Is Attitude A Double Bind?

One of the biggest or largest attacks on myself over the years could be said to be the targetting of my attitude or interpretation of my attitude, so to those that hide behind such facades and excuses I will say this -You are never upset for the reason you think!

I should of course say what a double bind is just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding.  The most commonly known double bind that many people in Society use and that I can think of is “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!”.  I would also like to mention that I wrote a very very powerful doublebind on facebook perhaps 3 or 4 years ago now, following an emotional plea that was made by someone on my newsfeed.  That particular doublebind effected far far more people who read it than was intended, though it was written in such a manner that there could be no complaints.  It was a very empowering doublebind. 

So fight/flight/freeze and attitudinal excuses.  It has been suggested that in my giving up applying for jobs that that was in itself a demonstration of a poor attitude and therefore the interviewers were right all along.  This is a huge huge phallacy trap that people on both sides of the coin fall into i.e. as a given example the interviewer and the interviewee.  Both sides see’s justification or projects justification for the decision made.  All I would personally say on the subject is that if you have studied and studied, done the necessary work over and over again and go in with the best will in the World, and that then is rejected, it says more about the attitude of the current system than it does about the candidate.  And yes there are always going to be better/worse candidates or strengths and weaknesses but remember most companies and management hide behind the word Objectivity.  This is a big LIE. IT IS A CLAIM THAT YOU HAVE TWO BRAINS.  There really is only one-brained subjectivity and subjectivity is always (however much we like to hide it) personal. I REPEAT


This of course takes us into the realm of discussing IQ and EQ, Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Intelligence, my own studies on these issues is that a great imbalance exists.  Emotional Intelligence is far more important to anyones success than Intelligence Quotient, yet society on the whole encourages and obsesses with Intelligence Quotent.

Can a balance be found, well you can be good at one or the other or both yet I will keep repeating YOU ARE NEVER UPSET FOR THE REASON YOU THINK.   Emotional Intelligence could also be called social intelligence, some might say that in my previously claiming to have identified 3 warring factions-example:- Racists, Heterophobes and Foreigners I was not being or demonstrating good Emotional Intelligence because I caused myself to be rejected by members of all three groups, SOCIAL SUICIDE.  I TOOK THE LONGER VIEW THAT TRUTH AND DEMONSTRATIONS OF THAT TRUTH WOULD BRING PEOPLE TO A GREATER AWARENESS AND THE VERACITY OF TRUTH.

I can now see that peoples from all three groups are operating from a higher more empowered perspective, are better choosing what is important and not important and so on.  People when presented with freedom of choice and guidance of technologies (who may or may not) have been as mentally fucked up as myself, were not able to resist the allure of truth.

The more you go through you’re own mental life threads and get greater self understandings in these search/veracity of truths, the more empowered you become and less interested in issues that others cling to.  As I have said it can be hard to laugh when you are feeling or suffering from Perkins’ Vibrational Melancholy but I am sure that the more you try the more you will see, better to cry with laughter than hurt.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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