The Resolution Revolution

So you survived all that Christmas was able to throw at you, and now you are thinking that the New Year is a time for change and rolling with the herd ‘Resolution Revolution’.

For many years now, I have actively rebelled against all the ‘special days’ that society invents, an example…The one day in the year I would absolutely not quit smoking on is ‘National Non Smoking Day’ if the brains that created it gave it some credible duality of ‘National Start Smoking Day’ (for already non-smokers) I might have considered it worthy or of being of some merit.

Likewise we have the Mothers day and Fathers day and a whole host of days that use a form of pressurized guilt or shame etc etc to make you part with your money and/or VICES, the calendar is awash with these days that of course, are really wholly dependent on you as an individual having worthy recipients of the gifts and gratitudes,or indeed you really may have had worthy recipients and all these tagged as special days serve as an unwanted reminder of lost loved ones.   You cannot escape the implied angles and perspectives just perhaps seek to deal with related issues and traumas in a personally managed manner. 

So resolutions? I have a long list I would do well to abide by, so the issue for myself at least is motivation, following the breakup of my marriage a few years ago and my subsequent return to the City of my Birth, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, where once I was motivated, this City and large numbers of its residents (or populace) have shown me they’re true nature, I could of course gracefully lie, but I have little to zero tolerance for that from others, so why would I behave like that myself.

Does that mean I dislike or hate all of the varied peoples I encounter, of course not, I do dislike certain types of ‘bullshit know-it-all’ behaviours and attitudes from strangers who in reality are often ‘bullshit know-fuck-all’ merchants.  I’ve encountered people of all stripes and communities and in general regard everyone on an individual basis first and collective basis second (if at all).  

My reasons for this are very very simple-collective identities are very very often the biggest villians of the peace anyone can cling too (In my opinion) and all to often the collective isn’t going to genuinely support any individual for the individuals deepest inner needs or requirements.  When I say collective of course there are actually many competing groups and factions and opinions all enmeshed and woven through peoples lives.

I find dealing with individuals simpler than labelled groups, but that is of course just me, and some people perhaps many people love collective identities above individual identity so one has to be aware of such differences and accept they exist in that fashion (far better for me to focus on myself as an individual than to later realise or be hurt by an assumed collective that doesn’t really exist beyond the confines of some peoples imaginations).

So resolutions can be motivators and give direction in ones life but ultimately you are only going to get out what you put in to the carrying out of the aforementioned resolutions, and if what you are doing is going to give you your own kind of KARMA, BE SURE YOU ARE PUTTING OUT THE KARMA YOU WANT TO RECEIVE.

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