The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Now The Riddle Of The Sphinx is actually a short story that is well worth looking up.  People who do not want to know the answer would best not continue reading as I will be mentioning the so-called approved correct answer.

The reason I mention this today was because of what I wrote yesterday and I suddenly found myself thinking of reinterpretations, this was of the bat and completely unplanned but again is an interesting exercise in mental flexibility and giving oneself a broader or alternative perspective.

So the solution of accepted wisdom to the Riddle Of The Sphinx is that the answer is man.  The question was something along the lines of ‘what has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening’.  you crawl on all fours then you walk on two feet and then you walk with a stick.

Bringing this post back to what I wrote yesterday relating to the FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE mechanism, you could actually say that those three words can also be related to human behaviour throughout ones lifetime.

You start out with nothing perhaps fighting for attention and have few worries or fears.  As you get older perhaps you may get married have children accumulate wealth and in order to maintain that you’re flight mechanism is likely to be used more, you then get older and can’t so much as run so you freeze.   

My poor English standard does not help but I hope people can see through this that it does not actually matter what age you are, you are likely at all ages of life to always be running through some combinations of fight flight freeze at possibly varying degrees, so with the aid of the recommended technologies you can see how you can change or control or better maintain your own equilibrium, and the more people that are doing this the less societal infections of fear can influence you and your usual environments, and of course it should be obvious to most people now that motives of people spreading fear are questionable actions.  

What are the rational or irrational behaviours that I am acting out? One of the biggest issues for myself in the workplace is one of inverse snobbery, what is that?  well although I have qualifications I always took the view of starting off at the bottom and working my way up.  The problem in some workplace environments is that people who have done that from a position without qualifications tend to have an unconscious inverse snobbery toward people who do.  

The you are not one of us you will never be one of us etc etc etc, so after so many interviews I simply stopped applying because the mechanisms by which many managers got there own jobs and positions are highly suspect and they do not want people around who trigger there own feelings of guilt anger unworthiness and so on, as long as there are humans there will be forms of corruption, people acting out of there own (often limited or highly biased) Worldview.  Is it wise for an international corporation to buy up broke companies and then keep the management in place who  run that company into the ground in the first place?  This actually happens in most countries and cities everywhere, and the reason is because they are thinking in the long run and if we as individuals thought in the long run you would realise that in the long run we will all be dead.

Thank you for reading I am on an Economics not Echo Knows Mics book at the moment, just reading and reading one of the most harmless of activity’s that  seems to scare some people.  Have a great Day 🙂

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