Pitch Tuning Eating Three Kinds Of Forks That Spring To Mind

We are of course all familiar with the concept and ideas of good ol’ fashioned pitch forks being used to chase misunderstood or only to well understood vagrants and evil doers from the Community, all in the name of keeping the life and ideas we hold unchanged lest we catch the evil malcontents that said individuals would cause us-yet how many people and business’s and “in one’s own mind emperors” become stuck in there ways to such a degree that they are the real harm doers.  Of course it is very often the work of change and transformation coaches that can have the greatest impact in any of the above given scenarios or environments but such change often has to be carried out in ways and means that cause minimal loss of face to the said emperors and community.  That is of course unless individuals take it upon themselves to make those changes on an individual basis and to such a degree that everyone else finds themselves drawn to the new model of reality that these people are living, you could say someone gets a toehold in the door or spearheads an environment to such a degree that all the other people who have been suffering for so long in silence are only to willing to join the resistance or revolution.   One may still have to suffer in some work places and environments yet away from that you can do what the hell you like in as carefree a fashion as you like where you and only you are responsible to you.  What do I mean – well I said in a previous post about giving up politeness and no doubt some people would be aghast saying I don’t want to not be polite.  That was not what I meant.  Trying to articulate some concepts can be difficult so I will reinterpret or re-write what I was trying to say.  In using Holosync and Tapping you can give up and-or release the old ways of giving and receiving politeness on auto-pilot.  You can then choose to reacquaint yourself on your own terms with how you choose to be polite or mannered or whatever.  So you no longer feel that you are acting out of learned expectancy (with old buried resentments bubbling under the surface) so in this fashion you are becoming a more authentic you rather than an automated clone of expectancies from your child hood.  I hope that makes sense. Its a ‘because this is who and how I am’ rather than a ‘this is who I am supposed to be grr sob etc’.

Tuning forks of course are still used by some musicians whilst your average Joe Public tends to grab the digital auto-tuning meter’s that assist in there learning of whatever the instrument is that requires tuning. We also of course have people in society that are naturally good at having a good tuning ear-some simply through nature others through training.  Living in a town that has had a blind college, or if you’ve ever visited such an environment you quickly realise that stereotypes are just that STEREOTYPES that do not necessarily ring true when faced with the reality.  Many blind people are as tuneless as the rest of us and only acquire such skills with dedicated practise and persistance.  That might sound harsh but it is the same for any of us at any time of life with any skill set that we want to develop or get to grips with.  I think I said previously that after a couple of years of Holosync there are many wars that many people want that I simply shrug at.  I couldn’t care less for gossips and clever clogs seeking to undermind what they read here, because they have not done the Holosync (those of you who have I am sure will fully understand what I am saying) there is no fool like an ignorant fool so to speak 🙂 .

Eating forks and carving forks aren’t dissimilar from the other above mentioned forks and they are simply functional you could say in fact that all forks are functional and whilst they may seem to appear in various sizes scales and so forth they are not some thing that is going to be re-invented with an alternate name to fork.  Yet it is possible to re-invent the wheel or re-interpret the wheel, one could for instance start-up a graphite dinner service company, dedicated to making dinner service sets from graphite as opposed to the plastics and metals that are currently in production.  The only boundaries on re-invention and re-interpretation and making change are those that we give to ourselves, in seeking to become wiser and wiser and go through process after process of asking “How can I” you could say it is somewhat childish, but i would say no it is creative and any resentment that causes Childish bitterness and gossip and so on  has to always be questioned, why am I responding in this fashion to this genius of creativity and change. 

Traditional ‘Positive’ thinking methods and so forth pile layers on top of old garbage, clear out the garbage with Holosync and then be positive as you truly want to be.  Negativity for negativity sake from people who haven’t lived your life can also be questioned.what is this need that those people are seeking to fulfil? What are the seeds of greater benefit that I can learn from this situation (As Bill Harris would say).  I am getting there day by day in a just keep going fashion,my Threshold is high and I can return Hate and evil just as easily as the people who style themselves in such fashion, I choose not to because I took action for change, why seek out and curse your own mind with illness and bad health when good health both mental and physical are there for anyone who wants them.  Thank you for reading,God Bless and Be Well.  🙂

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