Is Every Moment Contemporary?

I was left to ponder this question following a recent post where I referred to some music as classical, I found myself curiously wondering if that was an obvious point of something we call or should be held as an instance of something we can doubt!

Classical of course being a word used to define something that has aged or survived down through the ages and is taken as an assumed given.  How to better explain?  Well people who grew up or were around in the 1960’s regard music from that era as contemporary to themselves, whereas the youth of today may regard music from that era as classic rock or pop or whatever.  This is of course an observation of one of those ways in which we convince ourselves of past and future when we are learning to regard everything as being within the now moment.  Everything that I am seeing hearing smelling feeling touching is always now and each moment moves from now to now.

I recently wrote that I had ordered some new courses to follow but that does not mean I am giving up earlier learning’s.  Learning to take the wisdom already uncovered seems to be an art form in itself and of course making the relevant connections.  For instance where I mention a film such-as The Italian Job or book-The Divine Comedy, someone who is more up to date with what is present such-as as my daughter would find the now in The Twilight Movies for instance, where the mixed bag clan of Werewolves and Vampires take on the Italian Vampire mob.

Writing The Wave-Elizabeth Ayres is also a book that I have found myself returning to whilst using Holosync and the Paraliminals, I mentioned this book previously on another blog.  The reason being that it is a cheap book, that fits perfectly the learning’s and so on of developing your creative abilities.  I personally have a preference for writing which is fair enough, yet the teachings found therein can apply well to any Art form that we wish to develop.  I say this as I have worked through some of the exercises assisted by my daughter Rosey, she has learning disabilities associated with her Epilepsy yet at the same time she is very Artistic-drawing, painting and so on, the exercises can be applied across all creativity activities and the learning curve is excellent in encouraging the creative process to develop.

For Anyone wanting to know about Waves in general another book that I have returned to is called The Wave watchers companion, written by the chap who wrote The Cloudspotters Guide.  Whilst you might imagine there is little to be uncovered about waves, the book contains lots of interesting anecdotes and teachings and science all relating to Waves, Of course you could spend your life reading all these types of materials or you can become more and more integrated with the idea of being a form of teacher yourself handing down the knowledge to the next generation that wants to listen and so on.  I recently also started going through an old audio file course put together a few years ago that again contains a great deal of awakening type teachings based around Eckhart Tolle and his teachings.  Whilst I admittedly was not personally impressed by his books I am out of the loop on that one given how popular he is thanks to Oprah and his other famous followers.  Of course we are all subject and responsible to the choices we have made in the past but they are not now and attitudes and behaviours and opinions are as easily change as a candle in the wind when you have the guidance and technologies to be the change in your own life and the lives of the people within the dimensions of your own World and Inner Universe so to speak.

Thank you for reading, have a great Easter and I’ll be back when I find a moment of time to keep on blogging, such are the distractions and excuses I seem to currently be giving myself.

Ciao For Now 🙂

Oh! The Other Two Parts

I am of course referring to ‘The Divine Comedy’ a set of three long poems the first part of which I mentioned recently as reading-that being ‘Inferno’, after enjoying that book I decided I wanted to read the other two yet unfortunately was unable to acquire them from the same source, so had to settle for an alternative translation that contained all-three-parts-in-one those being INFERNO-PURGATORIA-PARADISO.   Much useful information learnings and understandings can be found within the work for anyone of any level of education.

I say this because I am aware that some books we feel we want to read can often times be quite daunting-a recent book I had that experience with was ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS a massive tomb of scientific writings-my remedy in the end was to do something I’ve found myself doing more and more as I’ve progressed-I simply scan up and down each page before moving onto the next page with the unscientific belief that my unconscious is somehow taking in that information.  Whether that is true or not I am unsure as I haven’t much interest in the recall that systems suchas speed-reading and photoreading often promise (more on my list of courses to purchase).

