This Twisted Knee

Yep everyone else has a twisted sister and me I get a twisted knee, I have this one recurring injury problem year in and year out and have done for many years, so many years in fact that I can’t even remember when it first occurred.

Yes I did play sports when I was younger and had the same type of ailments that healed quickly, these days it often seems that it takes very little for one or other of my war wounds or battle scars to flare up.  I was informed recently that I had outstanding Holiday’s that needed my booking off.  So after looking at the rota and speaking with managers they kindly allowed me a couple of days of this week at short notice (Okay when we have cover).  What happens on my last night of work-yep you guessed it, I twist my knee, no it wasn’t work related, I was simply turning around whilst walking along and ahhhh-here we go again.

Of course I learnt long ago to not make it any worse by trying to run it off and so on, yet here I am anyway with a twisted knee that has since flared up, effectively laying me up instead of my being able to be out and about enjoying my mini-break.

This information is of course off absolutely no use to anyone else at all I was thinking.  Then it occurred to me-well actually Dave there might be younger people who want to know about recurring old wounds and scars and the like lest they get them themselves later in life.  Its generally regarded that once you injure any part of your body it becomes easier and easier for recurrence of the same condition.  I know quite a lot about the human body and studies and expert opinion and so on.

So Since this is after all another belief system of sorts in theory and with my study of the various Cosmic healing professions I should be able to question myself on why I keep getting these recurrences, and why they seemingly happen at the most inopportune times and see if I can do something to break or alter these unconscious or subconscious patterns.  Most people understand the concept of muscle memory and so on, IE. That physical patterns and directions and movements are learnt and when sudden change happens you can often incur injury.  It would be like someone moving from an exercise bike to a running treadmill, you are actually exercising different muscle groups and if you’re unused to that change you can pull muscles and so on, that’s why it can often be better to not overdo it at the gym when you first return, better to let your body find it’s own comfort zone and go more gradual (even the most gradual of exercise routines can often have quite a steep curve in how quickly you extend it to longer or faster or heavier for whatever the activity it).

Anyway what I will probably do as it is still somewhat keeping me in discomfort is go through some exploratory tapping and massage and lah-di-da stuff and see if I can change the way I feel about it and uproot the underlying pattern that I must be following that causes these recurrences.  Will I write about it, probably not but if I am surprised by some amazing miracle results that I’ve not experienced before then you might find it here.  As I have said repeatedly my overall health has improved over the last couple of years, and from what I have read from others  I have no reason to believe that I cannot apply the same principles to all my belief system and muscle memory and so on, if I don’t try then I won’t get results, if I try then I might find the correct  methodology on the 1000 attempt much like Mr Thomas Edison with the Lightbulb.

Thank you for reading and be well for me please  🙂

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