed all the sports, I gave that up at seventeen when the bones of my  left shin were shattered to pieces, I spent two years on crutches healing and learning to walk again, sports lost my interest because they could no longer be a part of my life; you could say I mentally rejected and distanced myself from activities I could no longer participate in.  Foolish perhaps, but I was a teenager, whilst all my peers were out partying and pursing the call of adulthood and the various pied pipers the free World offered, I was holed up at home, like a tiny Tim or the kid who couldn’t follow the Piper.  Am I too blame for being lame, well again where once self-hatred and resentment are attributes it’s all to easy to have as a teenager, as I’ve grown older and perhaps wiser I choose to explore my own demons and where possible come to terms with them and let them go.  I could perhaps say that as a child I related to much to the losers and underdogs but as someone who was good at sports in his youth perhaps life was dealing me a punishment for my arrogance; always a debate to be had and finding causes understanding reasons isn’t necessarily good if we don’t like or cannot handle what we discover about ourselves.   

Finding and living life on a path that fits how we see ourselves can be a real toughy especially when we’ve rejected so many possibilities in our younger hormonal years and in fits of jealousy rage and anger which whilst it isn’t good to bottle up, may have genuine validity in being expressed.

Do My Own Writings and Postings Cause Me Distress

This question has come up for me many times in recent years and quite simply the answer is seemingly that somewhere deep down I think that they do.  Having said that the distress isn’t always apparent immediately I often think about or feel it a few hours later, at which time if I am able I will seek to question myself and maybe do some Tapping.  There just seem to be so many multi-layered multi-levelled issues involved that the same issues appear again and again and again and often have to be tackled in hopefully different ways.

Anyone joining this blog midway through should perhaps go to the very beginning and read it from the start prior to rushing to condemnation and judgements.

Distress can in itself be distressing which is why I generally turn to the techniques and recommendations of people I’ve followed in the Healing community with previous experience.  I often find myself asking why am I writing this, what is the purpose, didn’t I say that already and so on.  I think we all of us probably have mostly the same very few issues, but you reach various chronological ages where you were affected differently.  A distress at age 3 could be the same as a distress at age 11, but you may have only addressed the age 11 distress at the previous time of the distress appearing, where this time it could be the age 3 distress.  I’m not totally convinced but that seems the best my mind has to offer in explanation.

I try to learn and be tolerant and re-enforce my learning faster than detractors can abuse me, not always easy, especially when you know many are secretly using the technologies you’ve recommended to everyone, but there you go.  One man or women’s choice’s aren’t another man or Women’s choice’s or indeed life experience’s, things that I’ve felt tarnished by, others may glorify themselves in and so on, as much as anything I say can be taken down and used in evidence against me, the same is true for 100% of people with ZERO exceptions, some people and we all do it, are only to willing to say that’s not me, I disagree etc etc, but you can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in your life you have, and it will keep biting your ass with distress,dysfunction and so on until you try and change mend your ways, find a new angle perspective etc etc etc.

Culture Vultures and The Need To Grab

All of us however christian or self righteous we believe ourselves to be often suffer from issues related to Culture Vulturism of one kind or another, and how well our levels of integrated awareness are dictates what we let go and what we fight for.

A well known example of such Cultural Vulturism behaviour is the claiming of descriptive words by various companies and communities, if your not within that company community and culture then such vulturistic behaviour is likely to suffer your condemnation or resentment or with awareness ‘a shrug and a so what’.   It’s like asking whether Tesco can sue me for saying ‘Every Little Helps’  they probably can; but fighting over slogans and catchy phrases is now taking on epic proportions of stupidity where the lawyers get richer and the companies get there ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ and the public are lost and bewildered at the whole seeming nonsense of it all.  It isn’t of course just companies who indulge this behaviour, we can look to the Royalties and Emperors throughout the History of the known World for having set this president.  

In modern times you could point at any one group of shared identity and break down all the cultural vulturism that that group has indulged in.

If I had the money I’d probably set up a University of _____________, yep the choice is always best left to you.  

Overcoming other people’s objections and obsessions and misinformation can be a huge huge task and mountain to climb, especially if like me you’ve been targeted over a number of years from just about all the local communities and every self important idiot with an axe to grind, setting out and writing down  your values and what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable really is a good idea, and sticking to your guns under intense abuse and bombardment of bullshit and attempted grooming can be achieved.   Being tarred by association is another issue, how many people work in your place of work that you do  genuinely know anything about.

Demonstrations of synchronicities are all to common in many companies, some may be happy such as multiples of checkout girls all falling pregnant at the same time, likewise there are the unpublicised synchronicities such as groups of people finding themselves with cancer, or heart conditions etc etc, there is nothing new under the son and nothing that can’t be transmitted, what the mind can conceive the World can achieve, this is why repetition and self healing on an individual basis as well as encouraging it within groups are so important, never give up the battle and be sure that your battles are the ones you really want to be fighting is the best advice I can offer to people.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve worked in the NHS, I’m fortunate that ‘my mam’s a nurse and I’ve had ready access to multiple health books, but many of these types of issues have to be achieved alone or within a genuine community of people with mutual shared interests and benefits.  Just as a wrong minded community can make you ill, a right minded community can heal.

