Dear Dave …

Dear Dave

You don’t really think we are going to fall for that old chestnut again do you, don’t be such a cock you knobhead.

Dear Knobhead

It doesn’t matter what I say or do or what you yourself says or does, some people simply spend there entire lives playing this game of black and white loop , known in the lower classes as Everyone is gay but me, I’ve shown all people how to break free from that paradigm and provided guidance on the tools for all to use-so we can all move on from that type of nonsense, however the pattern is still there because it can be one of those strongly inherent in society and one that spreads like a plague or virus.  So I’ve moved/shifted away from that paradigm as have many many others, yet there is always someone somewhere ready to fall into those type of baiting traps.

Dear Dave

I took up the Holosync as you recommended and have stuck to the guidance given, I haven’t experienced any big shifts and still really don’t know what you are talking about. Concerned.

Dear Concerned…

Well although many of us go through it quickly, there isn’t any reason to not take the slow train route and if you haven’t had any realizations or changes I’m pleased for you, unless your a greatly traumatized person or have had a generally good life then you may not notice any changes, it really is personal and unique to every individual, all I would say is keep going because I doubt anything negative will come from you following the instructions on the box.

Dear Dave

I have followed your blog these last couple of months and haven’t really found it to be useful to my mindset, couldn’t you spice it up a little or add some humour or other more interesting features. Blah

Dear Blah

I think for many people who use holosync I can never be sure who is reading, so yes I can do those things you suggest, but I am trying generally to not be too outrageous, differing people are at differing levels and as you go to higher levels you might see hidden humour thats so suttle that it has to this point passed over your head.  I enjoy seeing andhaving a good belly laugh asmuch as the next person, but the Holosync can knock the shit out of most people in the early levels and trying to appeal to a wide audience is never really going to be achieved.  I can be fun and humourous and have a laugh in person and do laugh at much of what I see on facebook and the greater World, unfortunately I have upset a lot of raging egotists in recent years in doing that, so found it better to keep myself to myself rather than wind up in other peoples delusion inspired conflicts.  Its my blog I can write what I like, but such a dark and misery inspiring picture has been drawn of myself in the company I often find myself that what I want to share with friends and whatI would share with family and or the greater World is always going to have checks and balances, I will challenge myself when appropriate.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading God Bless

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