Is Britain Really An Island

Some might say that this is the most ridiculous and stupidest of questions and then proceed to pull out a Map or an Atlas and say look Dave that cyan blue there all around our coastline thats water that is duuuhh!  But of course that again is not the point of imagination and for imaginative people Britain might be said to not count.

What do I mean by this, well how many islands in your imagination hold 60+ million inhabitants, and yes you could I am sure reel off other large-Island states suchas Japan and Australia et al, but you will always miss the point.  For a majority of people when asked about islands will often go to the small desert island scenario of sandy beaches a couple of Palm tree’s and a coral reef lit up by the light of the moon.

The same scaleability of imagination can be demonstrated via imagination for all kinds of events and scenerio’s, you could for instance imagine asking a Whale whether it regards the Ocean and seven Sea’s as an Ocean or a pond.  We are effectively as big or as small as we ourselves choose to be.  

The Soul Singer James Brown used to boast of being the Godfather of Soul and this self agrandizement worked for him in the sense that he went out of his way to live the label.  We had Michael Jackson and Elvis both regarded as The King of Pop and King of Rock n’ Roll  respectively, so you can see perhaps how people imagine or create a title for themselves and to a certain extent all the pieces fell into place enabling them to exist in that place in the mind’s eye of many people.

Going back to The Godfather, we also had Marlon Brando a heavy weight actor fufilling that role in the Glorious and always ever watchable Italian Mafia Godfather Series of Films, he also went on to play the father of Superman in the Christopher Reeve series of Superman films.  So you could say that for many of us we have always been misdirected or ourselves misunderstood or not had the Capacity Of Awareness to see all the little pointers as to how reality merges itself with fiction.

You could say that that my Website was a type of goal statement Website and that in having it there available for all to see, whilst in interaction and discussion on the Centerpointe Website gave many many people an idea or aim, it was a suggestive or imaginative Website name rather than any kind of statement of fact or fiction, people have to do the work for ourselves to make the necessary progress.

My LPIP Success Solution Course is close to coming to an end and I am still to a point wondering what on Earth I can do next (I’ll probably go through all 3 courses again just to be sure I am understanding the material as best as I can).  My latest installment talked of the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor triangle and I hope anyone who see’s those three words can understand how they may also relate to the Riddle of the Sphinx post of a few days ago, and the Fight-Flight-Freeze discussion, that we are all of us flipping or running in parallel or multi-tasking these brain modes.

Bill does in his course offer the idea that escape from long-held scripts is possible, so even if we’ve spent our entire lives living out a script of being a druggie or alcoholic or loss and redemption or I’m not worthy or whatever the script, change and the breaking free from unwanted patterns is possible when we go out and do the work for ourselves.  That is why I’ll be going through the LPIP Course again and taking better notes this time, and why I am unsure what to do with my life, I will always be seeming to have a questionable doubt over the actions of some individuals, who through there own live training’s are what Bill calls DISCOUNTERS, a discounter is generally some individuals who sets about with applume to always DISCOUNT you’re efforts and acheivements, causing you confusion and possibly paranoia and a lack of selftrust.  You could say that certain types of management training activities in some work environments are very much about discounting the efforts of staff, leaving the staff mentally screwed or even paranoid and schizophrenic, and this often happens because the discounting type tactics get handed down from generation to generation of people in all walks of life.  I look forward too my next course installment where Bill assures me he’ll demonstrate ACCOUNTING, which is a countermeasure to the discounting.

Thank you for reading and I will be an accountant soon enough to say be the best Godfather-Godmother you can be, you can always rely on you, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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