Why I Have No R E S P E C T For Twin Flame Culturalists

Now as someone who scans his facebook newsfeed, I recently noticed that one of my former regular contacts the ever industrious Erika has this week been posting posts continuously mentioning Twin Flames, and the song Respect.  Nothing wrong with that per se, you might say, yet Erika also continuously spouts on about monogamy versus polygamy, and the problems with the monogamous relationship and mindset.  

Surely it falls to me to point out that the Twin Flame concept is of a monogamous nature and therefore runs against her own teachings of the polygamous mindset.

Of course in reality we all need to be thinking more in terms of the polygamous mindset even if we regard ourselves (as most of us do) as only having one primary partner or spouse.  You could say it is the lock-in into the primary partner or spouse mindset that causes most people the most conflict and problems.

You could say that the Vibrational Melancholy I spoke of yesterday is in part caused by Energy Vampirism much of which is caused by the confusions caused by the monogamous mindset teachings that underpin most of Western society and indeed most Religions around the Globe.

Do I have a take on all this stuff?

Well you have perhaps previously already read much of it in the sense that we spend much of our lives continuously trying to pigeon hole or partition all the separate little relationships that we have and hold in our noggins.  Clearing out all these boundaries and pigeon holes and partitions is how we get to the ‘Spiritual Polygamy Mindset’ and these so-called realms of Twin-Flames.

Those who have followed this blog regular might say I am being pedantic-yet the point I am making is that you may as well have Quantum Expedential Flames rather than some simple Luke and Leia Star Wars Twins nonsense (Star Wars by the way is probably one of the greatest uses and best understandings of these types of technologies ever written).

So Twin Flames like the Twin Towers is of a limiting belief unless you are just saying you’re own legs are the Twin Towers, (makes sense to some and not to others).

Now going back a little while I explained or gave designation to ‘Woo Woo Woo Woo’ and of course we see that that gives us four Woo’s and Four Woo’s would surely be of a Quad-Flame Nature.  And when we do the fractal within begin fractal within squared or cubation we would have 4×4=16 Woos or 4x4x4=64 Woos, and the same concept can be applied again and again.  So no matter how high or low you think you are, the reality like I previously said is clear out the junk and feelings of being surrounded by Energy Vampires, and simply go for a being EQUAL to all that is or all that was or all that is going to be.  The World in you’re own head can be entrained for better things when you yourself set out with a passion or on a mission and getter a better understanding that oneness doesn’t mean being preyed upon by people wanting you to feel bad and sucking your energies, surely better to walk away from them .singing R E S P E C T you know what it means to me etc.

The mission can simply be a better life for you and your immediate family, or attempting to have a greater involvement in the local community.  Big or small I recommended these products because one I needed them myself and two I wanted other people to have the same opportunities and benefits I was seeking for myself.

So Twin-Flame it if you want, but I personally prefer the Spiritual Polygamourus Oneness and the freedom of choice to choose.

Thank you for reading and remember my explorations are often your explorations so there is no such thing as a bad quote only feedback and how we ourselves interprete the feedback within our own mental Worlds. God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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