Culture Vultures and The Need To Grab

All of us however christian or self righteous we believe ourselves to be often suffer from issues related to Culture Vulturism of one kind or another, and how well our levels of integrated awareness are dictates what we let go and what we fight for.

A well known example of such Cultural Vulturism behaviour is the claiming of descriptive words by various companies and communities, if your not within that company community and culture then such vulturistic behaviour is likely to suffer your condemnation or resentment or with awareness ‘a shrug and a so what’.   It’s like asking whether Tesco can sue me for saying ‘Every Little Helps’  they probably can; but fighting over slogans and catchy phrases is now taking on epic proportions of stupidity where the lawyers get richer and the companies get there ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ and the public are lost and bewildered at the whole seeming nonsense of it all.  It isn’t of course just companies who indulge this behaviour, we can look to the Royalties and Emperors throughout the History of the known World for having set this president.  

In modern times you could point at any one group of shared identity and break down all the cultural vulturism that that group has indulged in.

If I had the money I’d probably set up a University of _____________, yep the choice is always best left to you.  

Overcoming other people’s objections and obsessions and misinformation can be a huge huge task and mountain to climb, especially if like me you’ve been targeted over a number of years from just about all the local communities and every self important idiot with an axe to grind, setting out and writing down  your values and what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable really is a good idea, and sticking to your guns under intense abuse and bombardment of bullshit and attempted grooming can be achieved.   Being tarred by association is another issue, how many people work in your place of work that you do  genuinely know anything about.

Demonstrations of synchronicities are all to common in many companies, some may be happy such as multiples of checkout girls all falling pregnant at the same time, likewise there are the unpublicised synchronicities such as groups of people finding themselves with cancer, or heart conditions etc etc, there is nothing new under the son and nothing that can’t be transmitted, what the mind can conceive the World can achieve, this is why repetition and self healing on an individual basis as well as encouraging it within groups are so important, never give up the battle and be sure that your battles are the ones you really want to be fighting is the best advice I can offer to people.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve worked in the NHS, I’m fortunate that ‘my mam’s a nurse and I’ve had ready access to multiple health books, but many of these types of issues have to be achieved alone or within a genuine community of people with mutual shared interests and benefits.  Just as a wrong minded community can make you ill, a right minded community can heal.

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