That Visit to The Dentist

Unlike many people I grew up around; I never shared any particular fear of dentist’s and dentistry.  The reason for this was quite simply that I had had regular visits to a good dentist from a relatively young age and the reason this comes to my awareness now is that I mentioned the saving of my ‘Two Front Teeth’ a few days ago, which may or may not have given a false impression to any reader’s and interpretation would be dependent upon your very own dental history.

My dentist during my younger years was a Mrs Steele who held a practice in Hereford at one location or another for many years and she really was fantastic, did I ever have reason too change my view on dentists?  Well actually yes,   during my teen years it became apparent that my mouth was in fact to small for my newer-coming through teeth, some teeth were pushing other teeth  outwards in what is a commonly referred to condition known as having ‘Buck Teeth’.   It was declared that Dental Surgery under anaesthetic would be required, and this Surgery would be undertaken via a referral from Mrs Steele to another chap in her profession who specialised in aforementioned Surgery.

Nothing to worry about I’d only had good experiences right?  Well not quite, the new dentist was very different to what I’d previously known and experienced from the dental profession, I was now out of my element, in a strange new World-so to speak.  All went well in preliminary taking casting’s and molding’s but it was just different.

The day of surgery came and again I apologise the very vagueness of what I write because I have such a poor memory.  The memory in fact consists of an introduction to an anaesthetist, having some big black (I think rubber) dividers forced into my mouth to keep it open, the anaesthetist approaching me with THE BIGGEST and I really mean THE BIGGEST NEEDLE I had ever seen (before or since), the sort of needle you might see in a comedy vet or zoo program to knock out a horse or elephant it was undiscribably HUGE MASSIVE, A WTF kind of experience.   And then of course later waking up having had four teeth removed,I was in a highly disorientated state and felt I’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

I now had train track’s on my teeth and also had to wear a brace for a year or two but the surgery was actually a success in terms of getting that Hollywood set.

Although a success my dentistry perspective shifted and I actually had a far far worse dental experience later on in life during the time I was living in West Wales, a story I may write at another time.

One of the major lessons that you can take from such surgery is that Physical Bodily Operation’s can be very very rough and traumatic on the body, everyone think’s surgery is a nice delicate affair and that is how it is often portrayed, the reality is that Consultant’s Doctor’s Dentist’s are often the Glorified Human equivalent of butcher’, carpenter’s and so on and in most theatre operating rooms you will see drills and saws and all the equivalent tools a carpenter or butcher may have.  That isn’t to say they aren’t saving you’re life as mine has been on occasion, but that the unconscious body holds these memories regardless of the power of the anaesthetic’s and so on.  Meditation and Hypnosis can relieve you of these hidden traumas.

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