What Have You Not Been Exposed Too

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues for many people wanting to change there lives but not knowing where to start.  From very young ages we are exposed to dramas of every description plus of course what may or may not have been inherited in the womb.   You could say that every thought and action is questionable and making the necessary transitions can involve some discomfort.  Many subjects that we have in our brain we like to think will not effect us or allow ourselves to be influenced by, I would hope anyone using Holosync these last couple of years will be seeing that that thought does not necessarily hold true when confronted with alternative perceptions.

So yesterday I spoke about questions and how I would be researching that kind of material, Amazon does have a selection of books that people can look up for themselves and I was quite shocked that the book I ordered arrived today (yes I have kindle type immediate apps but still like a book in my hand).  So I will be reading up on questioning like material.  You simply have to decide on the keywords you are going to search for and be interested in, so you are possibly looking for books on interrogation or journalism or legal, there are actually dedicated books for most professions from care work to just about anything you can imagine.  I chose one that I felt suited my own tastes and hopefully will lead to better mental decision making and questioning processes.  

I am of the belief that no areas are of limits if you really want to get the best results, that is why some might think I am a madman, at the end of the day having the awareness and opportunity gives me the focus.  Many people are perfectly happy with the lives they have and that is fair enough, but if like myself you have been bashed and battered from all sides or you have entered a work environment that contains seriously flawed people, then you too would likely want or need improvements to go beyond the humdrum that many of us seemingly allow ourselves to fall into.

Some might argue it is simply the battle between the sexes, but again that is just one area of focus and lets be honest how many couples live pretty separate lives anyway.  Some rush to be in couples and then improve life together, others hang-back and sort there own lives out first before later hooking up with someone of a similar nature.  The pressure that some people in society seek to exert is bullshit.  If you cannot be happy alone then how do you expect to be happy in the constant company of someone else?  Yes I will be giving myself a thorough mental drilling (or at least that is my intention, who knows what the quality of the material I’ll be reading is going to be).

Bye bye for now 🙂

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