Factual Coincidences are not Magical Thinking

Why would I say this, well sometimes it is very easy to get sucked into the surreal and ludicrousness of being accused of magical thinking; and how you relate to it (any given piece of information) as you’re facts is guaranteed to be different to how a second or third party or more relates to what you are saying:-

How can I give an example-okay I will give some information that too me are facts, that I could interpret as some kind of magic (were I to be of such a mindset).   

Over the last couple of days I mentioned my Grandfather Jack who was from a rather large family born and bred in Crewe up in Cheshire and how I happen to have a trophy compass ( wartime memorabilia) and Crewe is also my mother’s Hometown although she has long since settled in Hereford.

So in the news I happened to note that a 22nd Regiment SAS military man (A Regiment regarded as being based in Hereford) who had been imprisoned for having a Trophy gift is being released in time to return to his family in Crewe for Christmas.

So it’s a simple factual coincidence that I can make links and connections too through my family History , nothing more, nothing less.  Just a sort of ‘the parallel lives of coincidences’ type of scenerio, and I’m sure his release will be magical to his family and friends both here in Hereford and up North in Crewe, Cheshire.

Of course it adds validity or reinforcement to the idea of themes that I was talking about.   I’m sure in the build-up to Christmas we’ll see multiple themes running.   In recent years one of the Themes of my childhood Christmas’ seems to have almost completely vanished, we used to see all the ‘YE OLDE EHNGLYSH’ language used pretty much across the board as a traditional selling weapon by advertisers, along with the sounds etc, now we see ‘invoked imagery’ in terms of picture postcard looks, it’s almost a paradox to see the one-dimensional lack of feeling and depth throwaway stuff we get now compared to the more genuine feeling & depth of the goode olde days.

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