I Thought I Saw an Exorcist…

What the? goes up the cry so let me explain, as a youngster with working/absent parents I’d often find myself visiting an older generation; the grandparents,aunties and uncles and so on, and a soon as a youngster was in the house-out would come the radio times for the then 2 or 3 TV stations and an afternoon of particular viewing would ensue (I’m assuming wet weather here) as generally most of that generation (in my family) preferred outdoors/in the garden/ get out and play/ get some fresh air.  

So what was the most popular viewing on a Sunday afternoon in the 70’s in the rain when you’ve only got two or three TV channels, no video no DVD no satellite no computers no mobile phones,   Well I can’t really remember that much but I’m sure it often consisted of an afternoon movie often a musical/a war movie/a western; and a couple of Warner Bros classic 5 minute cartoons which as any one who used to like those cartoons knows – YOU’D SPEND MORE TIME AND LONGER WAITING FOR THEM THAN THEY WERE ACTUALLY ON FOR (A bit like fishing and waiting for a bus).  I’m quite sure that My Northern grandparents used to love the cartoons more than I did, Tom and Jerry being particular favourite’s of that generation.   One of the best of all time of course was Tweety Pie  the yellow canary in constant peril from that naughty Puttytatt and in amongst all the Tweety Pie, the best of the best was his song I Thought I saw a Pussycat a creeping up on me (which has recently been remade in 3D and can be found on youtube for anyone wanting a glimpse of there childhood, it’s really rather good 🙂 ).   So the title is a reference or play to Tweety Pi’s song.   and the ACTUAL REALITY that cartoons were originally made for ADULTS, I say this because so many people younger than myself (or who haven’t studied the History) will often sneer when an adult says they like a good cartoon, well I LIKE A GOOD CARTOON (and I am someone who’s yawned through the supposedly best of the MANLY Horror Flicks that Hollywood churns out, I’m not aware of anything genuinely scarey being made for 20 plus years).

Of course because we didn’t have TV and other media to rely upon our generation had to actually play or do some drawing with the crayons, wet weekends are hard work, yes you can go out and get soaked (we often did) but then filling in the rest of the time with indoor activities was often quite tough, what I and my bro thought of as harmless fighting wasn’t necessarily how the oldies viewed it.  Then of course people didn’t necessarily have multiples of the same toys either, hence the fighting.  

Yes when you have a mind that can reduce or indeed deduce a TV or MOVIE or PLAYS plot outcome after 5 minutes of viewing, the impetus to Zombie in front of the TV evaporates.  It can still be a simple pleasure but other interests find they’re way into your life, if you allow them too.

I write this piece having studied much history on various topics and I amazingly find in much of my studies of History that many activities that we often take for granted as being for this group or that group and sneer and mock at are actual fallacies.  So never let mocking or being sneered at drag you down because of some activity that you personally find pleasure in,in all likelihood History supports your case above and beyond that of the peer pressure that many people concede too.

I though I saw an exorcist a creeping upon me,

I did I did see an exorcist as plain as day can see


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