Notional Money

Its has been a few days since my last post and the reason for this is that I wanted the break to think about what area or subject I could write about next.

Notional Money is or for the purposes of this blog (other value ideas may be given elsewhere) Neutral mental Money, sounds strange doesn’t it, what on Earth is that supposed to mean, well you could say that you are mentally Switzerland, and like Switzerland during the conflict known as World War II, I am neutral.

So you could for instance be looking at this for interesting research, or clues on any other area of your life, the data itself is notionally neutral and it is only you as a second or third person that is giving it your own set of values, and it is that set of values that could for instance cause you pain or harm or happyness.  Say for instance if you read my last post ‘Is Britain Really An Island’ and you from that post decide that your own intuition was saying back Manchester United, they lost and your interpretation was wrong because of your own intuition biases rather than anything that I wrote.  

So I have no idea whether we all want to be Switzerland or not, but obviously my not having a vested interest in the interpretation of the readership means that all I am writing is notionally neutral money.  You could say that the poetry I used to write was of a similar nature, but back in those days most of us had too low a threshold, for us to think of these concepts.

The same notionally neutral idea applies to most subjects and areas of life interest that any of us could think off.  Is it optimum to be neutrally Switzerland? Well obviously I am lower down the so-called food chain than others and also higher up the food chain than others, so I rise and fall in accordance with who I am being compared with rather than any one given position.  That principle also applies across subjects, so I might be the best vacuum cleaner user for instance (men cleaning chores) and the worst washer-upper.

I have found that it is way way too easy to make assumptions that later do not hold water or have the values I was projecting due to personal bias.  So this is probably common amongst others also.  I am unsure whether threshold alone makes the difference but the questioning techniques for exploring these issues is well worth investigating.  Those who saw my ‘Who, What, Where, When, Why’ post can maybe understand that finding a successful outcome with a structured methodology is more resourceful than blowing in the wind guessing.

Due to my not having written interaction with others, I have no comparison data to confirm my processes or biases etc etc, and anything that I write will also not be neutral to me, because I wrote it.  I can look at the Centerpointe blog for other writers work who one assumes are using Holosync, but the where is this person in the process question has to be asked, and in asking that question I activate another form of my own biases.

This is probably why you are better off going into business of some description with a steady income, it is potentially safer than continuously guessing sports results, although the latter is more fun.  You could say I have not decided what to do next because I tried other peoples suggested way’s unsuccessfully in the past, so some options seem to be unhelpful dead ends, they clearly work for the individuals doing them, but the assumption the model works across the entire spectrum of everybody is BULLSHIT, It is the equivalent of telling a Quasimodo or Egor that they can win a beauty contest, instead of entering the beaty contest they could be focussing on other things that do not have a looks requirement.  Some people are able to sell on presentation, but then if you have not got any presentation skills again, you can either learn or find an alternative.  Deciding the goal seems to be the best step, followed by indicators of where you are along the route to your goal. 

Oh woe is me.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂


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