Pirates Versus The Admiralty Versus The Musketeers

This was an interesting idea of comparisons I was making mentally recently having sat through one or more of the Disney Johnny Depp Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies.  Again it involves overcoming your own illusions as to how the World is (so to speak) and going into the World of Parallel Allegorical Storytelling.  You could say some business’ or life stories are run in a manner comparable to that of  Pirate Ships and Others’ more akin to be Likened to The Admiralty.

Who You Calling A Petty Criminal? was an own response to my recent blog arcticle! Well  Just About Everyone Actually, Ever done 34 mph in a 30 mph zone, scooped a bit of food and ate it whilst dishing out and so on.  We all have these little habits that put us in that zone that we are often blind too, of course these crimes aren’t real to us anymore than the 400,000 offences that disappeared of the recently released Police Reported Offence Statistics.  And as anyone who read those reports of Statistical Anomaly will be thinking, it must be alright if you can get away with it.

This again boils down to me using the knowledge and learning’s and mental parallels to draw conclusions.  The Biggest Baddest Pirate is Captain of Pirates, The Most Unscrupulous Manipulative Shyster is Captain of Admiralty.  So not much difference there then you might say.  Well the differences appear in the codes of conduct that have to be adhered to.  Someone you don’t like in the Pirate Crew kill ’em (In Business drive ’em to RESIGN,COMMIT SUICIDE ETC).

Admiralty Disciplinary Codes (Ways and Means, smear campaigns,low grading of work, Drive ’em to be sacked, RESIGN, COMMIT SUICIDE ETC).

So really unless you have deeply understood these types of teachings and learning’s you in all likely hood could wind up as a Pirate Captain who thinks he’s an Admiralty Captain yet is still acting out childhood dreams of being a pirate captain et al.

What About the Musketeers?  Well my thinking then went to the French Way (So To Speak) where the differences comparisons Personality dislikes differences are somewhat cast aside in the pursuit of Common Goals “All For One and One For All”, as has been said.

And what about feedback?  Well feedback is very often ACCORDED and RECOGNIZED in the structure of our own MAP OF REALITY, so if someone has all the personality traits that we’ve spent many years not recognizing in ourselves, or trying to hide from or get away from, then we will do all we can unconsciously to be rid of that or those PERSONALITY TRAITS.  The more we try to get rid of them, very often the more we are confronted with them, so it can lead to a downward spiral.  Holosync gives the AWARENESS and MENTAL CLARITY AND CLEARANCE to be able to (EVENTUALLY) laugh at your own fool hardiness as they say and get that RELEASE from such re-recurring spirals of patterns and behaviours.

What do you mean by confrontation of feedback?  Well when I first started work in one particular environment I was confronted by lots and lots of people ‘outing’ themselves to me Queer faggot shitshagger poofter bender, c***,paedo,  why are these people outing themselves to my Hetero adult personage I regularly asked myself, I should of just accepted them as telling me there own names.  So it was quite apparent looking back that I was in a Pirate Ship.  I am quite sure now that many have seen the possibilities in changing there ways, and those that don’t will likely be getting there own kind of Karma in the future, such are the overall patterns in life.

What Overall Patterns in Life – well I personally had a very very RELIGIOUS upbringing, not just Church on Sundays but the Sunday School and Bible Studies and Prayer meetings, I had little to  know choice because I was of an age where the parents/adults called all the shots.  You could say as soon as I was old enough I went totally the opposite direction (rightly or wrongly) and have made up for it in good style and fashion.

Why do I say this, because having been to both extremes of the way societies is and being of a certain age I regard myself as knowing bullshit when I hear it and I will very often find myself confronted by people who claim one thing such as INTEGRITY, when in fact all the actions they have taken over several years demonstrates none -The Pirate Who Thinks He’s In The Admiralty, beware of Self delusions and societal allusions, the more you can see and uproot and  recognise and LAUGH about these issues, the more AUTHENTIC you can become:-

However you want to live you’re own life, many people had childhood dreams such as the fishing shop or sports guru or just simply being a mom, and these dreams have often been crushed by the environments and personalities we’ve found ourselves amongst.  Holosync can give anyone that THRESHOLD and NEW LEASE OF LIFE to Once again Restart your own dreams and be able to say



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