Vibrational Melancholy

Does listening to songs such as the Beach Boys Good Vibrations give you Vibrational Melancholy? or perhaps you have been researching the many meditational hints tips and teachings that are available and you constantly find yourself reading about Higher Vibrations and deeper order of meanings that you would grasp if only when you have achieved those Special Vibrational Heights?

Of course I personally have to admit that in reading about these things I do wonder if I am suffering from vibrational melancholy which then of course leads to my visit to the Doctor.  Doctor? what have you got for vibrational melancholy-I studied and studied and studied in search of Higher Vibrations and all I got was this deep inner feeling of an awareness of my own melancholy.

The Doctor is interested in the term Vibrational Melancholy and looks it up on his Drugs Company sponsored PC diagnostic tools, hmmmn we have not had that one before, might I suggest you keep it to yourself whilst I arrange for some heavy duty kickbacks for myself from the drugs company.  These conditions can all of course be treated with the appropriate combinational drugs which the Company will now be working on thanks to you and you’re very own special condition, in the mean time I’d like you to visit this psychological specialist for further studies lest we have missed something in the short time available to us.

Wow special condition thanks Doc.  Perkins Vibrational Melancholy I can see it now, the medical textbooks will be awash with Diagnosis of the special condition Perkins Vibrational Melancholy only suffered by 1 in 54,000 of the population.  They’ll have a great time with that one.

Of course in reality melancholy is not a condition that I would recommend to anyone, and one of the benefits of the Holosync and the tapping techniques I recommend is that the melancholy can overtime be lifted, I have no idea how much of the mental flotsam and jetsam that many of us carry is melancholy, but my instinct suggests that it is likely to be a large amount.

Perhaps it is one for the tapping and holosyncing with the appropriate questions, (For Tappers) Even though I have these thoughts feelings and emotional baggage know within the catch-all of Vibrational Melancholy, I love and accept myself anyway, and ask the subconscious part of my mind to take up the question-How can I turn these thoughts feelings emotions of melancholy into the seed of a greater or equivalent benefit. and so on and so on.  I am not an expert on tapping, but have looked at it enough to know that running through the basics on any series of questions can be of benefit if you just keep going and going with it and following you’re own intuition, you can always make notes on subjects that pop up into your consciousness whilst tapping.

So Vibrational Melancholy as you can gather is another invented phrase I have coined though it may well exist for many people.  One thing I have noticed in my studies is a lack of talk on the Various Vibrations. I know that holosync synchronises ones bodily vibrations in orders of frequency and amplitudes, so where once we were mental mixed bags of confusion, Holosync retrains the brain to be consistant in these vibratations and it is this consistency that gives us the deeper vibrational levels of inner peace and so on.  

Obvisously many teacher of Higher Vibrational Consciousness have not used Holosync and are merely passing down the learnings and teachings that have been handed down through the centuries.  So exploration of these teachings is well worth exploring lest we find we have missed or glossed over some of the essentials in our individual journey’s.

I should of course also point out that there are no instant fixes, I have been doing the Holosync almost daily for several years, and as well as the synchronizing of the subconscious unconscious vibrational waves we are also having our entire bodily being from our nervous system upwards retuned too, so this is an area of effect that happens more gradually and is unique to everyone in the sense that some may have already working well nervous systems, whilst others through bodily (as well as mental traumas) can take a while longer, I am of the belief that I have had both bodily and mental traumas so am likely a genuine sufferer of Perkins Vibrational Melancholy.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.  🙂

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