Dear Santa…

I hope it’s not to late and that the sleigh has not already flown off the ice shelf, as I have rather a long list, but rather than list it fully here, I’ve decided I’m going to use Telekinesis to send it you, such are the wonder’s of modern imagination; and of course the data will be enscripted not encrypted using my all new patented mind technology Thought Wave Demhealixography.  Do not adjust you’re brain matrix whilst transmission is taking place.

The transmission will take place in T-Minus 5……..4……3……2……1…….Transmission Activated; whilst you’re receiving this transmission I would of course like to take the opportunity to ask you to pass on my regards to Mrs Claus, and of course throw an extra carrot to Rudolph for me. You may feel slightly non-plussed during the transmission so focus you’re mind deeply and concentrate on the technology and knowledge you are receiving.  Awareness of the technology can cause massive resistance and extreme side effect reactions in some individuals,  though I’m sure you’ll not be one of them-Should you believe that you are such an individual we can make suitable arrangements to compensate you’re loved ones for you when you are returned,  Transmission completion will begin again in T-plus 1…..2……3……4……..5, Transmission complete.  

PS. How much money do you make on the Christmas cracker jokes and riddles only I’m thinking of writing some if there’s money in it, here’s a sample of the  low end market quality of my work-A start a middle and an end to the riddle can never be paralleled in time, so somewhere out there in a sleep is enough information to make you leap would you not see that you’re blind. 🙂

Thanking you in advance

Dave S Perkins Esq.

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