I Have The Dreaded Block Again

Writers block of course isn’t all that different from other kinds of mental blocks that people suffer at one or other times in there lives-those moments where we find ourseves stunned into silence.

You could say of course that my block is simply not finding a subject matter to write about or a theme to relate back to-that is-however hard I try I simply find myself unable to develop a core momentum that I can build upon and write about.

I stutter through the mental dregs in need of a focus and the harder I try to give appropriate attention and focus the more distracted and/or desperate I become to move from the fleeting idea that briefly whizzed across my cerebrum.

I know I’ll write about tongue-twisters,nope, I’ll write about the Little Miss and Mr Men books and the characters we all know and love who did not make the publicised collection- Little Miss Demeanor and Mr Company, nope, I’ll write about my knowledge of music and scales and speeds and tempo, nope… and so on and so forth.  Of course the best option with a blog or any kind of journal can often be to just keep making notes, regardless of not finding any one given tune.

Eventually you will have written so many notes on so many topics that a collage or bigger jigsaw starts bringing itself together, one that can only be seen when you have done the work for yourself.  You could say that this blog is itself a distraction to people who should be writing there own blogs.  The choice to rely on others or put your own focus and effort into you is again choice, and one that is not going to reap benefits in the longer term.  At some point I wil have to look at the cost of living and decide how I am going to improve my financial status and the liklihood is that I will start writing material that other people will be happy to pay for.  Of course that is not my immediate goal because I have other life priorities yet those priorities are weakening there grip and what matters to me and what others claim should matter to me are miles apart.

Strange but true, so no lessons from you, only a response to fact, thank you for reading the gospel of Dave, do not be the one that he saves,have a nice day 🙂

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