Is Attitude A Double Bind?

One of the biggest or largest attacks on myself over the years could be said to be the targetting of my attitude or interpretation of my attitude, so to those that hide behind such facades and excuses I will say this -You are never upset for the reason you think!

I should of course say what a double bind is just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding.  The most commonly known double bind that many people in Society use and that I can think of is “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!”.  I would also like to mention that I wrote a very very powerful doublebind on facebook perhaps 3 or 4 years ago now, following an emotional plea that was made by someone on my newsfeed.  That particular doublebind effected far far more people who read it than was intended, though it was written in such a manner that there could be no complaints.  It was a very empowering doublebind. 

So fight/flight/freeze and attitudinal excuses.  It has been suggested that in my giving up applying for jobs that that was in itself a demonstration of a poor attitude and therefore the interviewers were right all along.  This is a huge huge phallacy trap that people on both sides of the coin fall into i.e. as a given example the interviewer and the interviewee.  Both sides see’s justification or projects justification for the decision made.  All I would personally say on the subject is that if you have studied and studied, done the necessary work over and over again and go in with the best will in the World, and that then is rejected, it says more about the attitude of the current system than it does about the candidate.  And yes there are always going to be better/worse candidates or strengths and weaknesses but remember most companies and management hide behind the word Objectivity.  This is a big LIE. IT IS A CLAIM THAT YOU HAVE TWO BRAINS.  There really is only one-brained subjectivity and subjectivity is always (however much we like to hide it) personal. I REPEAT


This of course takes us into the realm of discussing IQ and EQ, Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Intelligence, my own studies on these issues is that a great imbalance exists.  Emotional Intelligence is far more important to anyones success than Intelligence Quotient, yet society on the whole encourages and obsesses with Intelligence Quotent.

Can a balance be found, well you can be good at one or the other or both yet I will keep repeating YOU ARE NEVER UPSET FOR THE REASON YOU THINK.   Emotional Intelligence could also be called social intelligence, some might say that in my previously claiming to have identified 3 warring factions-example:- Racists, Heterophobes and Foreigners I was not being or demonstrating good Emotional Intelligence because I caused myself to be rejected by members of all three groups, SOCIAL SUICIDE.  I TOOK THE LONGER VIEW THAT TRUTH AND DEMONSTRATIONS OF THAT TRUTH WOULD BRING PEOPLE TO A GREATER AWARENESS AND THE VERACITY OF TRUTH.

I can now see that peoples from all three groups are operating from a higher more empowered perspective, are better choosing what is important and not important and so on.  People when presented with freedom of choice and guidance of technologies (who may or may not) have been as mentally fucked up as myself, were not able to resist the allure of truth.

The more you go through you’re own mental life threads and get greater self understandings in these search/veracity of truths, the more empowered you become and less interested in issues that others cling to.  As I have said it can be hard to laugh when you are feeling or suffering from Perkins’ Vibrational Melancholy but I am sure that the more you try the more you will see, better to cry with laughter than hurt.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Now The Riddle Of The Sphinx is actually a short story that is well worth looking up.  People who do not want to know the answer would best not continue reading as I will be mentioning the so-called approved correct answer.

The reason I mention this today was because of what I wrote yesterday and I suddenly found myself thinking of reinterpretations, this was of the bat and completely unplanned but again is an interesting exercise in mental flexibility and giving oneself a broader or alternative perspective.

So the solution of accepted wisdom to the Riddle Of The Sphinx is that the answer is man.  The question was something along the lines of ‘what has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening’.  you crawl on all fours then you walk on two feet and then you walk with a stick.

Bringing this post back to what I wrote yesterday relating to the FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE mechanism, you could actually say that those three words can also be related to human behaviour throughout ones lifetime.

You start out with nothing perhaps fighting for attention and have few worries or fears.  As you get older perhaps you may get married have children accumulate wealth and in order to maintain that you’re flight mechanism is likely to be used more, you then get older and can’t so much as run so you freeze.   

My poor English standard does not help but I hope people can see through this that it does not actually matter what age you are, you are likely at all ages of life to always be running through some combinations of fight flight freeze at possibly varying degrees, so with the aid of the recommended technologies you can see how you can change or control or better maintain your own equilibrium, and the more people that are doing this the less societal infections of fear can influence you and your usual environments, and of course it should be obvious to most people now that motives of people spreading fear are questionable actions.  