Another theme I have been exploring more and more is the relationship between music and emotions and mental blockages, I’ll find myself listening to a mixed bag of classical music CDs for a couple of hours, to see if I have any new thoughts feelings reactions and so on-its really about pushing back the boundaries of what you yourself think is possible.

I have also spent more time this week exploring the paraliminal collection that I have and am certainly not unhappy with the purchase as again it is a good way to explore your own inner mental World.  The basic theme of The Divine Comedy is of course available for all to see on Wiki, but it seems quite simply a case of a guide taking someone under there wing and going through a process of self discovery before then being handed over to another guide and continuing in that vain, it really does have lots of valuable and stimulating information for anyone wanting to undertake such a lifestyle task for themselves.

Thank you for reading and god bless 🙂

Is There A Volcano Deep Beneath That Iceberg

Well I decided to sit this week out and enjoy the awe inspiring master of his craft that is Paul Scheele, of course having previously had know experience of his work I was in the dark as much as everyone else as to the contents and free teachings given in “Ultimate You Mindfest”. Yes I fortunately bought the Paraliminals in the past yet had never actually used them, such is the nature of impulse buys that I am sure many people can relate to-those clothes that looked good in the shop but never quite make it into usage and clog up our wardrobes and so on.

Well the course certainly gave myself multiple new perspectives and ways of looking at things which I was perhaps not open too or aware of previously, the most beneficial sessions for myself within that selection were the initial new version of making money, Chakras/Jack Canfield one and the Intuition Amplifier one-all of which are not in my present collection (what am I to do lol).  Well when someone gives you such a clear set of thought processes on all the issues and concepts that you have struggled to put across effectively you simply have to listen (In my opinion).   

I hope now that those people who listened to myself are far better able to understand the concepts and so forth that I have struggled to sell effectively.  You could say I knew why I was leading and encouraging folks in particular directions such as opening the chakras for instance but was never able to articulate the ideas as masterly as Paul Scheels has done throughout this week.  The Learning Strategies website also has a selection of recommended books and of course courses so everyone can choose from a large multiple selection of directions they would like there lives to go in.

I will now reflect on the title of this piece “Is There A Volcano Beneath That Iceberg”, I was trying to think of visual ways of combining the elements that we all take for granted in our day to day lives-those of air water fire and earth and found myself asking ‘how can I have fire in water’ and of course the intial response is that water puts out fire and we CANT, I then said but WHAT-IF and came up with the Volcano get-around (Its a work in progress) the Volcano (Earth) spews forth its molten lava (fire) into the sea (water) and yes the fire doesn’t remain as fire but a chain reaction of processes takes place resulting in the freeing of moloecules etc creating air (Air).

What about the Iceberg-well I was struck by the pyramid imagery concept given in the intuition amplifier and wondered (I like to wonder) at the possible translations to other areas of life, the pyramid of course is man-made much like our modern tower of babel skyscrapers-where nature creates icebergs and mountains and so on with zero help from us humans.  We are always trying to recreate and re-invent all those aspects of nature that our control freakery can never control and in so doing are always challenging the status quo.

Hieroglyphs (going back to pyramids) are of course visual representations and it was not only the Egyptians who used them-they are common throughout many ancient civilisations, much like well articulated versions of our early childhood scribblings and early attempts at drawings before we go to school and learn alphabets and so on.   

So what next well the choice is always best left to the individual-I personally decided to buy myself a couple of the courses to improve my own skills-some may say that is unnessessary but I am someone who enjoys learning these things and even if I am not the best-I can at least take satisfaction that I looked for better ways and in some ways have found and indeed experienced them.

I have not seen facebook at all this week but went on earlier and noticed a particular birthday girl highlighted who has long been a favourite amongst my facebook lists so happy birthday chick 🙂 xx

Thank you for reading be well and may your own believe system be congruent with you. 🙂

Different Strokes

Wow do ya remember the theme tune he says as an aside. Well I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, me I have just been going about my quiet life.  I recently finished the Holosync courses though of course am thankfully able to run through it all again and I am sure I’ll not be the only one.

