Slamming Doors and Muffled Raised Voices

Going back to the issue of traumas, the reason that they are pretty much an unavoidable part of life is often that they are not all necessarily caused by ill health and other people-the planet itself and the elements and noise vibration or pollution as they call it exists, so unless you were born into a vacuum it is unlikely that you can be completely immune or protected or indeed should be.  I often think many of societies ills and ill health’s today are quite often a result  of over protection, where bodies haven’t been given the opportunity to develop naturally strong immune systems.

Whilst I cannot prove what I say the reason I bring this up is that when we think of trauma an automatic assumption of people can often occur, yet my own experience of meditation and hypnosis previously demonstrates that a good percentage of ‘traumas’ is in fact environmental noise and we are always in an environment of one sort or another and have all lived our lives in varying environments. So if you do use techniques such as timeline (which I previously mentioned) seek to consider elements that you may not have thought to focus on such as those in my title, anyone is likely to have encountered slamming doors or heard muffled voices et al, and when we are young, we may have been affected more than we realised, again it is all there somewhere in you’re noggin waiting for a ‘please release me’ trigger or reminder or exorcism.

There is no such thing as ‘actual’ normal, only imagined aspirational normality often portrayed in entertainment media which many people traumatise themselves trying to fit, better to release the aspirational perfections and live and play the cards you are dealt towards your own aspirations and goals.  We’ve all hear the stories of the Vicar’s daughter’s being the most rebellious in class etc, a kind of intrinsic need to not be the Vicar’s daughter.  As someone who grew up around musicians, bands and singers from as young an age as I can remember (i.e. that was my childhood normal), I spent a lot of time in my teens mentally running away from that, to  pursuing being the normal of friends and TV characters etc, whilst many of them (secretly at least) wanted or aspired to go the other direction.  Finding satisfaction in a World that demands us to not be satisfied is tough. 

And the living in the shadow of family can be really tough, I recall a guy I schooled with whose whole family was army army army, he was in the army for approximately three days, even though he’d spent his whole life and upbringing being geared towards that existence.

So trauma can be environmental, it can be running away from assumed shadows (things that we thought or think are expected of us (very often when they aren’t), silly things like someone grabbing you in a fairground darkened funhouse room when you are little (much like many children are afraid of people in Santa Outfits), or the big wheel that we braved to impress people when we have an aversion to heights.

The reason I say this now is that I focussed a great deal on people trauma previously to the exclusion of all else, and wanted to be sure that people realise trauma and suffering are part or have been part of everyones lives from point blank point zero point dot and so on, when you open up the options on all those little incidents  they can often develop into strands into themes and with timeline type techniques you can get more OMG’s I didn’t realise how much that affected me. 

As I’ve gone through Holosync levels I would say it is best described (for myself at least) as like having millstones lifted from around my neck that I was unaware even existed, so include the general World noise pollutents and hot n cold bath water (yes even the silly things) anything and everything you perhaps wouldn’t consider, I’ve been personally amazed by some of the really stupid or silly stuff that I was unaware that I’d been effected by, and how much better I feel when those issues have been dugout so to speak.  Very worthwhile. 🙂

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