What are the rational or irrational behaviours that I am acting out? One of the biggest issues for myself in the workplace is one of inverse snobbery, what is that?  well although I have qualifications I always took the view of starting off at the bottom and working my way up.  The problem in some workplace environments is that people who have done that from a position without qualifications tend to have an unconscious inverse snobbery toward people who do.  

The you are not one of us you will never be one of us etc etc etc, so after so many interviews I simply stopped applying because the mechanisms by which many managers got there own jobs and positions are highly suspect and they do not want people around who trigger there own feelings of guilt anger unworthiness and so on, as long as there are humans there will be forms of corruption, people acting out of there own (often limited or highly biased) Worldview.  Is it wise for an international corporation to buy up broke companies and then keep the management in place who  run that company into the ground in the first place?  This actually happens in most countries and cities everywhere, and the reason is because they are thinking in the long run and if we as individuals thought in the long run you would realise that in the long run we will all be dead.

Thank you for reading I am on an Economics not Echo Knows Mics book at the moment, just reading and reading one of the most harmless of activity’s that  seems to scare some people.  Have a great Day 🙂

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

These questions as I am sure many of you will know are the common ingredients used in report writing, that is to say that regardless of the classroom you find yourself in or the industry or career path you have chosen, they will more than likely ask or seek to teach you the basics of report writing using this set of questions.

Are these questions important to you?

Well you could say they are another means of self exploration, you could use them to write you’re own brief history of time if you like, I have in this header simply used them in one word format so as to simplify or allow people to use them in they’re own style and mental fashion.  

The way questions are asked of course also can have many delivery styles and in terms of what scientific exploration has been done there has been a great deal.  Now I said previously I was reading up on questioning techniques and I found it to be a very worthwhile.  The information and increasing clarity that comes with understanding these things is well worth having a look at.

It would not be prudent for me to try to impart my renewed learnings from a 300+ page book into a brief blog so perhaps the best thing I can do is list some of the questioning styles and methods used by people in everyday life, without ever having the awareness that there might be a better style that can be used or is more appropriate to a given situation or scenario.

Direct Questions, Indirect Questions, Comparison Questions, Leading Questions, Sacrifice Questions, Relevant Questions, Irrelevant Questions and on and on.

As I have said much study has gone into questioning and interviewing and interrogating techniques and each and every technique can be applied in the appropriate combinations to elicit better responses from subjects (the interviewees or interrogatees or candidates). 

The science is described as being of importance in “the search for truth” or “the veracity of truth” and has been applied again and again successfully around the World by many differing agencies dealing with adults and children alike.  

My own interest stems from the most basic of existence conumdrums-How did I come to the in the position of where my own individual life is at now?

Some answers I have found and can share because they are quite simple:-  Bodily Trauma (broken bones et al) at a young age, increased my fight/flight/freeze  response mechanism.  That basically means that after multiple bodily injury incidents and accidents I had an unconscious psychologically increased fear response mechanism, you could say that that happens to many many people (it does-it is a simple plain fact).  Now on top of that if you are someone who suffers from such a condition you can also TRIGGER the condition in other people who have that heightened fear response mechanism, (it has been demonstrated to be an unconscious human mechanism).  So when you have large numbers of people in confined spaces or environments all going about there lives with these heightened fear response mechanisms you can basically find yourself in a sitting timebomb scenerio.

It does not matter that everyone has this heightened unconscious fear response mechanism for differing reasons (suchas my psychologically trapped broken bones trauma), because most people try to guess what is causing behaviours in others often revealing worst fears about themselves-which again are often common denominators in given populations. 

So you could have a dozen cancer sufferers, a dozen broken bones sufferers, a dozen whatever the trauma’s.  These combinations are going to possibly lead into bad or good spirals dependant on you’re own awareness and how you conduct yourself.  I.E.  I know my own issues so other people projecting there own irrationality(or fear)  will unlikely work on me.

I hope that gives some basic guidance on questioning and how you can seek to resolve to bring down the temperature in your own World.  

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

More On The The Symbol Is Not The Sound

Okay now as I may or may not have said previously I had some heavy duty religious indoctrination during my teen years and one of the areas that many modern evangelical type church’s like is this idea of what is known as speaking in tongues.

First of course I will give a brief religious History lesson, experts will be annoyed but I am doing my best to demonstrate the simplicity of misrepresentation or misunderstanding so:-

The idea theologically presented by scholars is that there is one all-encompassing language known or communicated by or through God and the Angels and his (for lack of a better terminology ) human agencies.  Once upon a time the human race also shared this language and through there past sins at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel-the Human race’s were confounded (confused).  I.E.  They could no longer understand one another, and the so-called 12 Tribes of Israel all went there separate ways to the four corners of the World.

