The Point In Being Pedantic-Uncover You’re Grievances

Years ago now I recall the comedian Lenny Henry doing a joke about how he had gone to the chemist to buy some cuts and bruises plasters (Band-aids for you yanks), Lenny being of a dark Brown complexion was not to impressed by the fact he could only get pink plasters, it was highly amusing sketch, yet also does underscore one of the biggest delusions of all that most people spend there lives never challenging.  What colour are you really?

The reason I say this is because I have white skin cells and red blood and being an ethnic British Mongrel (I have English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh just going back to my Great Grandparents) I look in the mirror and generally see a pink complexion, yet society tells me I am this other colour white, not only that-it is re-enforced to such an extent that almost all other people say they are white too, let me assure you if you are white you are likely DEAD.  To complicate matters pink is regarded and heavily enforced as a female colour (belief systems) despite 40+ % of the male population also actually being this colour pink (usually more females in population statistics than males) .  You then get the even more bizarre claim of Heterophobes also claiming that colour as theirs.  OMG who created this colour rule and why and even worse how many people especially blokes are Terrified of the Colour, despite seeing it everyday in the mirror, how fucked up do people allow themselves to get through going with the crowd and herd belief systems.

Of course one of the other points is that you can not change the way things are in the mass herd, maybe not but you can still change your own belief, feelings, reactions and ways of going about this kind of stuff.  Most petty grievances are not actually worth giving a moments notice too, but its only in unravelling and unweaving these stupidities and doing the work and mental explorations that you can get yourself to a point of empowerment.

Another point of big interest especially to people who think they are worthless stupid dumb and so forth is that most of all the really big rich wealthy people I have done study work on, actually came from nothing, many had no qualifications, were told they wouldn’t make it, etc etc, and this was before the days of everyone wanting to be a big-time one-dimensional TV Personality so to speak.

These people said okay your way doesn’t work for me so I’ll go off and do my own thing and they did and they made it, they weren’t put of by being told all the rules and regulations and laws and qualifications etc etc.  They got on and did it there own way and made themselves wealthy or rich famous or whatever.  So the biggest way to beat the game is create your own, or at least get to a point of awareness that you always in always have CHOICE!.  I recall reading how one guy discovered a gas and extraction process that was named after him, despite all the science saying that the gas and process was impossible etc etc.  It was and is a complete failure of science, yet the gas exists and is used by industry.  So the impossible is possible to those that create the possibility for themselves.  I have yet to find what the Dave S Perkins impossible mission will be, but I certainly don’t hold on to any of societies contagious nonsense’s anymore. 

So explore your own nonsense’s and grievances and hold everything up to the point of being massively PEDANTIC and really hold yourself up to ridicule, because if you don’t you are always going to find other people only to willing to do that for you, I’ve been held up to ridicule a lot in recent years and still am, yet people have know idea if they affect me or not because I simply take no notice or aren’t reactive in the same ways.  



Dear Dave …

Dear Dave

You don’t really think we are going to fall for that old chestnut again do you, don’t be such a cock you knobhead.

Dear Knobhead

It doesn’t matter what I say or do or what you yourself says or does, some people simply spend there entire lives playing this game of black and white loop , known in the lower classes as Everyone is gay but me, I’ve shown all people how to break free from that paradigm and provided guidance on the tools for all to use-so we can all move on from that type of nonsense, however the pattern is still there because it can be one of those strongly inherent in society and one that spreads like a plague or virus.  So I’ve moved/shifted away from that paradigm as have many many others, yet there is always someone somewhere ready to fall into those type of baiting traps.

Dear Dave

I took up the Holosync as you recommended and have stuck to the guidance given, I haven’t experienced any big shifts and still really don’t know what you are talking about. Concerned.

Dear Concerned…

Well although many of us go through it quickly, there isn’t any reason to not take the slow train route and if you haven’t had any realizations or changes I’m pleased for you, unless your a greatly traumatized person or have had a generally good life then you may not notice any changes, it really is personal and unique to every individual, all I would say is keep going because I doubt anything negative will come from you following the instructions on the box.