Of course I should have a break first and a recent Email I received from Learning Strategies offering some free access to Paraliminals gave me an idea.  So I went and dug out and dusted off the complete Paraliminals set that I bought as an impulse buy a year or two ago and finally got around to actually listening to it.

How does Paraliminals fair?  Well unlike other general Hypnosis materials I’ve looked at Paraliminals is far more modular and differing groups of CDs can be combined for particular purposes.  Each CD had 1 or 2 Paraliminal soundtracks for a named specific issue.   On the whole they were quite old technology (a pet annoyance was references to the tape, but aside from that they were a different form of technology to Holosync and other technologies I’ve personally looked at.  The Paraliminal effect was actually enjoyable and the script routines did feel as though they were doing something, so overall I would say try before you buy, there is a free offer this week from the Learning Strategies website so have a listen, why not.

Many of these types of technologies are not only about emptying the cup but also perhaps correcting or removing obstacles, which are generally excuses we give ourselves for not doing this that or the other, the Paraliminal was more directed for that market (In my opinion).  So you could say it may help remove the mental blocks we have to being successful or wealthy or healthy or whatever, I have a basic package collection of 20+ CDs with a newer Accelerator set of CDs too (which I haven’t yet looked at).  The style of the overall sound on top of the Paraliminals varied from disc to disc but there was far more variety than you might get from say Paul Mckenna or Richard Bandler or Eric von Sydow, and the Paraliminal Effect much like the Holosync Effect is what raises it to a higher place in the ratings.

It is to early to tell whether the CDs will change my life but I waited to finish the Holosync course  before trying them and Paraliminals could be a logical progression for some people if not myself,.  The basic concept is that despite us all telling ourselves you can’t teach an old dog new tricks your brain is actually constantly working all the time, so you may as well try out technologies that help make it work for you with awareness than without.

have a nice day, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

You Are Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off

This a well known quote from the ever popular original movie version of ‘The Italian Job’ and, the reason I turn my thoughts to this are quite simply the imparting of knowledge that may or may not help others in there understanding of how many of these things are worked out.

You could say that ever since the Holy Roman Empire and its subsequent demise and breaking up occurred that vernacular languages took over the previously and quite religiously enforced Latin Language.  Yet one of the great ironies was that many works from more ancient times had been translated into Latin and these works for the supposed sake of posterity were often times then translated into the various vernacular (regional by Country) languages.

The interest in translating between so many vernacular languages has been a boom industry ever since with huge discussion taking place and so on.  My own interest came through my writing of poetry and verse, where throughout the centuries great effort has been made to ascertain as near as possible syntax and rhythm patterns of various languages.  

Pretty much all languages have there own patterns and rhythms and emphasis and volume and masculine feminine and vocal properties, that can never truly be replicated in textual format.  Much of the psychological work that goes into some forms of Stimulation Hypnosis products are very often exposing people to more Worldwide type rhythm and sound and patterning than they may be used to. I happen to be reading Dante’s Inferno at the present time, not easy for some readers but I just fancied going back to poetry, and this is simply a Long poem translated from Italian, with all the dramatization that language offers.

I have also recently read ‘The Art Of War’ a supposed chinese ancient classic that could easily be read by a primary school reader in a few hours, yet is constantly quoted as an important work by lots of famous luminaries, I was very dissappointed.

A book for the lover of Detective stories ‘How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes’ was actually very interesting and written by a Russian born US psychologist who was brought up listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in Russian.  She explains some of the current research into the mysterious workings of the human brain by comparing fictional Mr Elementary with his fictional biographer Watson, explaining the ways in which differing peoples brains are found to operate.  

