The Perkins Newsletter

This blog can be described as a newsletter of sorts; although of course being my usual eclectic self I have no central theme that I have latched onto as my point of expertise.  I am more in the Editorial Page seat in the sense of giving an overall view on the themes and contents of my Newsletter come Blog World.  The role or President or Premier or CEO or Head Of The Household might be described in a similar way,as I am sure those of you with families will understand.  They are all hierarchies of sorts some are paid whilst others are not.  Some are public roles some are private rolls. 

Whatever the role or label we all like to think of ourselves as equal too-the focus on the negative or positive attributes has great bearing on our own self worth and evaluation of self worth.  We often see nonsense financial analysis of how much a parent should be paid-I call them nonsense because most people are parents through the choices they have made and we already see the burden (or not) that many families are to the Government and State-the rest of us who work and pay our taxes.

This leads us of course in to looking for dramatic solutions to age old problems.  Housing and Healthcare and Utilities and on and on.  I say dramatic solutions because most Towns and Cities have  a district that through local planning and Council policy have been filled up as ghettoes of the areas or societies chaff.

I know many people where I live bemoan immigration,my own view is Gas Chamber the moaners and whingers and Chaffsville contents  and lets get some of the immigrants in who have come looking for work and better lives. No chaffsville no higher taxes these solutions are easy aren’t they? Of course there has to be a plan B to accommodate plan A’s failure.  Plan B round up Chaffsville contents put them on boats and deposit them in Africa, much like we did with Australia, they get to start a fresh and The Land Of Hope and Glory continues in being an industrious nation.  These totalitarian type solutions of course aren’t to everyone’s liking especially in times such as we have now where many of the ‘I work,pay my taxes blah blah blah’ are more and more finding themselves on the otherside of the coin, losing jobs, being unable to find replacement work and so on. Some say it could never happen to them and that may well be true, but the shapes and forms of Karma also work in mysterious ways.  I learnt that lesson myself in my teens when I at that time very much had a Hard nosed attitute to getting on and working,only to find myself deposited into the mass of unemployed.  My solution to the “Hereford job problem” was to leave and find work elsewhere, which I did, unfortunately I came back when the contract I’d signed upto ended ~(even though I’d been offered an extension).  Back in Hereford back to the scrapheap. I later left again and didn’t return so quickly on the later occasion.

Of course nowadays when I hear such people bemoaning immigration, doley’s or any any of these issues and the like, I am often tempted to say in a very loud voice HAS SOMEONE FARTED, I CAN SMELL SHIT!  in fact it probably will happen in future, better out than in et al.  The biggest joke of course regarding immigration is that if all the Indians and Pakistanis and folks from the West Indies were deported etc,The National Health Service would fall apart, because these folks are the back-bone of the NHS, they took up work and industry in the Human poopa scooping jobs that know-one else wanted, because lets face it, that pretty much sums up what Doctoring and Nursing is HUMAN POOPA SCOOPING.  

Yes lessons and debates in where not to go in discussion, can often be as useful as the solutions themselves, you get to a point where once again  you have to say lets move on and find something better to align ourselves with.

Of course there is always going to be appeals to what are called the ‘LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS’ yet these appeals to the lowest common denominators can all of them be ripped up and pulled apart and dissected to death. They really have no value unless you are making money from them, which most people (including myself) aren’t.  These writings should of  course not be confused with gallows humour, where humour is used to highlight the nonsense.

So more solutions to societies issues, well how much of my taxes is wasted on non-smokers, some 80-90% maybe more of the price of tobacco products is TAX.  It has been calculated in the past that that tax were it to go missing from the Treasury’s coffers would results in a 10p Hike in the pound on every man woman and child’s income tax.  That is a huge huge absolutely unimaginably massive amount of money.  This is why the ban smokers from receiving treatment brigade will never win out in the short term (could happen in the longer term). 

Of course accountancy and taxes and spreadsheets are also something else that I have experience of during my lifetime and very often they are run once again in the manner that people run there business or lives if you recall my discussion of the Pirate versus the Admiralty, where I effectively flawed both sides of the delusion.

