Can You Really Not See Your Own Blindness

One of the biggest issues in any area of life of course is that of BIAS and once again these are all learned, I said before that I’ll sometimes gamble based on intuition (doesn’t everyone), yet our own inner biases in any field of endeavour can work for or against us.  

In the gambling arena for instance which I’ve only really explored over the last year I’ve found it easier to judge single individual talent sports (Golf, Tennis, Snooker etc) than team sports, or indeed individuals within a team.  So for instance your team might be one of the light weights in the Premiership who more often draw or lose matches, yet you can still bet on your best individual goalscorer who might average 10-15 goals a season and win.  There are always pluses and minuses.  A Manchester fan of either team this season might bet for Win’s in every game for the team and the statistics demonstrate that a high percentage of those bets will win—-yet just as you know that so do the bookies— hence your winnings will be small.  Very often betting during matches can be more fun,  i.e. Some teams like Man Utd will go a goal down before later going on to Win, when they go a goal down, the DANGER that the opposing team will win is sold by the bookies.


When any favourite in any sport is losing,in order to ensure they don’t lose too much money, the odds and the favourability of the odds are changed (Usually cut) by the book keepers towards the opponent,and very often especially in team sports that is the best time and opportunity to make your own play to maximise your own winnings. (That is of course if you have the faith in your losing team/player that they can turn it around and go on to win).

As for the blindness issue, I think it improves with practice and the removal of BIAS etc etc, I know that I have removed many bias’s over the last few years.  Every day I might go on facebook to see what is on the wall, and I’ll find myself reading or viewing poetry and words of wisdom’s and religious preachings and where previously I may have had little regard for them, these days I find myself more effected and curious as to why?

Whilst it might not be particularly manly to be interested in those things, the combination of Holosync and the desire to be rid of BIAS causes me to be more drawn to that stuff.  

As I may or may not have said before although I am single alone etc most of the time, I am mentally at least more of a family man and my taste viewings etc tend to reflect that.  As I also said previously I am of the belief that in the Mental political spectrum-Extremism of any kind of Polarity tends to signify the same thing.  IE.  Extreme Macho-manism is the same as Extreme Girly-manism, I (personally) wouldn’t trust anyone who lays themselves out in these extremist camps.

Some environments bring out the worst of people whether they are people who have put all there eggs in one basket (job for lifers), or indeed people who have stretched to putting to many eggs in too many baskets (job cos I have too’s).  Both scenario’s can be corrupt, one by protectionism of the one basket, the other by undisciplined rabble rousers who rebel against everything in life for the sake of rebelling. 

Getting to a place of understanding you’re own BIAS’S and then being appropriately moderate or disciplined is always a tricky high wire act, getting to a place where everyone is generally pulling in the same direction is never going to be achieved through BIAS, some of the biggest public Rabble Rousers that I have ever worked with over the years, have always been the biggest- yes sir no sir three bags full sir behind closed doors.  That is why it is always better to think for your self before being influenced by some of these people and yes I include my self in that PARADIGM, THINK FOR YOURSELF and then ACCOMMODATE YOUR THINKING to the ENVIRONMENT. I have very often found myself singled out as a villian of the piece for simply encouraging people to THINK, When THINK is made a crime and ‘ways and means’ are used, one then has to wonder-WHAT IS IT THAT IS BEING PROTECTED? ALWAYS THINK!  Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

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