Now my witnessing of people doing this (speaking in tongues) was very often that some individuals would get very excited or enthused and start a kind of rapid talking in gobbledegook, you could say almost like a babies incomprehensible chatter.  Is there value in this chatter-well these individuals may well have been psychologically tripped into releasing there own inner child or baby-so they could in fact be genuine, but I never personally got that experience so felt perhaps feelings of resentment or jealousy or anger or OMG what on Earth is so-and-so doing/saying.

Now coming back to the present time-my own simplified idea of the speaking in tongues and being this experience of Biblical confounded is caused by the misrepresentative symbologies we use.  Quite simply we can use many symbol languages from around the World to say exactly the same set of sounds, (and yes languages used for sounds often also have differing meanings but that is unimportant in the all-encompassing unconfounded mindset).

So an unconfounded person my take a sound example and break it down into sound pronounciations much like language learning, the speed and inflection and key that the word or words are spoken can give a multitude of truer realities.  

So for instance you might read the word suicide, if you play around with how you say this word you may come up with alternate symbols swiss side, and if you are a football fan you might convince yourself that the swiss side playing later are going to win.  

Is there a need to learn languages?, well it definitely can help as I am sure some of my international followers will be grinning, but the sound and application of sound can always be started from the root of you’re own language and confoundation (if you like) be undone by you yourself.  Remember all this can be done by anyone regardless of Holosync usage, Holosync makes it easier (In my opinion), but then choice of technologies is choice, Hypnosis and NLP stuff is used by many people successfully going about live etc etc, 

The real problem comes when you are heavily locked into a symbol-sound relationship and believe your own bullshit, as many people (including myself in the past) do.  

You could say we are widening scope and breadth and width of our teachings and learning, I can write really offensive material and someone experiencing or existing in a mentally locked-in symbol sound would of course likely experience pain, possibly both mental and indeed physical. The more you can free yourself from the lock-ins the better your overall life experience will be.  As I have said many times you can go as quick or as slow as you like, you can choose to live a life of trading insults etc etc, but that isn’t very empowering, and I am encouraging people to move toward the more empowering actions and interpretations and so on.

So take a word any word and play with it, take a sentence any sentence and play with it, close your eyes and imagine restructuring or reformulating the word or sentence, what might be an alternate set of words if you speed this bit up or slow that bit down and or change the key or chord or resonance and have some realisations.

Thank you for reading, I am enjoying my book at the moment, so much that I hadn’t thought to write a blog piece, I hope this gives a little insight into the phallacies and traps that all of us fall into when we are young and how practice can change the picture and tuning of your own mental World.  God Bless  🙂

What Have You Not Been Exposed Too

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues for many people wanting to change there lives but not knowing where to start.  From very young ages we are exposed to dramas of every description plus of course what may or may not have been inherited in the womb.   You could say that every thought and action is questionable and making the necessary transitions can involve some discomfort.  Many subjects that we have in our brain we like to think will not effect us or allow ourselves to be influenced by, I would hope anyone using Holosync these last couple of years will be seeing that that thought does not necessarily hold true when confronted with alternative perceptions.

So yesterday I spoke about questions and how I would be researching that kind of material, Amazon does have a selection of books that people can look up for themselves and I was quite shocked that the book I ordered arrived today (yes I have kindle type immediate apps but still like a book in my hand).  So I will be reading up on questioning like material.  You simply have to decide on the keywords you are going to search for and be interested in, so you are possibly looking for books on interrogation or journalism or legal, there are actually dedicated books for most professions from care work to just about anything you can imagine.  I chose one that I felt suited my own tastes and hopefully will lead to better mental decision making and questioning processes.  

I am of the belief that no areas are of limits if you really want to get the best results, that is why some might think I am a madman, at the end of the day having the awareness and opportunity gives me the focus.  Many people are perfectly happy with the lives they have and that is fair enough, but if like myself you have been bashed and battered from all sides or you have entered a work environment that contains seriously flawed people, then you too would likely want or need improvements to go beyond the humdrum that many of us seemingly allow ourselves to fall into.

Some might argue it is simply the battle between the sexes, but again that is just one area of focus and lets be honest how many couples live pretty separate lives anyway.  Some rush to be in couples and then improve life together, others hang-back and sort there own lives out first before later hooking up with someone of a similar nature.  The pressure that some people in society seek to exert is bullshit.  If you cannot be happy alone then how do you expect to be happy in the constant company of someone else?  Yes I will be giving myself a thorough mental drilling (or at least that is my intention, who knows what the quality of the material I’ll be reading is going to be).