Dear Dave

I have followed your blog these last couple of months and haven’t really found it to be useful to my mindset, couldn’t you spice it up a little or add some humour or other more interesting features. Blah

Dear Blah

I think for many people who use holosync I can never be sure who is reading, so yes I can do those things you suggest, but I am trying generally to not be too outrageous, differing people are at differing levels and as you go to higher levels you might see hidden humour thats so suttle that it has to this point passed over your head.  I enjoy seeing andhaving a good belly laugh asmuch as the next person, but the Holosync can knock the shit out of most people in the early levels and trying to appeal to a wide audience is never really going to be achieved.  I can be fun and humourous and have a laugh in person and do laugh at much of what I see on facebook and the greater World, unfortunately I have upset a lot of raging egotists in recent years in doing that, so found it better to keep myself to myself rather than wind up in other peoples delusion inspired conflicts.  Its my blog I can write what I like, but such a dark and misery inspiring picture has been drawn of myself in the company I often find myself that what I want to share with friends and whatI would share with family and or the greater World is always going to have checks and balances, I will challenge myself when appropriate.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading God Bless

So Have Yourself A Very Primal Scream

Of course we could say we are in one of those patterns times of year where some Holosync or tapping or having a good rip roaring Primal Scream can clear old stuff out of your system.  I noticed a guy complain on one blog that he was getting overwhelmed and triggered all the time causing recurrence of his Social Phobia (something I myself was diagnosed years and years ago) and no I’ve never had or believed myself to need any drugs for it, It was simply a crowd’s induced anxiety, I just took myself of the mainstream grid or map so to speak.  I said in an earlier blog I had spent years in Situational jobs always dealing with and serving people.  You could say  my phobia was a reaction to that-a need to getaway from what I believed to be the cause -OTHER PEOPLE – and large gatherings of said people.  I haven’t thought about that for years and was only reminded recently in reading that blog.

I am not triggered these days because I like I am sure most blokes would do BIT THE BULLET with the Holosync and just banged through the earlier levels as I said before. No-one of course is quite sure how many others are using Holosync, So I would like to put people’s minds at ease and say YOU ARE NOT ALONE, In fact Bill indicated in one of the earlier blogs that I was involved in commenting on that 4 figure numbers had bought into it, and given that most people after experiencing the benefits want there friends and family too have them too, you could say we’ve as one inspired group have rippled outwards and there are plenty of others too.

The Primal scream is of course just one of those psyche oneself up for such and such event, I use to do it for sports etc, but I have tried it with the Holosync and found it to be another form of release, so if your in a field or whatever and need to scream just do it, there aren’t any writes or wrongs.  Of course I have noticed being triggered by films and music there seems to be little in life that can’t be a trigger which is why I suggested the banging through the levels.  So you can eventually start getting the benefits of always thinking and acting in hopefully WIN/WIN rather than thinking some one like me is going to bite your head off etc.  

I am as guilty of just about everything I could accuse anyone else, so perhaps a question for anyone whose trying the tapping is:-

where in my life am I doing that which I am accusing this other person off?

I slowed down in the Purification levels almost giving myself a detox of several months, but I can feel the need for some renewed vigour in my own efforts (for whatever unconscious reason) so I am likely to be going up a couple of levels quite quickly at some point soon-better out than in etc etc.  I guess I am at a disadvantage in that of associated Stigma’s etc, yes some are some self-inflicted yet many people never learn the lesson.  When I hear people say nonsense such as he won’t come out as gay, when I have never ever understood or related to male-male attraction, it simply doesn’t exist in my mental World and never has.  Some of course say but your daughters a nigger and that makes you gay.  Nope sorry mother is definitely female and you are not dealing with your inherent white town white city racism (which many can’t get there heads around). Another reason cited is because you say you’re this Whole going on of it all and thats gay or GAIA or whatever, nope sorry that again is just an interpretation of a belief system, and it is of a female nature, I am clearly male so cannot or would not ever make such a nonsense claim.  If I have any kind of inner female she is most definitely a lesbian.  So do not let anyone con you on where I stand.  None of this is an attack on other people simply the Dave S Perkins mindset of myself. Nor would I claim this is a work issue it is just a general issue for society at this time.  

