More On The The Symbol Is Not The Sound

Okay now as I may or may not have said previously I had some heavy duty religious indoctrination during my teen years and one of the areas that many modern evangelical type church’s like is this idea of what is known as speaking in tongues.

First of course I will give a brief religious History lesson, experts will be annoyed but I am doing my best to demonstrate the simplicity of misrepresentation or misunderstanding so:-

The idea theologically presented by scholars is that there is one all-encompassing language known or communicated by or through God and the Angels and his (for lack of a better terminology ) human agencies.  Once upon a time the human race also shared this language and through there past sins at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel-the Human race’s were confounded (confused).  I.E.  They could no longer understand one another, and the so-called 12 Tribes of Israel all went there separate ways to the four corners of the World.

Now my witnessing of people doing this (speaking in tongues) was very often that some individuals would get very excited or enthused and start a kind of rapid talking in gobbledegook, you could say almost like a babies incomprehensible chatter.  Is there value in this chatter-well these individuals may well have been psychologically tripped into releasing there own inner child or baby-so they could in fact be genuine, but I never personally got that experience so felt perhaps feelings of resentment or jealousy or anger or OMG what on Earth is so-and-so doing/saying.

Now coming back to the present time-my own simplified idea of the speaking in tongues and being this experience of Biblical confounded is caused by the misrepresentative symbologies we use.  Quite simply we can use many symbol languages from around the World to say exactly the same set of sounds, (and yes languages used for sounds often also have differing meanings but that is unimportant in the all-encompassing unconfounded mindset).

So an unconfounded person my take a sound example and break it down into sound pronounciations much like language learning, the speed and inflection and key that the word or words are spoken can give a multitude of truer realities.  

So for instance you might read the word suicide, if you play around with how you say this word you may come up with alternate symbols swiss side, and if you are a football fan you might convince yourself that the swiss side playing later are going to win.  

Is there a need to learn languages?, well it definitely can help as I am sure some of my international followers will be grinning, but the sound and application of sound can always be started from the root of you’re own language and confoundation (if you like) be undone by you yourself.  Remember all this can be done by anyone regardless of Holosync usage, Holosync makes it easier (In my opinion), but then choice of technologies is choice, Hypnosis and NLP stuff is used by many people successfully going about live etc etc, 

The real problem comes when you are heavily locked into a symbol-sound relationship and believe your own bullshit, as many people (including myself in the past) do.  

You could say we are widening scope and breadth and width of our teachings and learning, I can write really offensive material and someone experiencing or existing in a mentally locked-in symbol sound would of course likely experience pain, possibly both mental and indeed physical. The more you can free yourself from the lock-ins the better your overall life experience will be.  As I have said many times you can go as quick or as slow as you like, you can choose to live a life of trading insults etc etc, but that isn’t very empowering, and I am encouraging people to move toward the more empowering actions and interpretations and so on.

So take a word any word and play with it, take a sentence any sentence and play with it, close your eyes and imagine restructuring or reformulating the word or sentence, what might be an alternate set of words if you speed this bit up or slow that bit down and or change the key or chord or resonance and have some realisations.

Thank you for reading, I am enjoying my book at the moment, so much that I hadn’t thought to write a blog piece, I hope this gives a little insight into the phallacies and traps that all of us fall into when we are young and how practice can change the picture and tuning of your own mental World.  God Bless  🙂

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