So personal and family aims are for many people impossible to bring into any semblance of a good direction, how much do we allow our sick, or doley or racist friend or relative to influence us.  The teaching-that you should write down you’re own set of goals and life desirables and then set sail and take flight for them in your own manner is perhaps one of the better teachings. You get to see how stupid or idiotic or ridiculous many many debates are.  Personal wealth health and prosperity Goals are always or often going to go over the Horizon beyond reach when you sabotage yourself with the garbage and nonsenses that we can all live better without.

Thank you for reading the data and may your Horizonic Goals Come To You, so you can write a new set and then set flight once again for the Horizon.  🙂

How Can I Create The All Life Enhancing Of Injunctions

An interesting question to be repeatedly pulled from the archives of my most innermost desires for wellbeing and productive living.  An injunction is perhaps one of these multitudes of points of script changes that I spoke of in an earlier writing.  One of those pattern or behaviour breaks of change.  I know with alcoholism and drugs the word injunction is often used to be described as an external force for change.  We have the British footballer (soccerer) Paul (Gazza) Gascoine currently undergoing treatment for his own alcoholism following an INJUNCTION by his friends and supporters.

My own question above is of a more personal nature in the sense that it is directly directed at me myself and my own emotions, feelings, behaviours, witchcraft and wizardry’s if you like.  How within this question can one-all-encompassment of maps-patterns-behaviours be injunctioned in a successful manner.

There is surely no-one solution to adopting the ideology of all life enhancing injunctions in the external World which is why I ask such questions to myself.  If I do not change my internal World then I am not in an empowered position to seek to create injunctions in the external World unless of course those injunctions have a direct value effect on myself. 

We often think we are being powerful in belittling others as some sort of self agrandization, yet anyone who bares witness to these behaviours can very often only stomach them for so long.  How often have any of us stood by whilst the Nazis sent the Jews to the Gas Chambers (metaphorically (so to speak)).  This is why I profess choice above belief.


As someone who like many of you has struggled in life, I long ago decided that I would rather be rich and wrong than poor and right.  That may sound heartless or very much hypocritical to many people, yet the more I have looked again and again at the best of the best teachings and the responses of teachers to their learners I have to question every value and attribute and understanding that has ever passed through my noggin.  What is really important to me and what should be sent to the dustbowling desert.

You get to a point or stage as an aware agent of change that even when you have changed you’re own inner World, many of the people around you will still keep playing out the tired nonsenses and drama’s and everything else.  I have not declared war on people so why do they insist on war with me?  Of course the reality is that we are all of us mostly in states of being at war with ourselves and our old scripts hence the desire for a one-all-encompassing Life Enhancing Of Injunctions.

Do I have an expertise and skill  that I can sell to others in a prophetical manner that also enhances my own life and wellbeing?

I will not argue or debate many many issues with people because the cause of others is often irrelevant to me, some successfully trample others down yet that only works on people who have not sort to empower themselves or I give a shrug of the shoulders.  Being weighted down by chips on shoulders that some of us are shedding is not the way forward.

The way forward to success is surely to flatten all beliefs in hierarchical relationships and the pains that they bring.  Everyone can choose to be first amongst equals whilst having respect that EQUALS is not in the longer term going to be achieved through continuous attack strategies.

So How Can I Create The All Life Enhancing Of Injunctions? Why Would I Create The All Life Enhancing Of Injunctions? What Is The Purpose Of Creating The All Life Enhancing Of Injunctions?

Thank you for reading and may all you’re Own Life Enhancing Injunctions Be Life Enhancing Injunctions.  God Bless and Be Well 🙂

An interesting Observation

Now, one of the most interesting things that I have noticed in taking particular courses, is that the more I have done the study and followed the advice, the more I have found that I was already at so-and-so point before taking the next instalment of the course.

Of course you could say I am seeing and witnessing what I want to see, yet I think it is more than that, I try to give explanation here of some concept or other, and then a day or two later take a course instalment which actually gives the same view yet from a more experienced perspective than perhaps I have given.

When I started out on facebook, many of us could see why we were constantly feeling like screw-ups, in some I am alright etc everyone else is the issue and so on.  Now I think many people are all gradually coming to the realisation, that you are okay, and I am okay, rather than any other combination of these okayness’ where we were always putting in or place a not in the sentence and being defensive or protecting a misplaced idea or unwarranted or warranted action.

The Threshold seems to be the catalyst enabling us to change ourselves or our own lives and enables better understanding of where all the conscious and unconscious cross-wires have continuously come from.  So we are becoming less and less at cross-wires and more and more aha and aha oriented.