Should I go to the Police about the race hate campaign, well after so many years at some point a stand has to be taken, or though I know many people have taken up the Holosync and better understand where I am coming from so options and choice’s.  I am not going to change for others peoples wierd delusions of reality, my daughter is mixed, I am white male and make myself available to women for relationships and people in general who don’t try this type of bullshit on with myself.  Some think that in doing it behind my back that I’ll somehow not be aware, I am one of the most aware people anyone anywhere is likely to encounter, AND I RECOMMENDED THESE TECHNOLOGIES TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE OF ALL RACES, COLOURS, CREEDS, SOCIAL STATUS, SEXUALITIES, ETC ETC SO PLEASE DON’T COME RUNNING TO ME WITH EXCUSES AND JUSTIFICATIONS, THERE REALLY AREN’T ANY-WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN FOR ALL!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Convoy

Dave I really really do not like the tone of your language in some of these posts.  Please Always remember that I always include myself in the ‘PARADIGM’ of “The Whole Going On Of It All”.

This is very much where the big mental battles occur for everyone.  From very young ages we’ve had to learn language and sound and many many Terrifying to a new born things.  As we get older were told we have this wrong with us or that wrong with is in ‘control and domination’ type matrixe’s.  My own daughter unfortunately is extreme in that she is epileptic. Others are told they have a condition called dyslexia, foreign nationals might have trouble understanding these writing in the same fashion.

All I will say is Please Please go with Holosync, it isn’t the dyslexia or misreading or distraction that is a problem it is the belief that a problem exists.  For several years now people have used my writings as clues to upcoming sports results and World Events and the like.  You could say TIME DOES NOT EXIST AS A REALITY SO MUCH AS AN ILLUSION, Holosync clears the ILLUSION-so people with a learned disability in having trouble reading this sentence can happily read sentences in my writing along the borders up down left and right backwards piece meal to the four corners in whatever way and shape you want. 

The design of these symbols was done in such a way as to keep the creators in control, when you can get technologies that put you in greater control you can live a happier life etc.  This is why teachings such as the map is not the territory and the symbol is not the sound are so powerful.  A couple of years of Holosync can clear out a lifetimes worth of prejudices, fears and so on and greatly assist in the empowering of anyone who believes themselves disabled or disadvantaged etc.  

Can I improve my language, well years ago I recall having to write an essay called One Cannot Not Communicate (In Communication Studies), since then and in far more recent years I have also looked at the work of Marshall Rosenberg whose work has in part created some of the greater (not total) peace we’ve seen in Israel and The Occupied Territories.  He created a way known as NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION.

That’s two NVC’s for the price of one.  Non Verbal Communication and Non Violent Communication.

My title was a nod to an old favourite movie from Childhood called Convoy, about an abused  and rebellious trucker known by his CB handle as RUBBER DUCK.   Probably written by someone whose teacher use to throw erasers at them.  Much like the Mark of Cain, why did they ban corporal punishment bring it back and hang ’em high.  NO DAVE THIS 2012..  Okay Okay 🙂

So yes better and improved ways of communicating can be achieved by myself, but in talking directly in using bad language I am speaking in the terms of many people in society, and the healing for many comes through the clearance of using this language that they may have as a common life usage.  IE.  That is often where much healing can happen and why some Healers can charge such huge fees because they get the results in directly making people recount there life History’s in as many ways as possible.  Its face and clear or avoid and have mental blocks.

I am personally finding that these often occur in chains much like the chains of synchronicity I spoke of in an earlier post, so always go where your not used to with Holosync usage and then those bad things from the past can be cleared, leading to other bad things from the past being cleared and so on, no it doesn’t have to be done in public so yes I will try not to use such language in future. 

And of course the more clearance you get on some issues, the less liklihood of them reappearing, at least in the same way shape or form, some things really require a flexible brain or mind to get the head around and Holosync does that far better than anything else, as far as I am personally aware.  

So when you realise the traps you’ve fallen into you can stop in one manner yet it will crop up somewhere else in you’re life  ie.  If you have the power to sack Dave and sack Dave, the issue for you will still be there and still reappear somewhere else in your life, until you get that flexible thinking understanding of what it is that you are up against, in most cases in most of us it is just shapes and forms of angers and misrepresentations blah blah.  Have a Nice Day 🙂

Pirates Versus The Admiralty Versus The Musketeers

This was an interesting idea of comparisons I was making mentally recently having sat through one or more of the Disney Johnny Depp Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies.  Again it involves overcoming your own illusions as to how the World is (so to speak) and going into the World of Parallel Allegorical Storytelling.  You could say some business’ or life stories are run in a manner comparable to that of  Pirate Ships and Others’ more akin to be Likened to The Admiralty.

