Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth

Saying and indeed repeating these words is of course High Treason within the acting community, due apparently to an associated curse with this particular Shakespeare play hence Macbeth always being referred to as The Scottish Play, whatever that means, my own breaking of this law is of course nonsense, and how many nonsense laws do we adhere to in our day to day lives, that were simply stupid or silly idiosyncracies from childhood, my mommy says, my dad says, my Simon says, grows into my business empire says, at some point you have to decide on an individual basis what is a genuine national law to be abided by and what is simply a company or common law that wouldn’t be enforceable in a national court of Justice.  We I am quite sure have all had those Christmas type games such as monopoly,snakes and ladders, or even playing cards or pool in a pub where we bend or reinterpret given rules for the expediency of play, we make things easier or more difficult on ourselves according to what we’ve grown up believing.

I read a book by Steven Covey again going back several years in which he explained about values and principles that people could live there lives by, I believe he has since written a wide selection on principles and values and habits to get into.

My own interest in Macbeth is perhaps that it is a Tragedy of an almost Farcial nature, and with many Pantomimes and plays running at this time of year many of them are what are described as being a farce.  Faulty Towers (for the older generation) was a Farce comedy, that could just as easily be performed in a Theatre as on a stage, and many of the very best TV and Film are actually of this nature. Cheating spouses and people going in out of windows, doors in comedic fashion.  Agatha Christie type material can also be seen to sometimes be of this genre.

We are also at the Witching season here in the UK, perhaps why I mentioned Herbs and Spices yesterday and many medicinal remedies originated in old witch type recipes and knowledge of plants and so forth, going back to Macbeth we always seem to have the power of three strongly linked to Witches which I personally have never been able to fathom, I recall the Halliwell sisters in the TV drama Charmed always invoking this power, perhaps I’ll work it out when I move to the Flowering Levels of Holosync.

It is also of interest in that my daughter Rose is actually breaking this ‘Rule Of Three’ when she chooses to come stay with me every Christmas rather than spend the time with her sister’s Daisy and Jasmine, I’m sure they’re mother wouldn’t describe them as witches,  I will have to put it to the back of my mind whilst we go to the Panto and Cinema and all those other ‘spend dad’s money’ activities that this time of year carries with it. 🙂

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