Bye bye for now 🙂

So What Happened There Then?

It has been a few days since my last post and the reason for this is somewhat mysterious and bemusing, I am somewhat unsure as to what reaction I myself should present!  Basically I have written a whole group of post’s during that time period yet was not able to publish any of them.  Magical thinkers might think or say that the inability to post those post’s was shapes and forms of resistence that I simply had to work through. 

After having gone back over the posts I actually decided that having being unable to post them, I should simply not attempt to.  So I have deleted them.  The Universe and I know what was said and I am sure that anyone requiring or wanting the information there-in contained would themselves have been informed in some alternate manner.

So what next-well obviously I have to have a more positive or more greater embracing of the adapt and overcome ideology.   Where once I may have junked the blog after those types of events, I simply proceed when and where I can.

Transformation from a mishmashed ego-centric World View to a Holistic All Embracing World View was always going to take time and repetition of techniques.  The more empty my Ego-Cup has become the more fuller my Holistic-Cup has become.  

Is it that big a deal?   this question really can only be asked and responded to by people who in there own various ways have chosen to follow similar paths.  I am sure the Holistic World view is one that is more empowering, regardless of how you see yourself in the present you are likely to already be aware that there is more to you than meets the eye.  It really is that difference between living in you’re own authenticity and living in an Ego-Centric Authenticity often contaminated heavily with fears shames guilts anguish etc etc etc.   

We all of us in our lives at times find ourselves in the position of playing Devil’s Advocate yet the self harms this can cause us physically and mentally are often huge (from the Ego-Centric Paradigm).  The shift or Transformation to a Holistic Paradigm is one where the Devil’s Advocate ‘IDEA’ is no longer relevant.  If we were playing the game of black and white you could say that actually you were being God’s advocate all along.  If you swear a lot and live by the comedy ‘Fucking Hell (I hope so cos I aint going to Heaven)’ you might want to start changing you’re tune to ‘Fucking Heaven (I hope so cos I aint going to Hell)’.

Yes as I have repeatedly suggested repetition of what you want to be saying and doing and thinking is beneficial but requires practice.

People who are not used to asking or speaking to themselves in appropriate questioning styles might want to locate or identify books that have these types of life affirmation questions.  I may well look for some myself whilst working through the continuing resistances.  

It is always looking for or seeking to take positive knowledge out of any given scenario however black or dark or depressing things may seem on the surface.  You could say that Transformational work to the Holistic World View is one of going into your own mental shadows and darknesses and re-evaluating and taking out or integrating the light that you find in the darkness.

Thank you for you’re patience and hopefully a more regular post will be available for folks to peruse in future, and if you do know of any books that list these types of questioning techniques, please post on facebook or inbox me and let me know.  🙂

I Have The Dreaded Block Again

Writers block of course isn’t all that different from other kinds of mental blocks that people suffer at one or other times in there lives-those moments where we find ourseves stunned into silence.

You could say of course that my block is simply not finding a subject matter to write about or a theme to relate back to-that is-however hard I try I simply find myself unable to develop a core momentum that I can build upon and write about.

I stutter through the mental dregs in need of a focus and the harder I try to give appropriate attention and focus the more distracted and/or desperate I become to move from the fleeting idea that briefly whizzed across my cerebrum.

I know I’ll write about tongue-twisters,nope, I’ll write about the Little Miss and Mr Men books and the characters we all know and love who did not make the publicised collection- Little Miss Demeanor and Mr Company, nope, I’ll write about my knowledge of music and scales and speeds and tempo, nope… and so on and so forth.  Of course the best option with a blog or any kind of journal can often be to just keep making notes, regardless of not finding any one given tune.

Eventually you will have written so many notes on so many topics that a collage or bigger jigsaw starts bringing itself together, one that can only be seen when you have done the work for yourself.  You could say that this blog is itself a distraction to people who should be writing there own blogs.  The choice to rely on others or put your own focus and effort into you is again choice, and one that is not going to reap benefits in the longer term.  At some point I wil have to look at the cost of living and decide how I am going to improve my financial status and the liklihood is that I will start writing material that other people will be happy to pay for.  Of course that is not my immediate goal because I have other life priorities yet those priorities are weakening there grip and what matters to me and what others claim should matter to me are miles apart.