None of these things are that important of course for people who are looking for emptying there cup type stuff and raising Thresholds, well for that there are the options that I recommended previously, a recent method that I looked at and thought worthwhile was ‘The Sedona Method’, I just recently received and viewed a complementary DVD and was impressed by its simplicity and power.  I was not keen on the guy but his method and explanation seemed simple when seen in action and the (2hr) dvd worked for me on the demonstration, the huge bundle package offered unfortunately screamed at me over complicated, so I will likely spend a little while deciding its worth, I may well get it and see what I can learn and combine the core basics with the other materials I am already using (Holosync courses, tapping etc) the more I  can push myself in that direction the better things will overtime be.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day as a yankee would say 🙂

Are 24/7 Misery News Channels Healthy

The interesting thing of course about or relating to feedback is that the more I have progressed, the less inclined I am to be interested in some subject matters.  So where once I might have read daily news articles and looked at various 24/7 News Websites, much of the material no longer has appeal to me, 

You could say as I am sure many may that having put yourself through Holosync the desire to be in the same place you started is no longer there.  What does that mean-well quite simply I would prefer to (where possible) only subject myself to positive and uplifting thoughts desires and actions, whether that is reflected in the film and tv that I watch or whatever, it is of course always personal choice.  I think it comes down to how you want your own inner World to be, as opposed to thinking or believing you have to accept unwanted traumas.

As a father I know I have been over protective of my daughter in many respects but I also know that I did not have that as a child myself (or at least did not feel that that was the case).  Whether there are that many differences between generations is of course debatable, the clock might tick-tock and night becomes day yet when you can become centered enough you can realise that all the time is the same time (somewhere around the globe) and that we scratch patterns onto calenders giving ourselves guidelines and measurements that do not really matter  that great a deal.  They can of course matter to people who think in terms of time as money and every moment used wisely or for doing good deeds or having fun is a memory worth being in pursuit of. Having fun raising your aspirations beyond the humdrum has to surely be worth making the effort for.

Of course some people in our lives  are always going to resist our efforts for change and that is to be expected, but you do not have to let that be a bad thing and as I have said previously this blog is simply a thoughts at the time of writing, no-one is forced to read it or not comment.  In fact I can imagine most people who took up the technologies I recommended are already taking less notice of ol’ grumpy less it gets caught like some kind of infection.

No my present research is more involved in gaining a greater awareness of what really matters, you could say that over the years I’ve looked at all sorts of stuff from Horoscopes to Tarot to History and Economics and of course Meditation. The knowledge alone doesn’t actually do anything for me any more, it seemingly has no purpose, whether that is another form of resistance or I’m having a doldrums moment I am unsure.  The pursuit of all the research of course does demonstrate that none of it really matters, or perhaps I need to be motivated to think that it does matter.

The main benefit I believe that any of us is getting Meditationwise is that it does or can help raise our own individual personal vibe-hence my lack of will to watch the dragmedown news etc, If I am to focus on raising my vibe then pursuits of interest might be fun things and spiritual things, or I might use some positive Hypnosis CDs, yes the raising the vibe is what is on my mind at this time, and the more you seek to raise you’re own vibe  you will achieve a point of breaking old long lost unwanted trauma script patterns and the like, hmmmn how can I do to vibe

Thank you for reading,

Happy Mothers Day To Mothers

God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Notional Money

Its has been a few days since my last post and the reason for this is that I wanted the break to think about what area or subject I could write about next.

Notional Money is or for the purposes of this blog (other value ideas may be given elsewhere) Neutral mental Money, sounds strange doesn’t it, what on Earth is that supposed to mean, well you could say that you are mentally Switzerland, and like Switzerland during the conflict known as World War II, I am neutral.

So you could for instance be looking at this for interesting research, or clues on any other area of your life, the data itself is notionally neutral and it is only you as a second or third person that is giving it your own set of values, and it is that set of values that could for instance cause you pain or harm or happyness.  Say for instance if you read my last post ‘Is Britain Really An Island’ and you from that post decide that your own intuition was saying back Manchester United, they lost and your interpretation was wrong because of your own intuition biases rather than anything that I wrote.  

