I said cheese not keys

How many rip roaring speeches do you have embedded in memory that would benefit from a little fine tuning? I of course like many people know many little snippets of film quotes and the odd standout from dead people such as Winston Churchill and his “We will tax them on the beaches, we will tax them in the air and on the seas, we will reblend our island”.

The interesting thing for myself of course in usage of the technologies I’ve been recommending  is the question “How can I integrate and optimise my life’s knowledge and learning’s and teaching’s and resources into an all powerful core that serves beyond what I believe I am capable of?”” How can I be unique in all that I do whilst empowering and serving others and whilst meeting my own financial and physical needs?”.  According to experts the “how can I?” questions can be the most powerful that anyone can ask of oneself.  It is interesting to me in that It reminds me of this older story that I have told before in my facebook days.

A few years ago now, I had reached a point where nothing was going right, I had mental traumas coming out of my ears and wanted to know the origins, what were the causes etc, I had heard that hypnosis had been successfully used by others, so I bought some reading material on hypnosis as well as some Hypnosis CD materials.  And being lazy and looking for shortcuts I used the written script examples to write myself a hypnosis script that would set my brain to carry out a backwards engineering task on the professionally produced Hypnosis material.  This sounds naughty but in fact is a methodology used in just about every industry on the planet, take a product that you want to emulate or you simply want to find out how it ticks, pull it apart and see what the makeup of it is?  Anyway my brain took this task and carried it out far more successfully than I could have dreamed possible.  The only downside was that although I now had a better set of understanding and realizations I wasn’t getting the optimum changes that came later when I moved into the realm of meditation, you could say it has been a journey or progression of stepping stones, seemingly going know-where-where in reality huge shifts and changes and benefits have been taking place, if not for myself then at least in various forms for those that decided to join me on similar paths on similar journey’s and for many people for similar reasons.

I think many of us stumble on the truth’s from time to time but the over abundance or accumulation of masks or previous experience often leaves us confused or unable to stay the course or go the distance and finding the teachers and products that do make a genuine difference often can require ‘leaps of faith’ much like Indiana Jones in his Holy Grail Quest throwing dust out over the cliff edge and discovering a perfectly blended into the image beam that could be traversed to the alternate side.

Does faith play a large part? I’m unsure; I am sure that faith does perform and carry out a role yet whether that role is one we would choose for ourselves or one that we stumble upon is a place to be asking questions.  Faith in ones own ability to take action and direct ones own life is all well and good when you have a higher or raised threshold, faith when you know everyone else is operating from a wanting there nappy changed, wanting some milk in there rumbling belly perspective is tougher.  I can say what I say and hope or wish that others understand what I am saying and maybe what I NEED TO SEE READ OR HEAR AT THE PRESENT TIME WILL APPEAR FOR ME (for those that put stuff out to the Universe).  The issue for me for example WITH GAMBLING-IS I need a good sized chunk of data or reading material to analyse to make my best defined choices and narrowing down of options.  My complaint with facebook for example is that while I see some nice short quotes and beautiful pictures, in terms of being useful for my gambling options they are often useless.  Some people can read this stuff I’ve written this morning and have an aha moment, yet I keep failing to get aha moments from reading short quotes, one of the reasons I would encourage others to write blogs or longer posts in your own style and manner (no need for false airs and graces) and over time a collective of interwoven mutually beneficial writers can have aha’s from each other, that they wouldn’t necessarily get from they’re own material, but can get from reading someone else’s that they grown familiar with over a period of time-this is a diagnostic observance rather than an attack on anyone, (like I’ve said before I know people have been doing there best within they’re own circumstances and World beliefs etc, and my desire to gamble based on feedback, doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of love caring and friendship that others have as higher priorites in there own lives) 🙂

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