Who You Calling A Petty Criminal? was an own response to my recent blog arcticle! Well  Just About Everyone Actually, Ever done 34 mph in a 30 mph zone, scooped a bit of food and ate it whilst dishing out and so on.  We all have these little habits that put us in that zone that we are often blind too, of course these crimes aren’t real to us anymore than the 400,000 offences that disappeared of the recently released Police Reported Offence Statistics.  And as anyone who read those reports of Statistical Anomaly will be thinking, it must be alright if you can get away with it.

This again boils down to me using the knowledge and learning’s and mental parallels to draw conclusions.  The Biggest Baddest Pirate is Captain of Pirates, The Most Unscrupulous Manipulative Shyster is Captain of Admiralty.  So not much difference there then you might say.  Well the differences appear in the codes of conduct that have to be adhered to.  Someone you don’t like in the Pirate Crew kill ’em (In Business drive ’em to RESIGN,COMMIT SUICIDE ETC).

Admiralty Disciplinary Codes (Ways and Means, smear campaigns,low grading of work, Drive ’em to be sacked, RESIGN, COMMIT SUICIDE ETC).

So really unless you have deeply understood these types of teachings and learning’s you in all likely hood could wind up as a Pirate Captain who thinks he’s an Admiralty Captain yet is still acting out childhood dreams of being a pirate captain et al.

What About the Musketeers?  Well my thinking then went to the French Way (So To Speak) where the differences comparisons Personality dislikes differences are somewhat cast aside in the pursuit of Common Goals “All For One and One For All”, as has been said.

And what about feedback?  Well feedback is very often ACCORDED and RECOGNIZED in the structure of our own MAP OF REALITY, so if someone has all the personality traits that we’ve spent many years not recognizing in ourselves, or trying to hide from or get away from, then we will do all we can unconsciously to be rid of that or those PERSONALITY TRAITS.  The more we try to get rid of them, very often the more we are confronted with them, so it can lead to a downward spiral.  Holosync gives the AWARENESS and MENTAL CLARITY AND CLEARANCE to be able to (EVENTUALLY) laugh at your own fool hardiness as they say and get that RELEASE from such re-recurring spirals of patterns and behaviours.

What do you mean by confrontation of feedback?  Well when I first started work in one particular environment I was confronted by lots and lots of people ‘outing’ themselves to me Queer faggot shitshagger poofter bender, c***,paedo,  why are these people outing themselves to my Hetero adult personage I regularly asked myself, I should of just accepted them as telling me there own names.  So it was quite apparent looking back that I was in a Pirate Ship.  I am quite sure now that many have seen the possibilities in changing there ways, and those that don’t will likely be getting there own kind of Karma in the future, such are the overall patterns in life.

What Overall Patterns in Life – well I personally had a very very RELIGIOUS upbringing, not just Church on Sundays but the Sunday School and Bible Studies and Prayer meetings, I had little to  know choice because I was of an age where the parents/adults called all the shots.  You could say as soon as I was old enough I went totally the opposite direction (rightly or wrongly) and have made up for it in good style and fashion.

Why do I say this, because having been to both extremes of the way societies is and being of a certain age I regard myself as knowing bullshit when I hear it and I will very often find myself confronted by people who claim one thing such as INTEGRITY, when in fact all the actions they have taken over several years demonstrates none -The Pirate Who Thinks He’s In The Admiralty, beware of Self delusions and societal allusions, the more you can see and uproot and  recognise and LAUGH about these issues, the more AUTHENTIC you can become:-

However you want to live you’re own life, many people had childhood dreams such as the fishing shop or sports guru or just simply being a mom, and these dreams have often been crushed by the environments and personalities we’ve found ourselves amongst.  Holosync can give anyone that THRESHOLD and NEW LEASE OF LIFE to Once again Restart your own dreams and be able to say



I Think Were Talking Peaks And Troughs

As a relative newbee to the technologies I’ve been recommending

1. Holosync from

This is the most powerful life transforming product I’ve ever experienced, It will likely make you cry initially and during or after regular usage, but you will feel better for that-regardless of you’re being male female or whatever identifying labels you would describe yourself as.

