Are Australia and Canada a Trip to Far

These two Countries of course-especially relating to us Brits have long been the ‘Start A New Life’ destinations for many members of many families, how hard and difficult that is depends on what you’re expectations are and what you are endeavouring to achieve. 

My own early knowledge of Australia of course came in the 1970’s way prior to the TV inspired invasion of the mid 1980’s.  My Aunty and Uncle whom I had never actually previously heard of returned to the UK with my 3 Australian cousins in toe.  To a child of that era of course they were simply strangely tanned with funny voices but children not unlike ourselves whom war and peace and play could be declared upon in equal measures, so we did just that.

I mention this brief anecdote, for the sake of leading into the 1980’s UK  TV obsession with Australia and Australian soap operas such as Neighbours and Home and Away.  The influence they had on the young generation and amount of people born after this soap invasion were quite strange to myself, i.e. I already had previous experience and was related to such characters, to myself at least it was shrug the shoulders kind of stuff.  What did become visibly apparent to myself at least were the amount of UK youngsters with highly visible Aussie like features, it was almost like some subliminal cloning had gone on where people with zero links to Australia were suddenly all having Children that looked like Aussies.  I swear there is a generation of Brit born kids all over the United Kingdom that probably look more like Aussie offspring than Brit offspring. Noticing this sort of phenomena is something of course that is never spoken of, because to a vast TV/Movie hypnotised collective-the details or impetus or acknowledging of this doesn’t exist in Mr and Mrs Joe Public’s collective psyche.  It is of course noticeable to people who’ve developed those type of skills, whether they are Police men who have sharpened Identity Parade type skills or the people in the make-up and cosmetic like industries or the very very few genuine psychics (as opposed to the masses and masses of popular culture fakes).

Any such skill can be genuinely developed to anyone at any age that seeks to develop those skills or indeed increase awareness, nothing is ever fully or ultimately set in stone, I know we have a multitude of bombarded influences on us all and there are only so many hours in the day, but a challenge is a challenge non the less, and as we know from many opinion polls,most opinions on other people are worth diddly squat-most demonstrate 50-50 guesses with little to zero genuine aptitude, hence the ‘I can read X like a book’ or ‘You can tell a book by it’s cover’ usually being one of the biggest lies society in general deludes itself with.

Before people think I am being heavily handed in criticising the UK mass culture, I of course should point out I was a real real Aussie fan saddo in that I was a fan of staying up into the middle of the night and watching Prisoner Cell Block H, even before that too later achieved a cult modicum of popularity.  It was dire, yet I watched it in an almost obsessive ‘gotta get my fix’ addiction.

Canada is a very different ‘kettle of fish’, I went to school with people who holidayed there and had family there much in the same way as my own links to Australia, yet we have never really had a Canadian mass influence ‘INVASION’ comparable with that of Australia.  Can we expect a Canadian invasion, perhaps Canada is simply just that, It’s Canada, kind of like how we want it to be or visit, some how locked in a old Brit-French Beautiful Landscapes and Mounties timewarp, just above the far more Industrious USA.  I know little of Canada apart from some inner desire to one day visit and see Niagara Falls and experience ‘What else have they got-PEACE AND SOLITUDE-created by the vast distances of unchanged Forestry and Wildernesses.  

How real are the influences and choices and desires and trips we make, if I were in a routine of visiting or leaving such influences alone because I like them the way they are, then keep the routine or improve but first be sure you know what it is that causes you to have those feelings and experiences in the first place, don’t rely on being told by me or others explore you for you!

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