Ahh, Sunday the 16th I Remember It Well

Yes of course,once you’ve experienced any given calendar date and assuming you live a few years, you will of course amass a collection of repetition of most weekdays and months hidden away somewhere in you’re noggin.  If the date was a special occasion or simply one of heightened sensory input you will more likely be reminded of the occasion regardless of having any particular desire to remember the occasion.

Many of us have a traditional Sunday routine, whether it starts with lazing in that extra hour or two,or rushing home from where you stayed the night before or simply listening to you’re favourite Radio Station whilst preparing family breakfast, a routine is a routine and one that can often blur into weeks days months until you suddenly find yourself sometimes feeling like a caged animal wondering how the dickens you managed to lose 5, 10, 20 years of your life.

Of course there are ways to break the routines, especially if you do find yourself with some built up anger or resentment or regrets, shaping a new routine takes commitment and of course practice, and practice is good because it allows us the idea of introducing more variety, two pieces of toast instead of the calorie counted 1 piece of toast, a trip to the confessional at Church or Sunday lunch at a village pub and a visit to a car boot sale (do they still exist?)

Anyway breaking a routine often has to start with breaking the excuses, and the excuses we give ourselves can develop into monsters, just as any sports person in training has to go through the wall, it can seem the same way with breaking the excuses, especially when the initial changes can be uncomfortable, there are no hard and fast rules regarding speed and creativity and change, but many excuses do reinterpret themselves in other forms in an almost sly manner, so just when you think things will never change, mild signs of change do happen if you keep track of what you have been doing.  Again for many people the idea of a diary or journal can be an unwanted burden but you can generally see change in the longer term when you keep going, and go through those mental barriers and walls. 😉

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