A cross-wire might be me saying lets go for a coffee to discuss work, whilst the received understanding (or given unconscious understanding ) from a female is he’s asking for a date.  So the threshold at least on the part of you yourself enables you to actually say and mean what you are saying and doing at face value, without the assumptions or other supposed attributes. 

There is a greater freedom in being released or not playing these type of mental circuit games (In My Opinion).  Yes many of us like to think we know and understand motives, yet motives are in general the motives that we are projecting onto others.  In not having motives beyond living a more spontaneous life is (for me at least) an improvement, no amount of assumed motives from others, will change my honesty in trying to get across what I am conveying.

So I have ditched or dropped many of the mental harms and feel so much healthier for that, how can I go from where I am now to where I want to be in the future.

Well first I have to stop being so lazy and actually have more faith and trust in my decision making abilities.  I wrote a little while back that people should consider whaI write here more and more as just data, yes of course it will always in some way have meanings, but I wanted to get more focus on the data, perhaps because I was once again avoiding or dissociating from my buried traumas or hurts, so therapy in writing and also help, as the cross-wires become less and less important and I can adopt more and more alternate perspectives and better understand the nature of my own anger or lack of anger.

One of the interesting things is that of turning points in our lives whether we regard them to have been large or small we all have them, I wrote out my own brief history of time as you may have read and really I could have  filled it out so much more than I did, but wanted to give a less intimidating example.

I know looking back that I can identify hundreds and maybe thousands of turning points some for the better some for the worse all seemingly navigating scripts that I learnt in childhood from peers and parents and society and really all of us can do without these scripts or at least give ourselves more empowering scripts for the future.

I am as I previously suggested one of the worst scripts to have lived life by, yet perhaps that gives me greater opportunity to find my own redemptions and change my seemingly broken record.

So yes the change might not be as fast or rewarding as many of us would like, but we all in some way seized an opportunity for that change and there is always greater depth to us than words and pictures and judgements good or bad.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and may all you’re scripts or scriptless lives be of your own choosing.  🙂

Dear Dave

Dear Dave

I think you are talking complete baloney–WHY–anyone who knows anything about anything knows that in order to sell something such as your “The Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel” you have to highlight the fact that it is Sacred and Holy and most of all Secret.  You have not done this and so you wil not grab the attention of anyone like myself at all, I am almost of a mind to set up a competing system of my own I’ll call it “The Sacred Silhouette Holy Chackra” and sue your ass for infringement if you proceed with this non-aligned spirituality system of yours. Mate

Dear Mate

The fact that I have not mentioned my deepest secret technologies buried within a multi-sacred and Holy-Dimensional algorythm designed by the creativeness of Infinite Intelligence does not mean that The Sillhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel will not at all work.  To name every non-aligned technological advancement at this moment in time would undermine my ability to patent my technologies in law.  I have created a series of specific algorythms that carry out specific purposes, I then bring these modular technologies into the greater unfolding framework of The Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel, and then use a series of testing and startup procedures on each and every separate technology to ensure compliance with deeper regulatory requirements than you are unasuredly unaware of.  Following the best of the best whilst incorporating my own technologies to achieve better results does not mean that these technologies you infer as not existing do not exist and I will not buy into you are going to sue me for infringement of a design that I have designed.  So what you need to do is really have a good and thorough research and development budget of you’re own and go and blow some of it on your own homework.  I will not indulge or allow you to debase my knowledge and teachings.  So please go and do yourself a favour and find someone else to play such delusional nonsense with.

As anyone reading this can see, this scammer was trying to make me part with my technologies and I will not indulge any such activities at the current time as that would be detrimental to my own wellbeing and greater accomplishments.

Thank you for reading and do not be scammed by a non-aligned spam, may your deepest belief system carry you to Heaven. I’LL BE BACK 🙂

The Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel

One of the greater mysteries to some people is why I do not publish everyday, and like it or not I am not paid to do this blog and often genuinely haven’t anything interesting to share, I haven’t reached the me-me-me of Twitter Users – going to toilet, brushed my teeth, breathed-in-breathed-out, In taking this more relaxed approach to blogging I was following the given advice of experienced individuals who claimed that it would improve my visibility feedback mechanism.  By that I mean when and where I feel I have made a misunderstanding previously, I can use my next set of blah blah blah to IRON OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS.

