Did I Really Say Everyday

Well, I may well have said I would write everyday yet on some occasions a sensible pause can seem to be the requirement of the day lest one gets to far ahead of oneself.  Another reason is perhaps that of a literary nature where books and speeches that we are happy to applaud on delivery may well have taken a process of many days weeks months years even of forward planning.

An interesting note on the differing styles of composition is that where a journalist may have an almost instantaneous requirement of delivery, a political speech may have taken some time longer to compose in accordance with traditional diary dates and conferences that we as a general public have little awareness or need for awareness of what has been happening behind the scenes, the speculation on which is often seen in popular TV political comedy’s.  We also have those other ‘Great’ works that are often written by people as a sideline to they’re careers or normal day jobs.  Tolkien and his books being a well known example.  Some of the more literary books actually contain some very surprising effects for Holosync Users also I believe, I was reading a book about books a while back and a short passage from Moby Dick caught me unawares, I added Sea faring literature to my list of possible future reads, tho’ admittedly whilst I’ve enjoyed such material in TV and Film, I often (at least previously) struggled with them in print.

So I intended to write everyday and then woke up with nothing to say, I asked myself ‘what are some other possible subjects that I could perhaps go into in more detail? and then waited for some unconscious drama to spring to mind yet nothing did.  HOW empty minded can one become, I’ve haven’t the faintest idea.

 I thought ahhh Herbs n Spices are an interesting topic with Christmas approaching and visited the Schwartz Website, I am quite sure they have actually reduced the vast quantities they used to sell that I recall spanning huge spice racks many years ago.  

There is also the questions on how do childhood themes such as wanting to be a Cowboy translate to adulthood, once again its  a matter of re-arranged thought, make a list of the items a cowboy might carry, a drinking canteen, horseshoes, a gun holster and so on.  some companies, motorway diners et al will have an eating canteen with the counter or serving area in the shape of a horseshoe, so the same words that applied to one set of recognizable geometric shapes in childhood have been taken and put into another scene (perhaps by an imaginative architect) awareness isn’t just words and sounds, but patterns and shapes and colours also, once you start seeing these translations or indeed go hunting for them, you’ll likely become more and more amused by how easily you yourself could have created or indeed had the same ideas and very likely made you yourself richer in the process. 🙂

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