So You’ve Never Had The Urge To Runnaway

This is without a doubt a huge huge biggie for many people, one of those areas where a sly transformational excuse is somehow allowed without acknowledging our reinterpretation.  Running away is often associated or highlighted as a Christmas issue yet for many it might be a genuinely best choice option.   We also have the reinterpretations such as the going on a Christmas Holiday, or lets runaway to Scotland and Gretnor Green.

I’ve noticed that as the Worlds population has increased we have had a greater blurring of the seasonal patterns that were once easily identifiable.  This running away theme comes with an almost unnoticed building up of pressure in the preceding weeks to Christmas, although it is and can be experienced at anytime in ones life.

Does karma catch-up with you if this is a personal choice you have made, I honestly do not know, opinions I had prior to awareness and enlightenment (so to speak) often no longer stand up to any known criteria that such judgements can be made.  What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander in terms of respecting everyone’s individual rights.  I know again like the long arc of a story, these actions might also be episodic, then again you may be a performing artist on tour who is always running away from a venue to arrive at the next venue.   

The let it go arguments that the running away may cause within families or peer groups, isn’t really valid either, yet pressure from the Godfather or Mother Goose type figures can often lead to paralysis by others in a given scenerio who may well have a far better input or point of view that all could learn something from.   If someone needs me to shutup or drag me down with abuse, it can be clear that these individuals could be protecting hidden traumas, or some imaginary empire they have in they’re own head, that wouldn’t stand up under real scrutiny, the kind of scrutiny, that requires a little bit of brains rather than old fashioned I’m bigger harder got more friends retarded thuggery etc.

So running away can have many causes and not just those simple assumed judgmental ones that can first spring to mind.  I would definetely seek to explore the running away themes, at least in terms of self identity and traumas, just for the widening of experiences and personal choices and options and keeping or reopening options that you previously closed.

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