2.  Erika Awakening

I first met Erika through facebook and via contacts in what was commonly known as the PUA industry, Although I wasn’t particularly involved in that industry, i did enjoy the banter with Erika and some of the guys.  Erika has since gradually moved on from that scene,although like myself she still has some of those contacts.  Erika it seems is now far more interested in the healing and personal development industry and has a good honest straight talking record (She also uses Holosync in combination with EFT Chakra Tapping (again which I have endorsed).  I am not in regular communication with her but have kept an eye on what she’s up to, just as many old friends and contacts do.


Again this is a book that I would recommend to Holosync Users even if you ever only go through it once, it does help cut through old mental clutter and baggage. It is large and can seem like a scary daunting undertaking but is very very helpful, more so perhaps than I have given it credit for.

I also signed up for the Centerpointe LPIP courses which I have been going through over the last couple of years, I believe Bill Harris has now discontinued that course as an outright product, but much of the material can be seen on his blog, which is also well worth reading.  One of The most useful sub-products within LPIP to myself were what was known as Timeline hypnosis walkthrough’s, allowing the release of old emotional baggage and the like (Very Very powerful and usable again and again, unfortunately it seems you clear one layer and other layers come to the surface).  I say this because I know they (Timeline) are quite a common technique used in the Hypnosis and with the Internet as it is, it may well be possible for someone to simply search for a time line script, to use or help in the creation of such a script for oneself to use whilst listening to Holosync.

I also use holosync on a low volume in the background whilst reading blogs, watching video’s etc as much as I can get away with really.

So peaks and trough’s of feeling and thoughts and emotions-We all have them, and where once many of us would simply repress them, bottle them up, turn to drink drugs-or act out lashing out at family friends co-workers and the World in general, now those of us who joined on the Holosync Journey at least are learning ways and means of reinterpreting those feelings, the most common seems to be (for myself) one of multitudes of a lifetimes worth of assorted repressed angers, I have know idea how many i have left but so many are gone I do feel like a different person, it is just a case of keep going whilst also trying to get other areas of my life going too (where perhaps I previously stalled or let decline) I put my own focus where I felt I needed it most, rather than where others perhaps wanted it, but as long as I am being of benefit to someone somewhere whilst also trying to help myself then that is what I do. The biggest blocks I seem to have are to this concept of living a more abundant life and fulfilling life, and again I think it is perhaps a matter of my having picked up resentments or bad karma which I previously used as a defensive mechanism, the more Holosync I’ve done, the less defensive I’ve become and the pressures or vices and triggers that caused those thoughts feelings etc have shifted and-or fallen away, when I get to a point where even deeper shifts occur then I’ll likely write about it.  The shifts I am aiming for are the motivational type ones, I need to get myself focussed on identifying some goals and them striving towards those goals, whilst also knowing whats happening in the big picture little picture scene and the peaks and troughs, 

Of course the problem with the layers is this:




There is a general uneveness for myself and most other people as to where our own individual healing needs to happen, that is why I recommend Erika (even if its just to learn basic tapping)  she does understand this concept and almost always in her videos recommends ways to personalise and use them same techniques for yourself.

I have been having a trough recently and I am sure that other will have too, so its dust ourselves down and find some adrenaline or motivation or activities to make best use of the Weekend.  I haven’t anyone to plan my life so I have to plan it for me, Oh woe is me What can I do.   Thank you for reading and have a pleasant a weekend as you can for yourselves.  God Bless 🙂

Where Your own Mind Is Focussed

In multiple areas of life many of us find ourselves carrying out various roles, some roles require a big picture outlook whilst other roles require a small picture outlook.  Integrating and talking about these conflicting needs can be huge topic of debate in itself.

Does this soloing blog expedition for instance need to be monitored for instance by the security services or is their focus better served elsewhere.  If I were a ranting and raving Jihadist then it might well be appropriate for them to monitor the small blog over here.  As I am not they can still maintain and keep focus on what the role is that they are actually employed to do.   Keep an eye on the big picture whilst paying attention to small pictures that require that focus.

When focus is concentrated on one person-the eye could be said to have been taken off the ball, and it can be at those times that you realise you’ve been caught in a smoke and mirrors or misdirection scenario.  To much focus on one non important innocent individual and all those other little issues are getting away with murder.  Again this can often simply be through cultural Bias, long term workers wouldn’t necessarily regard fellow long term workers in a bad light.  Kind of like Jimmy Saville working for the BBC for 30-40 years.  A maladjusted individual slips through the net be they a petty criminal or school bully or whatever there particular maladjustment’s are and they’ve gotten so good at getting away with it, that they continue in that fashion, very often because no-one has highlighted the issue.  I wrote of ‘Ways and Means’ a few days ago and very often how you regard the phrase is a reflection of how you are.