Strange but true, so no lessons from you, only a response to fact, thank you for reading the gospel of Dave, do not be the one that he saves,have a nice day 🙂

The Soul Whisperers Melancholy

Of course in speaking of Melancholy I would best be advised to not confuse Vibrational Melancholy with The Soul Whisperers Melancholy a completely differing set of mental viaduct’s.

The Soul Whisperers Melancholy originates in the “Hey Psssst, do you want to know what I heard?”

Of course there is nothing like a whisper in spreading news or gossip or interesting articles of information-yet The Soul Whisperers Melancholy Originates in these types of drama, why do we as a species give so much more belief in information that is whispered to us than is simply stated in a matter of fact way?

I like to think it goes back to being shushed by the resident adults in our lives, whether they were teachers or parents or whoever you can identify as having some sort of automatic shushing action when we were little.  These sushing actions of course can make us feel good bad or indifferent dependent on the environment or the people carrying them out-yet a comradeship can very often be formed (for better or worse) in these whispering circles.  So The Soul Whisperers Melancholy is an outgrowth product of these non-essential childhood dramas and giggles and rebellion for lack of a better terminology springing to mind.

I generally think (Dangerous I know) that I was brought up in a non-family family environment where I was disregarded and shushed a great deal of the time and one of the things I found myself replaying out when I was older was some of these same patterns (too my own regret)i.e. Although I always intended to be more family oriented than I myself had as a youngster I could often only act out what I myself had as deeply buried patterns.  Of course when I became a single part-time parent I actually went to great effort to be more family-centric oriented and not be like that, more time and energy and relating with my daughter happened than previously was possible because I was no longer in the seemingly constant pressure cooker mode of having too many chiefs to have to keep happy.

So The Soul Whisperers Melancholy is the adoption or playing out of behaviours that no longer serve us as adults very much yet we still have not taken the time to explore these nonsenses and question the validity of information that we are receiving in a whisper.

And yes this behaviour is often carried out by pretty much everyone in one shape or form, whether It’s the quiet word or even in supposedly professional capacities.  Many supposed professionals carry out this type of behaviour because society often regards them as having carte-blanche to do so.  The second hand whisper or the first hand spoken truth, well either way there is never any harm in questioning the truthfulness of any behaviour-remember I am as questionable as everyone else, yet I do encourage the removing or moving away from the influences and actions that are going to drag us back into harmful behaviours.

Thank you for your own sharing and also for reading.  🙂

Why I Have No R E S P E C T For Twin Flame Culturalists

Now as someone who scans his facebook newsfeed, I recently noticed that one of my former regular contacts the ever industrious Erika has this week been posting posts continuously mentioning Twin Flames, and the song Respect.  Nothing wrong with that per se, you might say, yet Erika also continuously spouts on about monogamy versus polygamy, and the problems with the monogamous relationship and mindset.  

Surely it falls to me to point out that the Twin Flame concept is of a monogamous nature and therefore runs against her own teachings of the polygamous mindset.

Of course in reality we all need to be thinking more in terms of the polygamous mindset even if we regard ourselves (as most of us do) as only having one primary partner or spouse.  You could say it is the lock-in into the primary partner or spouse mindset that causes most people the most conflict and problems.

You could say that the Vibrational Melancholy I spoke of yesterday is in part caused by Energy Vampirism much of which is caused by the confusions caused by the monogamous mindset teachings that underpin most of Western society and indeed most Religions around the Globe.

Do I have a take on all this stuff?

Well you have perhaps previously already read much of it in the sense that we spend much of our lives continuously trying to pigeon hole or partition all the separate little relationships that we have and hold in our noggins.  Clearing out all these boundaries and pigeon holes and partitions is how we get to the ‘Spiritual Polygamy Mindset’ and these so-called realms of Twin-Flames.

Those who have followed this blog regular might say I am being pedantic-yet the point I am making is that you may as well have Quantum Expedential Flames rather than some simple Luke and Leia Star Wars Twins nonsense (Star Wars by the way is probably one of the greatest uses and best understandings of these types of technologies ever written).

So Twin Flames like the Twin Towers is of a limiting belief unless you are just saying you’re own legs are the Twin Towers, (makes sense to some and not to others).