Now as anyone reading regularly is aware, I have not singled out one particular stream of thought or knowledge, I have been highly eclectic eccentric and all over the place.  More experienced individuals and indeed wiser heads (including some amongst you yourselves) have chosen and stuck with a central holding theme be that a belief in Angels or God or Budha or any of the many unfolding shapes and forms of spirituality that are available to us.

Am I at a disadvantage-that would be a fruitlessly unrewarding limiting belief-in the sense that because some of you wiser readers have adopted and shared those designated themes with myself it enables me to have and study the best of both of these unfolding Worlds of reality spectrums.

Of course I have just written several paragraphs in explanation of myself with out at all mentioning the title of this piece, so you may well be thinking Dave can we please skip to The Silhouette-Chackra Tantra Carousel and my answer is a resounding not at this moment-I will come to The Silhouette Chackra-Tantra Carousel when we are at an appropriate point for me to focus on The Silhouette Chackra Tantra-Carousel and the so much deeper focus requirements of my discussing and sharing with you about The-Silhouette-Chackra-Tantra-Carousel.

So meanwhile I would prefer to focus on how the Unfolding Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel Wave came into being, you could say that I have spent many many years and thousands and thousands of hours and a great deal of money in my studies and in order to recoup some the the thousands and thousands of hours and pounds and pounds and dollars and all the many many many other hidden costs lost deeper in my subconscious quantum streaming mind-I decided that I would be wise to start re-investing and modelling the best of my knowledge into my own best of the best system using all the learnings and modellings and teachings and shortcuts to achieve a faster and deeper and more predictable unfolding quantitative methodology and spectrum frequency wave process against the overwhelming odds and advice of so-called experts.

How will The Touch Of This Unfolding Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel Wave Work, I believe I have just explained that repeatedly above so all we learner-teacher-learner-feedback-teacher loony-tunes and thinkers alike have to do is decide on how we are encompassing our oneness within our deeper accelerating dread-noughtical fear unwinding triggers to achieve faster and faster-safer and safer-barrier breakdowns and wall crumblings than we can dream impossible.

The Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel Wave is an unfolding work in progress, my divided time  and daily life still has me in the grips of some activities of requiem, so when I feel that The Silhouette Chackra Tantra Carousel Wave process has been mastered I will of course right about all of it in huge detail and little detail and THE WORLD WILL KNOW of the reality of the really unfolding quantitative quantum streaming warp flow of this work in progress.

Thank you for reading, Do not ponder on the contents of these deconstructed writings, The World Warp Works In Mysterious Ways, see you later Alligator,God Bless   🙂

Horsemeat Scandal Phooeee wait til we get the Catmeat Scandal

Of course that would be me telling you the plot which I have no right to do, yet as we are moving into the Chinese new year and the year of the snake very shortly someone has to say something.  Of course Cat’s are well known for keeping the local infestation of rats or other designated pests at bay.  

Yet how many times can the same ol scandal keep happening again and again, will I eat beef again-well as always with every meat food scandal we have had I carry on regardless, I have gone consistently against all the advice and am alright knoowhooooo.  The way I see it if the Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken or whatever the source of scandal is didn’t kill me previously then am I really going to be that statistical anomally that breaks  my record.  These aren’t seperating themen from the boys issues, so much as from the ego from the egotists.

My folks  are pretty much vegetarian and have been for years, after gradually giving up one meat after another during all these crisis, and I just carry on as I have said.  That isn’t to degrade the choices they make, which very often can have some health benefits.  I just haven’t reached a point where I fear the food.

Hungry Horace is Hungry Horace and there is very little in this World that can’t be eaten if your Hungry Horace Enough, we all know or have heard of the stories of canibalism by plane crash victims awaiting being found and so on.

Every reaction is just that a reaction rather than a forethought.  You could say right okay there hasn’t been any meat scandals recently I am going to cut down on my meat intake or become vegetarian, but to do any of these things through reaction to scandals is shutting the stable door after the HORSE HAS ALREADY BEEN BOLTED (Oh that one made me chuckle).   These reactions are of the GRANDEST EXTREMIST EGOTISM (IN MY OWN EGOTISTICAL OPINION).

Going back to the Chinese New Year of Course the Chinese Snake and the symbolical meanings are very different from those we in the West would give them.  The West generally fears snakes, The East Accepts them as they are and also finds the positive qualities. 

