Do My Own Writings and Postings Cause Me Distress

This question has come up for me many times in recent years and quite simply the answer is seemingly that somewhere deep down I think that they do.  Having said that the distress isn’t always apparent immediately I often think about or feel it a few hours later, at which time if I am able I will seek to question myself and maybe do some Tapping.  There just seem to be so many multi-layered multi-levelled issues involved that the same issues appear again and again and again and often have to be tackled in hopefully different ways.

Anyone joining this blog midway through should perhaps go to the very beginning and read it from the start prior to rushing to condemnation and judgements.

Distress can in itself be distressing which is why I generally turn to the techniques and recommendations of people I’ve followed in the Healing community with previous experience.  I often find myself asking why am I writing this, what is the purpose, didn’t I say that already and so on.  I think we all of us probably have mostly the same very few issues, but you reach various chronological ages where you were affected differently.  A distress at age 3 could be the same as a distress at age 11, but you may have only addressed the age 11 distress at the previous time of the distress appearing, where this time it could be the age 3 distress.  I’m not totally convinced but that seems the best my mind has to offer in explanation.

I try to learn and be tolerant and re-enforce my learning faster than detractors can abuse me, not always easy, especially when you know many are secretly using the technologies you’ve recommended to everyone, but there you go.  One man or women’s choice’s aren’t another man or Women’s choice’s or indeed life experience’s, things that I’ve felt tarnished by, others may glorify themselves in and so on, as much as anything I say can be taken down and used in evidence against me, the same is true for 100% of people with ZERO exceptions, some people and we all do it, are only to willing to say that’s not me, I disagree etc etc, but you can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in your life you have, and it will keep biting your ass with distress,dysfunction and so on until you try and change mend your ways, find a new angle perspective etc etc etc.

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