I Thought I Saw an Exorcist…

What the? goes up the cry so let me explain, as a youngster with working/absent parents I’d often find myself visiting an older generation; the grandparents,aunties and uncles and so on, and a soon as a youngster was in the house-out would come the radio times for the then 2 or 3 TV stations and an afternoon of particular viewing would ensue (I’m assuming wet weather here) as generally most of that generation (in my family) preferred outdoors/in the garden/ get out and play/ get some fresh air.  

So what was the most popular viewing on a Sunday afternoon in the 70’s in the rain when you’ve only got two or three TV channels, no video no DVD no satellite no computers no mobile phones,   Well I can’t really remember that much but I’m sure it often consisted of an afternoon movie often a musical/a war movie/a western; and a couple of Warner Bros classic 5 minute cartoons which as any one who used to like those cartoons knows – YOU’D SPEND MORE TIME AND LONGER WAITING FOR THEM THAN THEY WERE ACTUALLY ON FOR (A bit like fishing and waiting for a bus).  I’m quite sure that My Northern grandparents used to love the cartoons more than I did, Tom and Jerry being particular favourite’s of that generation.   One of the best of all time of course was Tweety Pie  the yellow canary in constant peril from that naughty Puttytatt and in amongst all the Tweety Pie, the best of the best was his song I Thought I saw a Pussycat a creeping up on me (which has recently been remade in 3D and can be found on youtube for anyone wanting a glimpse of there childhood, it’s really rather good 🙂 ).   So the title is a reference or play to Tweety Pi’s song.   and the ACTUAL REALITY that cartoons were originally made for ADULTS, I say this because so many people younger than myself (or who haven’t studied the History) will often sneer when an adult says they like a good cartoon, well I LIKE A GOOD CARTOON (and I am someone who’s yawned through the supposedly best of the MANLY Horror Flicks that Hollywood churns out, I’m not aware of anything genuinely scarey being made for 20 plus years).

Of course because we didn’t have TV and other media to rely upon our generation had to actually play or do some drawing with the crayons, wet weekends are hard work, yes you can go out and get soaked (we often did) but then filling in the rest of the time with indoor activities was often quite tough, what I and my bro thought of as harmless fighting wasn’t necessarily how the oldies viewed it.  Then of course people didn’t necessarily have multiples of the same toys either, hence the fighting.  

Yes when you have a mind that can reduce or indeed deduce a TV or MOVIE or PLAYS plot outcome after 5 minutes of viewing, the impetus to Zombie in front of the TV evaporates.  It can still be a simple pleasure but other interests find they’re way into your life, if you allow them too.

I write this piece having studied much history on various topics and I amazingly find in much of my studies of History that many activities that we often take for granted as being for this group or that group and sneer and mock at are actual fallacies.  So never let mocking or being sneered at drag you down because of some activity that you personally find pleasure in,in all likelihood History supports your case above and beyond that of the peer pressure that many people concede too.

I though I saw an exorcist a creeping upon me,

I did I did see an exorcist as plain as day can see


The New Post Writer’s Block

It has now been a couple of weeks since I started this idea of a regular blog post and reminiscent of the old days on facebook; I used to throw out lines of rhymes or a bit of banter giving everyone another opportunity to ignore me, The blog writing seems far more daunting simply because you can choose to write as much or as little as you want without constraint, the self judgement kicks in, the facilities are actually available for me to literally automatically post to a multitude of networks at the same time-be it twitter, facebook, wordpress and others that I wasn’t even aware existed.  

I guess that is why there is literally an audience somewhere in the World for everyone-know matter how screwed up or wierd you may regard yourself and your hobbies, pastimes, interests , inclinations. All the facilities of an integrated Publishing Package are available, I could include pictures and highlighted emboldened text and bullet points and slideshows video’s, the self publishing empires that people build for themselves are simply a matter of how much work you as an individual want to put into it or put into yourself and your teachings-if you regard yourself as the product.

And that brings me to the title of this post –  There a button in the corner of the screen that can just stare back at you titled ‘New Post’, and unless you have real hardcore long term interests and hobbies and a deliberately targeted audience, that button can give you the OMG I’m really uninteresting, I haven’t got anything of value to share -the fears can kick in, the sweat from the pressure of delivering a perfect service to whomsoever is out there outside of your own World mind bubble.  Of course as anyone whose read a writers book on writing knows it can actually be a really lonely business writing anyway, some advise to push through the block, looking to the news or press of the day for inspiration, others say take a break, my own attitude generally goes with the look for inspirational idea’s and that is because for me ‘taking a break’ can lead to ‘taking a permanent vacation’ and knowing this I want to go past those old excuses that tumble out so quickly and rapidly.

The New Post Writer’s Block,

Can never be really chunked down,

for when you think you’ve nothing to say,

The words pore forth in so many ways,

did you hear about this or that or them,

Inspiration why so grim,

find your niche your reason to be,

wind your neck back,

and know how to be free!