I Think Were Talking Peaks And Troughs

As a relative newbee to the technologies I’ve been recommending

1. Holosync from https://www.centerpointe.com

This is the most powerful life transforming product I’ve ever experienced, It will likely make you cry initially and during or after regular usage, but you will feel better for that-regardless of you’re being male female or whatever identifying labels you would describe yourself as.

2.  Erika Awakening  http://www.tapsmarter.com/

I first met Erika through facebook and via contacts in what was commonly known as the PUA industry, Although I wasn’t particularly involved in that industry, i did enjoy the banter with Erika and some of the guys.  Erika has since gradually moved on from that scene,although like myself she still has some of those contacts.  Erika it seems is now far more interested in the healing and personal development industry and has a good honest straight talking record (She also uses Holosync in combination with EFT Chakra Tapping (again which I have endorsed).  I am not in regular communication with her but have kept an eye on what she’s up to, just as many old friends and contacts do.

3. ACIM http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Course_in_Miracles

Again this is a book that I would recommend to Holosync Users even if you ever only go through it once, it does help cut through old mental clutter and baggage. It is large and can seem like a scary daunting undertaking but is very very helpful, more so perhaps than I have given it credit for.

I also signed up for the Centerpointe LPIP courses which I have been going through over the last couple of years, I believe Bill Harris has now discontinued that course as an outright product, but much of the material can be seen on his blog, which is also well worth reading.  One of The most useful sub-products within LPIP to myself were what was known as Timeline hypnosis walkthrough’s, allowing the release of old emotional baggage and the like (Very Very powerful and usable again and again, unfortunately it seems you clear one layer and other layers come to the surface).  I say this because I know they (Timeline) are quite a common technique used in the Hypnosis and with the Internet as it is, it may well be possible for someone to simply search for a time line script, to use or help in the creation of such a script for oneself to use whilst listening to Holosync.

I also use holosync on a low volume in the background whilst reading blogs, watching video’s etc as much as I can get away with really.

So peaks and trough’s of feeling and thoughts and emotions-We all have them, and where once many of us would simply repress them, bottle them up, turn to drink drugs-or act out lashing out at family friends co-workers and the World in general, now those of us who joined on the Holosync Journey at least are learning ways and means of reinterpreting those feelings, the most common seems to be (for myself) one of multitudes of a lifetimes worth of assorted repressed angers, I have know idea how many i have left but so many are gone I do feel like a different person, it is just a case of keep going whilst also trying to get other areas of my life going too (where perhaps I previously stalled or let decline) I put my own focus where I felt I needed it most, rather than where others perhaps wanted it, but as long as I am being of benefit to someone somewhere whilst also trying to help myself then that is what I do. The biggest blocks I seem to have are to this concept of living a more abundant life and fulfilling life, and again I think it is perhaps a matter of my having picked up resentments or bad karma which I previously used as a defensive mechanism, the more Holosync I’ve done, the less defensive I’ve become and the pressures or vices and triggers that caused those thoughts feelings etc have shifted and-or fallen away, when I get to a point where even deeper shifts occur then I’ll likely write about it.  The shifts I am aiming for are the motivational type ones, I need to get myself focussed on identifying some goals and them striving towards those goals, whilst also knowing whats happening in the big picture little picture scene and the peaks and troughs, 

Of course the problem with the layers is this:




There is a general uneveness for myself and most other people as to where our own individual healing needs to happen, that is why I recommend Erika (even if its just to learn basic tapping)  she does understand this concept and almost always in her videos recommends ways to personalise and use them same techniques for yourself.

I have been having a trough recently and I am sure that other will have too, so its dust ourselves down and find some adrenaline or motivation or activities to make best use of the Weekend.  I haven’t anyone to plan my life so I have to plan it for me, Oh woe is me What can I do.   Thank you for reading and have a pleasant a weekend as you can for yourselves.  God Bless 🙂

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