Who? What? When? Where? Why?

These questions as I am sure many of you will know are the common ingredients used in report writing, that is to say that regardless of the classroom you find yourself in or the industry or career path you have chosen, they will more than likely ask or seek to teach you the basics of report writing using this set of questions.

Are these questions important to you?

Well you could say they are another means of self exploration, you could use them to write you’re own brief history of time if you like, I have in this header simply used them in one word format so as to simplify or allow people to use them in they’re own style and mental fashion.  

The way questions are asked of course also can have many delivery styles and in terms of what scientific exploration has been done there has been a great deal.  Now I said previously I was reading up on questioning techniques and I found it to be a very worthwhile.  The information and increasing clarity that comes with understanding these things is well worth having a look at.

It would not be prudent for me to try to impart my renewed learnings from a 300+ page book into a brief blog so perhaps the best thing I can do is list some of the questioning styles and methods used by people in everyday life, without ever having the awareness that there might be a better style that can be used or is more appropriate to a given situation or scenario.

Direct Questions, Indirect Questions, Comparison Questions, Leading Questions, Sacrifice Questions, Relevant Questions, Irrelevant Questions and on and on.

As I have said much study has gone into questioning and interviewing and interrogating techniques and each and every technique can be applied in the appropriate combinations to elicit better responses from subjects (the interviewees or interrogatees or candidates). 

The science is described as being of importance in “the search for truth” or “the veracity of truth” and has been applied again and again successfully around the World by many differing agencies dealing with adults and children alike.  

My own interest stems from the most basic of existence conumdrums-How did I come to the in the position of where my own individual life is at now?

Some answers I have found and can share because they are quite simple:-  Bodily Trauma (broken bones et al) at a young age, increased my fight/flight/freeze  response mechanism.  That basically means that after multiple bodily injury incidents and accidents I had an unconscious psychologically increased fear response mechanism, you could say that that happens to many many people (it does-it is a simple plain fact).  Now on top of that if you are someone who suffers from such a condition you can also TRIGGER the condition in other people who have that heightened fear response mechanism, (it has been demonstrated to be an unconscious human mechanism).  So when you have large numbers of people in confined spaces or environments all going about there lives with these heightened fear response mechanisms you can basically find yourself in a sitting timebomb scenerio.

It does not matter that everyone has this heightened unconscious fear response mechanism for differing reasons (suchas my psychologically trapped broken bones trauma), because most people try to guess what is causing behaviours in others often revealing worst fears about themselves-which again are often common denominators in given populations. 

So you could have a dozen cancer sufferers, a dozen broken bones sufferers, a dozen whatever the trauma’s.  These combinations are going to possibly lead into bad or good spirals dependant on you’re own awareness and how you conduct yourself.  I.E.  I know my own issues so other people projecting there own irrationality(or fear)  will unlikely work on me.

I hope that gives some basic guidance on questioning and how you can seek to resolve to bring down the temperature in your own World.  

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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