Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Convoy

Dave I really really do not like the tone of your language in some of these posts.  Please Always remember that I always include myself in the ‘PARADIGM’ of “The Whole Going On Of It All”.

This is very much where the big mental battles occur for everyone.  From very young ages we’ve had to learn language and sound and many many Terrifying to a new born things.  As we get older were told we have this wrong with us or that wrong with is in ‘control and domination’ type matrixe’s.  My own daughter unfortunately is extreme in that she is epileptic. Others are told they have a condition called dyslexia, foreign nationals might have trouble understanding these writing in the same fashion.

All I will say is Please Please go with Holosync, it isn’t the dyslexia or misreading or distraction that is a problem it is the belief that a problem exists.  For several years now people have used my writings as clues to upcoming sports results and World Events and the like.  You could say TIME DOES NOT EXIST AS A REALITY SO MUCH AS AN ILLUSION, Holosync clears the ILLUSION-so people with a learned disability in having trouble reading this sentence can happily read sentences in my writing along the borders up down left and right backwards piece meal to the four corners in whatever way and shape you want. 

The design of these symbols was done in such a way as to keep the creators in control, when you can get technologies that put you in greater control you can live a happier life etc.  This is why teachings such as the map is not the territory and the symbol is not the sound are so powerful.  A couple of years of Holosync can clear out a lifetimes worth of prejudices, fears and so on and greatly assist in the empowering of anyone who believes themselves disabled or disadvantaged etc.  

Can I improve my language, well years ago I recall having to write an essay called One Cannot Not Communicate (In Communication Studies), since then and in far more recent years I have also looked at the work of Marshall Rosenberg whose work has in part created some of the greater (not total) peace we’ve seen in Israel and The Occupied Territories.  He created a way known as NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION.

That’s two NVC’s for the price of one.  Non Verbal Communication and Non Violent Communication.

My title was a nod to an old favourite movie from Childhood called Convoy, about an abused  and rebellious trucker known by his CB handle as RUBBER DUCK.   Probably written by someone whose teacher use to throw erasers at them.  Much like the Mark of Cain, why did they ban corporal punishment bring it back and hang ’em high.  NO DAVE THIS 2012..  Okay Okay 🙂

So yes better and improved ways of communicating can be achieved by myself, but in talking directly in using bad language I am speaking in the terms of many people in society, and the healing for many comes through the clearance of using this language that they may have as a common life usage.  IE.  That is often where much healing can happen and why some Healers can charge such huge fees because they get the results in directly making people recount there life History’s in as many ways as possible.  Its face and clear or avoid and have mental blocks.

I am personally finding that these often occur in chains much like the chains of synchronicity I spoke of in an earlier post, so always go where your not used to with Holosync usage and then those bad things from the past can be cleared, leading to other bad things from the past being cleared and so on, no it doesn’t have to be done in public so yes I will try not to use such language in future. 

And of course the more clearance you get on some issues, the less liklihood of them reappearing, at least in the same way shape or form, some things really require a flexible brain or mind to get the head around and Holosync does that far better than anything else, as far as I am personally aware.  

So when you realise the traps you’ve fallen into you can stop in one manner yet it will crop up somewhere else in you’re life  ie.  If you have the power to sack Dave and sack Dave, the issue for you will still be there and still reappear somewhere else in your life, until you get that flexible thinking understanding of what it is that you are up against, in most cases in most of us it is just shapes and forms of angers and misrepresentations blah blah.  Have a Nice Day 🙂

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