The Soul Whisperers Melancholy

Of course in speaking of Melancholy I would best be advised to not confuse Vibrational Melancholy with The Soul Whisperers Melancholy a completely differing set of mental viaduct’s.

The Soul Whisperers Melancholy originates in the “Hey Psssst, do you want to know what I heard?”

Of course there is nothing like a whisper in spreading news or gossip or interesting articles of information-yet The Soul Whisperers Melancholy Originates in these types of drama, why do we as a species give so much more belief in information that is whispered to us than is simply stated in a matter of fact way?

I like to think it goes back to being shushed by the resident adults in our lives, whether they were teachers or parents or whoever you can identify as having some sort of automatic shushing action when we were little.  These sushing actions of course can make us feel good bad or indifferent dependent on the environment or the people carrying them out-yet a comradeship can very often be formed (for better or worse) in these whispering circles.  So The Soul Whisperers Melancholy is an outgrowth product of these non-essential childhood dramas and giggles and rebellion for lack of a better terminology springing to mind.

I generally think (Dangerous I know) that I was brought up in a non-family family environment where I was disregarded and shushed a great deal of the time and one of the things I found myself replaying out when I was older was some of these same patterns (too my own regret)i.e. Although I always intended to be more family oriented than I myself had as a youngster I could often only act out what I myself had as deeply buried patterns.  Of course when I became a single part-time parent I actually went to great effort to be more family-centric oriented and not be like that, more time and energy and relating with my daughter happened than previously was possible because I was no longer in the seemingly constant pressure cooker mode of having too many chiefs to have to keep happy.

So The Soul Whisperers Melancholy is the adoption or playing out of behaviours that no longer serve us as adults very much yet we still have not taken the time to explore these nonsenses and question the validity of information that we are receiving in a whisper.

And yes this behaviour is often carried out by pretty much everyone in one shape or form, whether It’s the quiet word or even in supposedly professional capacities.  Many supposed professionals carry out this type of behaviour because society often regards them as having carte-blanche to do so.  The second hand whisper or the first hand spoken truth, well either way there is never any harm in questioning the truthfulness of any behaviour-remember I am as questionable as everyone else, yet I do encourage the removing or moving away from the influences and actions that are going to drag us back into harmful behaviours.

Thank you for your own sharing and also for reading.  🙂

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