Mad Dogs and English Scum

This of course is a play on the title of a well known poem and one that English travellers going anywhere in the World had best be aware of.  I say this following on from yesterdays brief account of my experience of living in West Wales. 

Many English travellers, the public and people in general are absolutely blindsided by the British media’s and how we are regarded or portrayed in the rest of the World.  We British are encouraged to boast of our former Empire and claiming Sovereignty over a third of the World.  The fact that the Empire was built on unparallelled levels of War, Savagery, Murder and Mayhem, and unrivalled scheming underhandedness is totally glossed over in a manner that the gassing of a few Jews is glossed over by Neo-Nazis.


I recall a Holiday to Egypt a few years ago, where as you do, I socialised with other Holiday makers, I got on particularly well with some Saudi Arabs staying in the same Hotel, and the only thing that upset them was that I was English, they had assumed I was Australian, the pained looks on some peoples faces when I said I was English said it all, the need for CONGRUENCE with History and with what your own Countries media and teachers say etc etc causes pain.  

The economics that I have been reading up on is very encouraging, but as I am sure many of you are aware it is actually quite plain and simple.  You find a famous rival in any given or chosen field and then attack them repeatly or correspond in a discussion of your disagreements over a given issue, of course this does require that you have appropriate knowledge of your chosen field.  That was pretty much the Hayek versus Keynes story.  You can also see this in the music charts and so on, we had Oasis versus Blur a few years back, now its Lady Gaga versus Adele versus Taylor Swift and on and so on.  You can see it in the movie and film and television industry.  You could see it in my interaction with Bill Harris,my being swatted away like a fly yet at the same time, he was always in a position to take seeds of an idea and then act on it in his own Wider World and his circle of contacts and Entrepreneurs.

Some rivalries are worth having as they can propel both sides to fame and fortune and so on.  The problem for those of us in the lower echelons of society is of course that most day-to-day rivalries are not worth having, they are junk so junk them and focus on how you are going to propel yourself to a more prosperous and rewarding life etc. 

The othe big big issue is this one of attack, there are ways of writing and wording that are civil and appropriate to keep the equilibrium and rivalries and discussions going and then there are those that just cause people to shut down and the shutting people down is not what anyone really wants to do if they are going to be success.  You could say I shut down in my work environment because I was relentlessly attacked on issues I knew nothing of, and therefore was unable to defend.

Yes there is understanding that everyone can be empowered through these technologies to be the all powerful Oz or that everyone is an angel or part of god or the whole going on of it all, but you are never going to achieve what you want through the misrepresentations, misunderstandings or misguidedness that is common in society.

Going back to the pride and prejudice issues, yes there are many things that are worth taking pride in-in simplistic terms such as health and hygiene and maybe appearance but do not be fooled into thinking yourself above or below, superior or inferior to anyone else.

Always be aware that I am not trying to put words in your mouth and that you are not the only person reading, if you have a bad reaction to something do some EFT/Chakra tapping question where and why you had that reaction your faster results will speak for themselves.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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