One of the little known things about snakes is that there are actually many laboratories around the UK in top secret locations that actually develop many medicines from snake venoms.  I used to have such an institution very very close to where I lived in West Wales hence my being aware of this fact.

I have also read that snake meat is actually very very tasty and is a delicacey in some Countries, so given the size of all the traditional british food fare and scandals, isn’t it time we started eating more of these uncommon foods in the UK.  There are so many edible animals that people turn there noses up at-yet that situation seems to becoming more and more in keeping down with the Jones and up with the Bucket’s (pronounced Bouquet).

So do not be so particular in your food choices lest you one day find your not so Hungry Horace having to eat Humble Pie.

Does anyone know where I can bag me a Humble Pie, I reckon it must be Tweety’s cousin.  I tawt I taw a putty tat a kweepin up on me

Thank you and Have a great day 🙂

Do You Have A Favourite Nutcase?

Of course with the World now connected as it is through our social networking sites and other media it is far far easier to suddenly find yourself noticing people who put your own nutjobbishness in the shade.

Every variety of a Pic’n’mix seems to be available to choose from and I would be very very scared to scorn some of the nutjobs I have listed and accumulated on my friends list.

There’s ol’ temperamental over there, and Angeldelight over there, and little miss sunshine and OMG WTF over there, the social networking World in general really puts Dave S Perkins in the shade when you actually look at it, so it is highly understandable that folks in the social networking World are far to busy to notice me. 

I can say or do just about anything I like and because I am a low profiler I can slip through this net or that net in what I say or do. Does that mean that I should?  Well it all comes down to choice once again doesn’t it?  You can build up a high profile for yourself and many do and just keep going and circulating this poster and that sentiment yet so much or so many of those things were started by somebody somewhere with a personality and they allowed or shared some of there personality in being original.

We then get the recirculation which is a reflection or aspiration or using of what is already available and whilst I do not abject to that I know that some of my favourite nutjobs are the ones that manage to combine there own personality as well as some of the ready made material.

Of course having said that and I try to say this in a positive way that it is intented not to hurt anyone’s feelings, some of these personality nutjobs are total and utter fraudsters.  I know I know

Who You Calling A Fraudster?

Well when I were lad and we still got kicked out t’house til teatime, very little was really seen of some sorts of peoples, and so-exagerated characterisations were often the main fayre of comedy.  We had the Carry On Films Crew with people such-as Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques and so on-and each of these regulars in these films was nearly always in some exagerated characterization of personality, Sid James was always Bawdy Womanizer Chancer, Barbara Windsor the innocent looker, Kenneth Williams was always Whimsical, Hattie Jacques the female patriarch.  We new the actors and actresses were always pretty much the same role in all the films.  

These days you could say this film crew and characterizations inspired many many fraudsters-which is why I laugh at people who go on about nature versus nurture debates. If you need to claim to be something or other and then you act in the manner of some old time TV celebratory then surely you are just another actor acting out a role you have chosen to identify with.

Some roles of course are more difficult to us than others, yet as I see it people cannot say they are naturally this or that especially now when such characterizations are being taken to the ultimate extremes. We have all the radio ‘shock jocks’ and the ‘Jeremy Kyles’ (himself being a Jerry Springer clone) with there self styled let’s get some council estate doley’s to have a row on national TV about the most inane subjects.  Why won’t you let your daughter speak to her 3rd stepdad anymore type of garbage and worse  they must get viewed and have good sponsorship because these shows would surely be canceled if no-one was watching them.

You could say you cannot make it up yet very often we later have the newspaper expose, of peoples favourite episode turning out to have been on a faked subject. 

So yes be a nutjob by all means but be a nutjob in the most likeable of ways, I know many on my Facebook lists are just that,likeable, with redeeming personality traits and actions, who can love laugh and cry without the need to go into Sid James, Babs Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques mode-l’s.

So unimpress me with your normalness interspersed with your’re touch of the wacko by all means but do not believe your own hype 


diatripe words and attention span of a nat and the voice of a cockroach

Thank you for reading, God Bless and I am always impressed by your mode-l of me  🙂 

and to you youngish international starlet and nutjob xx  ;))

In The Reign Of Hansel And Gretel

Ever ask yourself the big questions of what happened next?

