The New Post Writer’s Block

It has now been a couple of weeks since I started this idea of a regular blog post and reminiscent of the old days on facebook; I used to throw out lines of rhymes or a bit of banter giving everyone another opportunity to ignore me, The blog writing seems far more daunting simply because you can choose to write as much or as little as you want without constraint, the self judgement kicks in, the facilities are actually available for me to literally automatically post to a multitude of networks at the same time-be it twitter, facebook, wordpress and others that I wasn’t even aware existed.  

I guess that is why there is literally an audience somewhere in the World for everyone-know matter how screwed up or wierd you may regard yourself and your hobbies, pastimes, interests , inclinations. All the facilities of an integrated Publishing Package are available, I could include pictures and highlighted emboldened text and bullet points and slideshows video’s, the self publishing empires that people build for themselves are simply a matter of how much work you as an individual want to put into it or put into yourself and your teachings-if you regard yourself as the product.

And that brings me to the title of this post –  There a button in the corner of the screen that can just stare back at you titled ‘New Post’, and unless you have real hardcore long term interests and hobbies and a deliberately targeted audience, that button can give you the OMG I’m really uninteresting, I haven’t got anything of value to share -the fears can kick in, the sweat from the pressure of delivering a perfect service to whomsoever is out there outside of your own World mind bubble.  Of course as anyone whose read a writers book on writing knows it can actually be a really lonely business writing anyway, some advise to push through the block, looking to the news or press of the day for inspiration, others say take a break, my own attitude generally goes with the look for inspirational idea’s and that is because for me ‘taking a break’ can lead to ‘taking a permanent vacation’ and knowing this I want to go past those old excuses that tumble out so quickly and rapidly.

The New Post Writer’s Block,

Can never be really chunked down,

for when you think you’ve nothing to say,

The words pore forth in so many ways,

did you hear about this or that or them,

Inspiration why so grim,

find your niche your reason to be,

wind your neck back,

and know how to be free!

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