So I have no idea whether we all want to be Switzerland or not, but obviously my not having a vested interest in the interpretation of the readership means that all I am writing is notionally neutral money.  You could say that the poetry I used to write was of a similar nature, but back in those days most of us had too low a threshold, for us to think of these concepts.

The same notionally neutral idea applies to most subjects and areas of life interest that any of us could think off.  Is it optimum to be neutrally Switzerland? Well obviously I am lower down the so-called food chain than others and also higher up the food chain than others, so I rise and fall in accordance with who I am being compared with rather than any one given position.  That principle also applies across subjects, so I might be the best vacuum cleaner user for instance (men cleaning chores) and the worst washer-upper.

I have found that it is way way too easy to make assumptions that later do not hold water or have the values I was projecting due to personal bias.  So this is probably common amongst others also.  I am unsure whether threshold alone makes the difference but the questioning techniques for exploring these issues is well worth investigating.  Those who saw my ‘Who, What, Where, When, Why’ post can maybe understand that finding a successful outcome with a structured methodology is more resourceful than blowing in the wind guessing.

Due to my not having written interaction with others, I have no comparison data to confirm my processes or biases etc etc, and anything that I write will also not be neutral to me, because I wrote it.  I can look at the Centerpointe blog for other writers work who one assumes are using Holosync, but the where is this person in the process question has to be asked, and in asking that question I activate another form of my own biases.

This is probably why you are better off going into business of some description with a steady income, it is potentially safer than continuously guessing sports results, although the latter is more fun.  You could say I have not decided what to do next because I tried other peoples suggested way’s unsuccessfully in the past, so some options seem to be unhelpful dead ends, they clearly work for the individuals doing them, but the assumption the model works across the entire spectrum of everybody is BULLSHIT, It is the equivalent of telling a Quasimodo or Egor that they can win a beauty contest, instead of entering the beaty contest they could be focussing on other things that do not have a looks requirement.  Some people are able to sell on presentation, but then if you have not got any presentation skills again, you can either learn or find an alternative.  Deciding the goal seems to be the best step, followed by indicators of where you are along the route to your goal. 

Oh woe is me.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂


Is Britain Really An Island

Some might say that this is the most ridiculous and stupidest of questions and then proceed to pull out a Map or an Atlas and say look Dave that cyan blue there all around our coastline thats water that is duuuhh!  But of course that again is not the point of imagination and for imaginative people Britain might be said to not count.

What do I mean by this, well how many islands in your imagination hold 60+ million inhabitants, and yes you could I am sure reel off other large-Island states suchas Japan and Australia et al, but you will always miss the point.  For a majority of people when asked about islands will often go to the small desert island scenario of sandy beaches a couple of Palm tree’s and a coral reef lit up by the light of the moon.

The same scaleability of imagination can be demonstrated via imagination for all kinds of events and scenerio’s, you could for instance imagine asking a Whale whether it regards the Ocean and seven Sea’s as an Ocean or a pond.  We are effectively as big or as small as we ourselves choose to be.  

The Soul Singer James Brown used to boast of being the Godfather of Soul and this self agrandizement worked for him in the sense that he went out of his way to live the label.  We had Michael Jackson and Elvis both regarded as The King of Pop and King of Rock n’ Roll  respectively, so you can see perhaps how people imagine or create a title for themselves and to a certain extent all the pieces fell into place enabling them to exist in that place in the mind’s eye of many people.

Going back to The Godfather, we also had Marlon Brando a heavy weight actor fufilling that role in the Glorious and always ever watchable Italian Mafia Godfather Series of Films, he also went on to play the father of Superman in the Christopher Reeve series of Superman films.  So you could say that for many of us we have always been misdirected or ourselves misunderstood or not had the Capacity Of Awareness to see all the little pointers as to how reality merges itself with fiction.

You could say that that my Website was a type of goal statement Website and that in having it there available for all to see, whilst in interaction and discussion on the Centerpointe Website gave many many people an idea or aim, it was a suggestive or imaginative Website name rather than any kind of statement of fact or fiction, people have to do the work for ourselves to make the necessary progress.

