The News That Isn’t News,The Fame That Isn’t Fame…

Have you ever turned on a news channel or opened a newspaper and found yourself wondering how an article you are reading managed to get enough attention to get into the news.

This of course is especially true since the 24 hour news channels started up.  How much of the same information and opinions given on the same information manage to suck you into believing that something is credible.  I’m reminded of this this week in seeing “David Cameron Euro speech” related news, it’s a speech that he has to write and deliver whilst keeping every possible interest group happy and by the time any such speech is given we all of us will have been so bombarded by news of said speech that all and anything about it will actually pass over our heads.  Unless he steps forward and delivers the speech in some Totally Alien Tongue that none of us speak (Sorry Parlimentarian should count but it doesn’t); There will not be anything said that  has not been previously dissected to such a degree that renders the content not newsworthy (Much like my blog here 🙂 ).

The same of course can be said for all those extra layers of TV channels that have been added in recent years, where once we enjoyed genuine talent where the bar was set high and people of assorted talents had to really really have any talent to make it; be it anything from gardening to comedy to DIY to entertaining our vociferous grandmother, nowadays the bar has been well and truly removed and we have so-called celebratories famous for being famous for having got themselves famous, but no-one questions whether that is a talent at all.  Whilst yes it’s easy for me to criticise, I do still prefer people with some talent for what they do and or at least perhaps a charitable nature, so and so can’t sing dance etc etc so good, but he/she does visit the Hospitals, troops abroad and so on.  Unfortunately most so-called famous for being famous talent doesn’t stretch to having even the slightest of charitable natures and that is truly sad when so many others go about such work on a daily basis and aren’t famous.

This is a Genuine society contribution versus self serving contribution and the self serving is in the ascension which tells us a great deal about how bad (if its not bad enough already) that society is becoming.  Yes we have a large population and people operate on a ‘people like me’ mentality, but surely we want to see some difference’s to ‘people like me’.

Of course they also say you should go out and find people of similar interests and things that you relate to,so for instance if you have an interest in gardening join a club, same for singing or sports of any kind.  Go out and look for groups of shared interests with yourself. It sounds easy yet even these clubs these days often have membership fee’s and nonsense inner political set-up’s that many of us would roll our eyes up at.  How far and wide and how much are we prepared to spend and travel to carry out our hobbies, interest and pursuits.  Again I’ve found in recent years that many things I had passing interest in were just passing interest.  Finding genuine long term interest’s can be a chore that has to be worked at.  Many people have talents that they seem totally oblivious to, some talents are used in positive fashion others in highly negative fashion which is unfortunate given that they could do so much more with there abilities if only someone would point them out to them.

Now as I said previously this is all written of the top of my head in a fingers to keyboard fashion, and no real talent or monitoring or planning of what is being said, if I wanted to be news worthy or famous for being famous I would have to perhaps redraft and redraft until some perfectly formed article for the reading public is published, do I care-well it isn’t so much about caring as to what is being conveyed. But I may well set myself that task in the coming days just to see if I can write an article of some description that has had planning and forethought and dedicated sweating and punishing deadlines to meet, just as a challenge to myself, a writing challenge.  A gardenermight set a gardening challenge, a mother a mothering challenge, a comedian a comedic challenge and so on, sit back find a small doable challenge and see if you are able to step up to the plate.  Thank you for reading and it’s goodbye from him.  🙂

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