Now going back a little while I explained or gave designation to ‘Woo Woo Woo Woo’ and of course we see that that gives us four Woo’s and Four Woo’s would surely be of a Quad-Flame Nature.  And when we do the fractal within begin fractal within squared or cubation we would have 4×4=16 Woos or 4x4x4=64 Woos, and the same concept can be applied again and again.  So no matter how high or low you think you are, the reality like I previously said is clear out the junk and feelings of being surrounded by Energy Vampires, and simply go for a being EQUAL to all that is or all that was or all that is going to be.  The World in you’re own head can be entrained for better things when you yourself set out with a passion or on a mission and getter a better understanding that oneness doesn’t mean being preyed upon by people wanting you to feel bad and sucking your energies, surely better to walk away from them .singing R E S P E C T you know what it means to me etc.

The mission can simply be a better life for you and your immediate family, or attempting to have a greater involvement in the local community.  Big or small I recommended these products because one I needed them myself and two I wanted other people to have the same opportunities and benefits I was seeking for myself.

So Twin-Flame it if you want, but I personally prefer the Spiritual Polygamourus Oneness and the freedom of choice to choose.

Thank you for reading and remember my explorations are often your explorations so there is no such thing as a bad quote only feedback and how we ourselves interprete the feedback within our own mental Worlds. God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Vibrational Melancholy

Does listening to songs such as the Beach Boys Good Vibrations give you Vibrational Melancholy? or perhaps you have been researching the many meditational hints tips and teachings that are available and you constantly find yourself reading about Higher Vibrations and deeper order of meanings that you would grasp if only when you have achieved those Special Vibrational Heights?

Of course I personally have to admit that in reading about these things I do wonder if I am suffering from vibrational melancholy which then of course leads to my visit to the Doctor.  Doctor? what have you got for vibrational melancholy-I studied and studied and studied in search of Higher Vibrations and all I got was this deep inner feeling of an awareness of my own melancholy.

The Doctor is interested in the term Vibrational Melancholy and looks it up on his Drugs Company sponsored PC diagnostic tools, hmmmn we have not had that one before, might I suggest you keep it to yourself whilst I arrange for some heavy duty kickbacks for myself from the drugs company.  These conditions can all of course be treated with the appropriate combinational drugs which the Company will now be working on thanks to you and you’re very own special condition, in the mean time I’d like you to visit this psychological specialist for further studies lest we have missed something in the short time available to us.

Wow special condition thanks Doc.  Perkins Vibrational Melancholy I can see it now, the medical textbooks will be awash with Diagnosis of the special condition Perkins Vibrational Melancholy only suffered by 1 in 54,000 of the population.  They’ll have a great time with that one.

Of course in reality melancholy is not a condition that I would recommend to anyone, and one of the benefits of the Holosync and the tapping techniques I recommend is that the melancholy can overtime be lifted, I have no idea how much of the mental flotsam and jetsam that many of us carry is melancholy, but my instinct suggests that it is likely to be a large amount.

Perhaps it is one for the tapping and holosyncing with the appropriate questions, (For Tappers) Even though I have these thoughts feelings and emotional baggage know within the catch-all of Vibrational Melancholy, I love and accept myself anyway, and ask the subconscious part of my mind to take up the question-How can I turn these thoughts feelings emotions of melancholy into the seed of a greater or equivalent benefit. and so on and so on.  I am not an expert on tapping, but have looked at it enough to know that running through the basics on any series of questions can be of benefit if you just keep going and going with it and following you’re own intuition, you can always make notes on subjects that pop up into your consciousness whilst tapping.

So Vibrational Melancholy as you can gather is another invented phrase I have coined though it may well exist for many people.  One thing I have noticed in my studies is a lack of talk on the Various Vibrations. I know that holosync synchronises ones bodily vibrations in orders of frequency and amplitudes, so where once we were mental mixed bags of confusion, Holosync retrains the brain to be consistant in these vibratations and it is this consistency that gives us the deeper vibrational levels of inner peace and so on.  

Obvisously many teacher of Higher Vibrational Consciousness have not used Holosync and are merely passing down the learnings and teachings that have been handed down through the centuries.  So exploration of these teachings is well worth exploring lest we find we have missed or glossed over some of the essentials in our individual journey’s.

I should of course also point out that there are no instant fixes, I have been doing the Holosync almost daily for several years, and as well as the synchronizing of the subconscious unconscious vibrational waves we are also having our entire bodily being from our nervous system upwards retuned too, so this is an area of effect that happens more gradually and is unique to everyone in the sense that some may have already working well nervous systems, whilst others through bodily (as well as mental traumas) can take a while longer, I am of the belief that I have had both bodily and mental traumas so am likely a genuine sufferer of Perkins Vibrational Melancholy.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.  🙂