My LPIP Success Solution Course is close to coming to an end and I am still to a point wondering what on Earth I can do next (I’ll probably go through all 3 courses again just to be sure I am understanding the material as best as I can).  My latest installment talked of the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor triangle and I hope anyone who see’s those three words can understand how they may also relate to the Riddle of the Sphinx post of a few days ago, and the Fight-Flight-Freeze discussion, that we are all of us flipping or running in parallel or multi-tasking these brain modes.

Bill does in his course offer the idea that escape from long-held scripts is possible, so even if we’ve spent our entire lives living out a script of being a druggie or alcoholic or loss and redemption or I’m not worthy or whatever the script, change and the breaking free from unwanted patterns is possible when we go out and do the work for ourselves.  That is why I’ll be going through the LPIP Course again and taking better notes this time, and why I am unsure what to do with my life, I will always be seeming to have a questionable doubt over the actions of some individuals, who through there own live training’s are what Bill calls DISCOUNTERS, a discounter is generally some individuals who sets about with applume to always DISCOUNT you’re efforts and acheivements, causing you confusion and possibly paranoia and a lack of selftrust.  You could say that certain types of management training activities in some work environments are very much about discounting the efforts of staff, leaving the staff mentally screwed or even paranoid and schizophrenic, and this often happens because the discounting type tactics get handed down from generation to generation of people in all walks of life.  I look forward too my next course installment where Bill assures me he’ll demonstrate ACCOUNTING, which is a countermeasure to the discounting.

Thank you for reading and I will be an accountant soon enough to say be the best Godfather-Godmother you can be, you can always rely on you, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

A Tit Chewed Today Sore Nipple Tomorrow

This statement of course is generally totally irrelevant to me of course because I am a man, mothers of newborns who have chosen to breastfeed however are very likely to be aware of sore nipples and the like.

I of course use this as another example of identifying problems that people cause to others, inadvertently through a lack of awareness of there own language.  I have been told many times in some environments that I have a such-and-such attitude, my counter argument is I am a man and no-one chews on my moobs.

Yes who has a bad a tit chewed in your life, or who actually thinks he’s a woman?  These sexual orally fixated deviants reveal themselves in the language that they choose to employ, when you take the language they use and explain that they aren’t women and should not be using such language, they will likely ignore your concerns as pedantic or come up with some other projected justification, as though they have been attacked.  All I am doing is pointing out the flaws that some people have in there mental realities so they can better be aware of there own issues.

This sort of thing is of course either extremism or fun dependant on how far your own individual journey has progressed, yet as I mentioned previously I really am trying to get across this idea that all sounds to all humans are pretty much the same, regardless of where you are in the World. Only the way we filter them and interprete them and so on is cause for change.

Going back to the Hayek-Keynes Economics debate, you could say that Keynes was very much about Action and Endevour and Influence in the “Real-World” whilst Hayek was very much “Classical Old School” Conceptual Theories, I in what I have been writing over the last few years have been attempting to lead people to “BRIDGE” the gaps between the positions, but more importantly I have tried to demonstrate that no-way is absolutely 100% right and that the best any of us can endevour to achieve is an optimisation of balance between theory and reality and reducing our filter blocks is a helpful mechanism in this procedure.

There is of course the argument that we have filters for a reason, and that is true, yet a filter you thought you needed as an infant or teenager or adult or pensioner is not necessarily a filter that you want or need now, I have found that the more I have progressed the less I actually want the so-called mental blocks and filters and the high levels of frustration that comes with them.  Exercising and challenging yourself to uproot long lost filters can be tough but also rewarding, and I have demonstrated and recommended technologies that help everyone so that everyone has choice.