We have all seen or read or heard many many stories during our lifetimes yet so many of them are incomplete, hence so many jokes suchas the Divorced Barbie coming with all Ken’s stuff.  We also have more re-interpretations than we know what to do with and of course RETRO.

I was reminded of the retro recently in seeing the King Richard III bones unearthed in Leicester stories and ‘Oh Shit’ response from the city of York which up-to this point has made all the claims and makes a living out of ‘Reported Links and Associations’.

We do not actually have to go back in History to see this sort of nonsense in play, the World is full of alleged Sons and Daughter’s of Cities who haven’t set foot in the place for 20, 30 years and so on.  Examples are many but to give a well known example:-

Cilla Black, The Beatles, Professional Scousers

Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Professional Welsh

Of course there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to the playing on your roots themes and again if you have you’re were-with-all anything can be turned to advantage.  Examples again nearly always exploit prejudices,and or comradship or one form or another.

People from Manchester might dislike Liverpools Scousers such-as Cilla or The Beatles, but They are Fellow Northerners so that gets emphasized, so failure in one designation can be turned into victory in another. That is nearly always how these things are sold. Of course some of these things can seem to matter and other times not.

If I colour my hair, or buy Nike or Adidas trainers, or an  Apple gadget for instance, all these things carry Brand Symbology or Status that we as individuals can often get sucked into.  As someone a bit older with Technology awareness, I know that many prestige Brands are no better than those often cheaper available-yet the good or bad feeling, emotions, and so on can be huge, because we have bought or failed to buy into some dream or aspirational culture.



Seems to be at the forefront of my own mind at the present time, what are the alternatives, is it worth being a ‘Professional Herefordian’, a ‘Professional Estatee’, a ‘Professional Victim’,

choices and alternates have to be explored not only by myself but many many others too.  How can I go from how I identify myself at present to becoming how I aspire to identify myself in the future.  

Of course it is not for me to tell others what they should be doing or living, yet as many are fellow parents or people whose lives have been affected adversely, I do try to dig up the themes and find a better way.

As the old old saying goes  ‘You can take the Trash out of Trashville, but you cannot take Trashville out of the Trash.’

I most wholeheartedly disagree, as should anyone who still holds any aspiration of a better life for future generations of there family, community, or however one would choose to IDENTIFY ONESELF!

Thank you for Reading and may your Aspirations be Heaven Sent 🙂

Do Principles Ever Touch You’re Heart

If you could create a principle for what purpose by design, how would you know a greater truth a program-a thought divine.  Does relativity really create-expansive capacities,or are we just another dream-a ledger that cost to sign. I’m in the dark-a Forrest Gump, another conspired shipwreck. A return to form of Anarchy-in an Ocean that seemingly-seems.  Another plan to fail the fall lest a need to return, and then some surprising honesty-A touch of the heart breaks the walls.

Well I have read read read just about everything any kind of pundit or commentator has to say on just about any subject and have in the reality of taking this course of action achieved nothing, nada, zip, zero.  They say hope and heart can carry you far but that is another decree another questionable state of mind and I am myself tired of all of it.

Strange points and positions to take on any imaginable debate to some people but then again as I said previously I am not delusionally trying to sell anything to anyone.  I can write what I like as it springs to mind, no-one has to read this anymore than they could be writing there own thoughts feelings observations and so on.  

One of the greatest delusions I still seem to encounter is the idea that I can be responsible for anything that happens to anyone else (and in what happens in others lives), the most I mostly do is tell my old boring tales and or I can write something down here, and if something occurs to someone, they can say ‘oh yeah what a coincidence’ but that is all that can be said.  In accusing others I would be giving my own ability to rule the World in my head away, and likewise that is a trap that some people fall into were they to point at me.  The World in you’re head is the World in you’re head.  

I can have similar triggers and realisations and ‘Oh yeah’s’ from tales or anecdotes or humour that others write, but as to the “CAUSE & EFFECT” that I have to believe is always interpretational , how was this caused, how did this effect happen.  I might see someone swimming on the TV and think I’ll go swimming. But as to the so-called “greater mysteries” I am still mostly in the era of WITNESSING rather than attempting participation.