But Dave -Business’s, society, individuals cannot function without ‘ways and means’

Again this is true, but if the ways and means are used as getting away with it ‘Dark Arts’  then the same historical patterns and mistakes and errors and corruption are going to raise there ugly heads.  It’s kind of like whether you want to work in a balanced way or over rely on ‘ways and means’.  Some of the very very worst ‘Ways and Means-dark artists’ are often the most unlikely and overlooked suspects or indeed they are so upfront about operating in that fashion that the psychology of ‘it must be allowed’ sinks into people simply through not being challenged.   Anyone whose wants to have some integrity in how they live there lives can often be totally screwed when in a business or society or club where everyone else is operating in this fashion they are going to be tarred with the same brush.  Bad Eggs and news articles about bad eggs can often give a misrepresentation of a Business or Club or Society or whatever area of life the focus is on.

Very often someone new is brought in supposedly as a brush of change, or an old guardist from the past to correct the problems, very often these individuals were part of the cultural problem in the first place and it can be in these areas that some of the problems start reappearing.  I know I’ve worked in office environments in the past and whether I liked it or not I would suddenly or over a period of time find myself operating in a fashion of colleagues that I dissaproved off. Somehow ‘ways and means’ had rubbed off onto me.

So always be aware of big picture, always be aware of small picture, and always be aware of the ball, because it really is an ever shifting ever changing reality that each and everyone of us has to deal with in our day to day lives.  And being sold a danger that is someone elses danger, a fear that is someone elses fear, a behaviour that is someone elses behaviour aint gonna solve any problems.  I read something on facebook recently where truth was pretty much shown to be the fear of fear and the trading of fear.  Reducing and identifying fears, whether they appear as guilt, shame, unworthiness or whatever appearancethey take on is a first step to clarifying and removing fear and danger etc etc.  Beware of Who is trying to sell you there fear!  Thank you for reading, god bless and be well.  🙂

Can You Really Not See Your Own Blindness

One of the biggest issues in any area of life of course is that of BIAS and once again these are all learned, I said before that I’ll sometimes gamble based on intuition (doesn’t everyone), yet our own inner biases in any field of endeavour can work for or against us.  

In the gambling arena for instance which I’ve only really explored over the last year I’ve found it easier to judge single individual talent sports (Golf, Tennis, Snooker etc) than team sports, or indeed individuals within a team.  So for instance your team might be one of the light weights in the Premiership who more often draw or lose matches, yet you can still bet on your best individual goalscorer who might average 10-15 goals a season and win.  There are always pluses and minuses.  A Manchester fan of either team this season might bet for Win’s in every game for the team and the statistics demonstrate that a high percentage of those bets will win—-yet just as you know that so do the bookies— hence your winnings will be small.  Very often betting during matches can be more fun,  i.e. Some teams like Man Utd will go a goal down before later going on to Win, when they go a goal down, the DANGER that the opposing team will win is sold by the bookies.


When any favourite in any sport is losing,in order to ensure they don’t lose too much money, the odds and the favourability of the odds are changed (Usually cut) by the book keepers towards the opponent,and very often especially in team sports that is the best time and opportunity to make your own play to maximise your own winnings. (That is of course if you have the faith in your losing team/player that they can turn it around and go on to win).

As for the blindness issue, I think it improves with practice and the removal of BIAS etc etc, I know that I have removed many bias’s over the last few years.  Every day I might go on facebook to see what is on the wall, and I’ll find myself reading or viewing poetry and words of wisdom’s and religious preachings and where previously I may have had little regard for them, these days I find myself more effected and curious as to why?

Whilst it might not be particularly manly to be interested in those things, the combination of Holosync and the desire to be rid of BIAS causes me to be more drawn to that stuff.  

As I may or may not have said before although I am single alone etc most of the time, I am mentally at least more of a family man and my taste viewings etc tend to reflect that.  As I also said previously I am of the belief that in the Mental political spectrum-Extremism of any kind of Polarity tends to signify the same thing.  IE.  Extreme Macho-manism is the same as Extreme Girly-manism, I (personally) wouldn’t trust anyone who lays themselves out in these extremist camps.

