Where Your own Mind Is Focussed

In multiple areas of life many of us find ourselves carrying out various roles, some roles require a big picture outlook whilst other roles require a small picture outlook.  Integrating and talking about these conflicting needs can be huge topic of debate in itself.

Does this soloing blog expedition for instance need to be monitored for instance by the security services or is their focus better served elsewhere.  If I were a ranting and raving Jihadist then it might well be appropriate for them to monitor the small blog over here.  As I am not they can still maintain and keep focus on what the role is that they are actually employed to do.   Keep an eye on the big picture whilst paying attention to small pictures that require that focus.

When focus is concentrated on one person-the eye could be said to have been taken off the ball, and it can be at those times that you realise you’ve been caught in a smoke and mirrors or misdirection scenario.  To much focus on one non important innocent individual and all those other little issues are getting away with murder.  Again this can often simply be through cultural Bias, long term workers wouldn’t necessarily regard fellow long term workers in a bad light.  Kind of like Jimmy Saville working for the BBC for 30-40 years.  A maladjusted individual slips through the net be they a petty criminal or school bully or whatever there particular maladjustment’s are and they’ve gotten so good at getting away with it, that they continue in that fashion, very often because no-one has highlighted the issue.  I wrote of ‘Ways and Means’ a few days ago and very often how you regard the phrase is a reflection of how you are.

But Dave -Business’s, society, individuals cannot function without ‘ways and means’

Again this is true, but if the ways and means are used as getting away with it ‘Dark Arts’  then the same historical patterns and mistakes and errors and corruption are going to raise there ugly heads.  It’s kind of like whether you want to work in a balanced way or over rely on ‘ways and means’.  Some of the very very worst ‘Ways and Means-dark artists’ are often the most unlikely and overlooked suspects or indeed they are so upfront about operating in that fashion that the psychology of ‘it must be allowed’ sinks into people simply through not being challenged.   Anyone whose wants to have some integrity in how they live there lives can often be totally screwed when in a business or society or club where everyone else is operating in this fashion they are going to be tarred with the same brush.  Bad Eggs and news articles about bad eggs can often give a misrepresentation of a Business or Club or Society or whatever area of life the focus is on.

Very often someone new is brought in supposedly as a brush of change, or an old guardist from the past to correct the problems, very often these individuals were part of the cultural problem in the first place and it can be in these areas that some of the problems start reappearing.  I know I’ve worked in office environments in the past and whether I liked it or not I would suddenly or over a period of time find myself operating in a fashion of colleagues that I dissaproved off. Somehow ‘ways and means’ had rubbed off onto me.

So always be aware of big picture, always be aware of small picture, and always be aware of the ball, because it really is an ever shifting ever changing reality that each and everyone of us has to deal with in our day to day lives.  And being sold a danger that is someone elses danger, a fear that is someone elses fear, a behaviour that is someone elses behaviour aint gonna solve any problems.  I read something on facebook recently where truth was pretty much shown to be the fear of fear and the trading of fear.  Reducing and identifying fears, whether they appear as guilt, shame, unworthiness or whatever appearancethey take on is a first step to clarifying and removing fear and danger etc etc.  Beware of Who is trying to sell you there fear!  Thank you for reading, god bless and be well.  🙂

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