Just having another quiet day at the office so to speak and “How  can I move away to a more positive set of thought processes than ‘is that it'”

Thank you for reading and TTFN 🙂

Shhhh You’ll Wake Up Horace

Yes Yes I know I know WTF is Horace.  Horace is just an imaginary creature living and going about life in the deepest darkest caverns of most peoples brains, a kind of process within a process within a process. I can not proved Horace’s existence anymore than I could ask any of you to prove the non-existence of Horace.

Ideas of course are always coming and going, fluttering in and out of peoples heads on what they can do or say or what tasks need to be carried out-very often in procession after procession of what can I do now or next.

Now as I said or have not said previously I can probably be selected as the very worst candidate  that anyone could choose to read upon as a successful life story.  In fact if you were writing such a story you would have to seek out someone demonstrating all the opposite parallels to find a successful solution of comparison.

I have not turned any corners probably because I was looking for them in a round room, how does one find solutions, well modern business guru’s often encourage the brainstorm session, yet the interesting thing about this Historically is that brainstorming can lead to the biggest of errors (Very often based on poor data and knowledge). You don’t have to take my word for that-just look up the Cuban missile crisis as one of the most cited examples of anything that can go wrong with brainstorming.  We also have the NASA Apollo missions, and the interesting thing about NASA was that in its Heyday, they actually developed ways and means and techniques to introduce check and balances into any given scenario.

So much of life is really about what you yourself have chosen to trust or not trust, and very often prior experience is a poor performer.  I often find myself asking why am I not trusting what I am hearing or seeing and very often it is simply a rejection of wanting a particular thought or feeling or emotion being experienced again.  The ‘This time is going to be different’ delusion, you could say and may have read what I wrote previously that I adopted a pretty rigid once once once attitude to many things in my younger days, that adoption worked very much against me, yet in longer reflection it served me well also, so checks and balances or you could wind up like me being


I am sure I am not the only person to have ever picked up a serving spoon or table spoon or tea spoon up of the table or out of the drawer and had a quick look at the fool in the spoon.  The mirror spoon of course can be twisted around and like any fairground ‘HALL OF MIRRORS’ the image is rarely as one would like to find it.  When we are young of course great joy and pleasure can be found in such activity-though somehow peer pressure and getting older takes these simple joys or pleasures out of these types of activity.

What is wrong with taking a spoon out of a bowl or dish and having a look at the fool in the spoon, well so many expectations and demands are made on how we have to equip ourselves and live through societies etiquette’s, that even if you do not outwardly display tourettes syndrome, you very likely have its mental or psychological equivalent.   I know that in martial arts there is often a bow before beginning a combat and very often the bow is applied with a head tilt such that you are keeping all eyes on the opponent.  

Years ago I did some part-time work for a Video Production firm (I would book Holiday’s from my regular job to then work for this company).  Where was the value?  Well apart from the money, and having a good laugh and catching up with the other guys, It allowed me free travel and I got to see some of the Wider World.  The only drawback were it regarded in that fashion was that for some shoots you had to have quite formal attire.  So I had to go out and get myself appropriate dress.  This firm had one particular specialisation of Ballroom Dancing Videos and this was years and years ago-way way way before the more recent popularity of these Ballroom TV shows.  All of us jeans and T-shirt estate guys had to go out and buy ourselves Tuxedo’s, and fair do’s I have to admit that looking back at some of the photo’s I-OR-WE scrubbed up really well.  I think the biggest debate was between a tie-it-yourself Dickie Bow or one of those elasticated types, where the elastic is guaranteed to snap at the most innapropriate of occasions.  Yes we went cheap earlier on with the elastic, but after a short period of doing that type ofwork realised that it was actually better to have a more expensive tie-it-yourself Dickie Bow.

Of course we are now in the run up to Cupid’s Bow and Arrow season which has not really worked out to well for me in recent years, I am sure a shared cause of pain for many people.  

1.  It very nearly always falls on the seasonal spring school holidays (in my case my daughter always visits).

2.  It is also very close to my daughter’s birthday, so this one supposed time of year that I as a singleton should be taking advantage of to find a new Women or girlfriend, simply becomes a time of mental jeopardy. (Oh the pain,the pain 🙂 )

I am sure you all recall what I wrote previously about special days that are bombed into are calendars, I would have to say in my own defense that I would (or I at least like to think I would) treat any girl more often than some one a year ‘expectation’.

Time for me to take a Bow, grap my spoon from the Bowl and have a look at the HORACE IN THE SPOON.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll share again with you soon.  🙂