Some environments bring out the worst of people whether they are people who have put all there eggs in one basket (job for lifers), or indeed people who have stretched to putting to many eggs in too many baskets (job cos I have too’s).  Both scenario’s can be corrupt, one by protectionism of the one basket, the other by undisciplined rabble rousers who rebel against everything in life for the sake of rebelling. 

Getting to a place of understanding you’re own BIAS’S and then being appropriately moderate or disciplined is always a tricky high wire act, getting to a place where everyone is generally pulling in the same direction is never going to be achieved through BIAS, some of the biggest public Rabble Rousers that I have ever worked with over the years, have always been the biggest- yes sir no sir three bags full sir behind closed doors.  That is why it is always better to think for your self before being influenced by some of these people and yes I include my self in that PARADIGM, THINK FOR YOURSELF and then ACCOMMODATE YOUR THINKING to the ENVIRONMENT. I have very often found myself singled out as a villian of the piece for simply encouraging people to THINK, When THINK is made a crime and ‘ways and means’ are used, one then has to wonder-WHAT IS IT THAT IS BEING PROTECTED? ALWAYS THINK!  Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

Pitch Tuning Eating Three Kinds Of Forks That Spring To Mind

We are of course all familiar with the concept and ideas of good ol’ fashioned pitch forks being used to chase misunderstood or only to well understood vagrants and evil doers from the Community, all in the name of keeping the life and ideas we hold unchanged lest we catch the evil malcontents that said individuals would cause us-yet how many people and business’s and “in one’s own mind emperors” become stuck in there ways to such a degree that they are the real harm doers.  Of course it is very often the work of change and transformation coaches that can have the greatest impact in any of the above given scenarios or environments but such change often has to be carried out in ways and means that cause minimal loss of face to the said emperors and community.  That is of course unless individuals take it upon themselves to make those changes on an individual basis and to such a degree that everyone else finds themselves drawn to the new model of reality that these people are living, you could say someone gets a toehold in the door or spearheads an environment to such a degree that all the other people who have been suffering for so long in silence are only to willing to join the resistance or revolution.   One may still have to suffer in some work places and environments yet away from that you can do what the hell you like in as carefree a fashion as you like where you and only you are responsible to you.  What do I mean – well I said in a previous post about giving up politeness and no doubt some people would be aghast saying I don’t want to not be polite.  That was not what I meant.  Trying to articulate some concepts can be difficult so I will reinterpret or re-write what I was trying to say.  In using Holosync and Tapping you can give up and-or release the old ways of giving and receiving politeness on auto-pilot.  You can then choose to reacquaint yourself on your own terms with how you choose to be polite or mannered or whatever.  So you no longer feel that you are acting out of learned expectancy (with old buried resentments bubbling under the surface) so in this fashion you are becoming a more authentic you rather than an automated clone of expectancies from your child hood.  I hope that makes sense. Its a ‘because this is who and how I am’ rather than a ‘this is who I am supposed to be grr sob etc’.

Tuning forks of course are still used by some musicians whilst your average Joe Public tends to grab the digital auto-tuning meter’s that assist in there learning of whatever the instrument is that requires tuning. We also of course have people in society that are naturally good at having a good tuning ear-some simply through nature others through training.  Living in a town that has had a blind college, or if you’ve ever visited such an environment you quickly realise that stereotypes are just that STEREOTYPES that do not necessarily ring true when faced with the reality.  Many blind people are as tuneless as the rest of us and only acquire such skills with dedicated practise and persistance.  That might sound harsh but it is the same for any of us at any time of life with any skill set that we want to develop or get to grips with.  I think I said previously that after a couple of years of Holosync there are many wars that many people want that I simply shrug at.  I couldn’t care less for gossips and clever clogs seeking to undermind what they read here, because they have not done the Holosync (those of you who have I am sure will fully understand what I am saying) there is no fool like an ignorant fool so to speak 🙂 .

Eating forks and carving forks aren’t dissimilar from the other above mentioned forks and they are simply functional you could say in fact that all forks are functional and whilst they may seem to appear in various sizes scales and so forth they are not some thing that is going to be re-invented with an alternate name to fork.  Yet it is possible to re-invent the wheel or re-interpret the wheel, one could for instance start-up a graphite dinner service company, dedicated to making dinner service sets from graphite as opposed to the plastics and metals that are currently in production.  The only boundaries on re-invention and re-interpretation and making change are those that we give to ourselves, in seeking to become wiser and wiser and go through process after process of asking “How can I” you could say it is somewhat childish, but i would say no it is creative and any resentment that causes Childish bitterness and gossip and so on  has to always be questioned, why am I responding in this fashion to this genius of creativity and change. 