Most people that are a few years in in these technologies tend to be more proactive in there approach to life and how they want to be, whether that comes naturally or is felt to be hard fought for I am unsure, but the find a reinterpretation or how can I turn this seeming loss or flaw or setback or knockback into a positive does become easier.  The motivation problem is and has been the biggest challenge for myself, in a sense you could say that the free-er you yourself become the more you see (in some ways) the unnecessary suffering of others around you, yet there is little to be done for people who reject the idea that there may be a better way for everyone.

You can probably or not probably realise that the idea of endless possibilities can in themselves become a seemingly hazardess bind of walking through a minefield backwards blindfolded.  The layers of complexity that our ego defence mechanisms throw up can become worse before things get better.  Rather like an explosion where an inward sucking in effect happens just before the outward bound devastation occurs. (You have to look at a slow-motion video of an explosion to understand this effect).  You could say you reach a hiatus of seeming constriction like Houdini in a box in an asylum suit trying to escape the layers of locks and chains before going on to recieve the applause of the audience.

Thank you fore reading, God bless and may your own World be one of Reality 🙂

Mad Dogs and English Scum

This of course is a play on the title of a well known poem and one that English travellers going anywhere in the World had best be aware of.  I say this following on from yesterdays brief account of my experience of living in West Wales. 

Many English travellers, the public and people in general are absolutely blindsided by the British media’s and how we are regarded or portrayed in the rest of the World.  We British are encouraged to boast of our former Empire and claiming Sovereignty over a third of the World.  The fact that the Empire was built on unparallelled levels of War, Savagery, Murder and Mayhem, and unrivalled scheming underhandedness is totally glossed over in a manner that the gassing of a few Jews is glossed over by Neo-Nazis.


I recall a Holiday to Egypt a few years ago, where as you do, I socialised with other Holiday makers, I got on particularly well with some Saudi Arabs staying in the same Hotel, and the only thing that upset them was that I was English, they had assumed I was Australian, the pained looks on some peoples faces when I said I was English said it all, the need for CONGRUENCE with History and with what your own Countries media and teachers say etc etc causes pain.  

The economics that I have been reading up on is very encouraging, but as I am sure many of you are aware it is actually quite plain and simple.  You find a famous rival in any given or chosen field and then attack them repeatly or correspond in a discussion of your disagreements over a given issue, of course this does require that you have appropriate knowledge of your chosen field.  That was pretty much the Hayek versus Keynes story.  You can also see this in the music charts and so on, we had Oasis versus Blur a few years back, now its Lady Gaga versus Adele versus Taylor Swift and on and so on.  You can see it in the movie and film and television industry.  You could see it in my interaction with Bill Harris,my being swatted away like a fly yet at the same time, he was always in a position to take seeds of an idea and then act on it in his own Wider World and his circle of contacts and Entrepreneurs.

Some rivalries are worth having as they can propel both sides to fame and fortune and so on.  The problem for those of us in the lower echelons of society is of course that most day-to-day rivalries are not worth having, they are junk so junk them and focus on how you are going to propel yourself to a more prosperous and rewarding life etc. 

The othe big big issue is this one of attack, there are ways of writing and wording that are civil and appropriate to keep the equilibrium and rivalries and discussions going and then there are those that just cause people to shut down and the shutting people down is not what anyone really wants to do if they are going to be success.  You could say I shut down in my work environment because I was relentlessly attacked on issues I knew nothing of, and therefore was unable to defend.

Yes there is understanding that everyone can be empowered through these technologies to be the all powerful Oz or that everyone is an angel or part of god or the whole going on of it all, but you are never going to achieve what you want through the misrepresentations, misunderstandings or misguidedness that is common in society.

Going back to the pride and prejudice issues, yes there are many things that are worth taking pride in-in simplistic terms such as health and hygiene and maybe appearance but do not be fooled into thinking yourself above or below, superior or inferior to anyone else.

Always be aware that I am not trying to put words in your mouth and that you are not the only person reading, if you have a bad reaction to something do some EFT/Chakra tapping question where and why you had that reaction your faster results will speak for themselves.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