Traditional ‘Positive’ thinking methods and so forth pile layers on top of old garbage, clear out the garbage with Holosync and then be positive as you truly want to be.  Negativity for negativity sake from people who haven’t lived your life can also be questioned.what is this need that those people are seeking to fulfil? What are the seeds of greater benefit that I can learn from this situation (As Bill Harris would say).  I am getting there day by day in a just keep going fashion,my Threshold is high and I can return Hate and evil just as easily as the people who style themselves in such fashion, I choose not to because I took action for change, why seek out and curse your own mind with illness and bad health when good health both mental and physical are there for anyone who wants them.  Thank you for reading,God Bless and Be Well.  🙂

The News That Isn’t News,The Fame That Isn’t Fame…

Have you ever turned on a news channel or opened a newspaper and found yourself wondering how an article you are reading managed to get enough attention to get into the news.

This of course is especially true since the 24 hour news channels started up.  How much of the same information and opinions given on the same information manage to suck you into believing that something is credible.  I’m reminded of this this week in seeing “David Cameron Euro speech” related news, it’s a speech that he has to write and deliver whilst keeping every possible interest group happy and by the time any such speech is given we all of us will have been so bombarded by news of said speech that all and anything about it will actually pass over our heads.  Unless he steps forward and delivers the speech in some Totally Alien Tongue that none of us speak (Sorry Parlimentarian should count but it doesn’t); There will not be anything said that  has not been previously dissected to such a degree that renders the content not newsworthy (Much like my blog here 🙂 ).

The same of course can be said for all those extra layers of TV channels that have been added in recent years, where once we enjoyed genuine talent where the bar was set high and people of assorted talents had to really really have any talent to make it; be it anything from gardening to comedy to DIY to entertaining our vociferous grandmother, nowadays the bar has been well and truly removed and we have so-called celebratories famous for being famous for having got themselves famous, but no-one questions whether that is a talent at all.  Whilst yes it’s easy for me to criticise, I do still prefer people with some talent for what they do and or at least perhaps a charitable nature, so and so can’t sing dance etc etc so good, but he/she does visit the Hospitals, troops abroad and so on.  Unfortunately most so-called famous for being famous talent doesn’t stretch to having even the slightest of charitable natures and that is truly sad when so many others go about such work on a daily basis and aren’t famous.

This is a Genuine society contribution versus self serving contribution and the self serving is in the ascension which tells us a great deal about how bad (if its not bad enough already) that society is becoming.  Yes we have a large population and people operate on a ‘people like me’ mentality, but surely we want to see some difference’s to ‘people like me’.

Of course they also say you should go out and find people of similar interests and things that you relate to,so for instance if you have an interest in gardening join a club, same for singing or sports of any kind.  Go out and look for groups of shared interests with yourself. It sounds easy yet even these clubs these days often have membership fee’s and nonsense inner political set-up’s that many of us would roll our eyes up at.  How far and wide and how much are we prepared to spend and travel to carry out our hobbies, interest and pursuits.  Again I’ve found in recent years that many things I had passing interest in were just passing interest.  Finding genuine long term interest’s can be a chore that has to be worked at.  Many people have talents that they seem totally oblivious to, some talents are used in positive fashion others in highly negative fashion which is unfortunate given that they could do so much more with there abilities if only someone would point them out to them.

Now as I said previously this is all written of the top of my head in a fingers to keyboard fashion, and no real talent or monitoring or planning of what is being said, if I wanted to be news worthy or famous for being famous I would have to perhaps redraft and redraft until some perfectly formed article for the reading public is published, do I care-well it isn’t so much about caring as to what is being conveyed. But I may well set myself that task in the coming days just to see if I can write an article of some description that has had planning and forethought and dedicated sweating and punishing deadlines to meet, just as a challenge to myself, a writing challenge.  A gardenermight set a gardening challenge, a mother a mothering challenge, a comedian a comedic challenge and so on, sit back find a small doable challenge and see if you are able to step up to the plate.  Thank you for reading and it’s goodbye from him.  🙂