Are 24/7 Misery News Channels Healthy

The interesting thing of course about or relating to feedback is that the more I have progressed, the less inclined I am to be interested in some subject matters.  So where once I might have read daily news articles and looked at various 24/7 News Websites, much of the material no longer has appeal to me, 

You could say as I am sure many may that having put yourself through Holosync the desire to be in the same place you started is no longer there.  What does that mean-well quite simply I would prefer to (where possible) only subject myself to positive and uplifting thoughts desires and actions, whether that is reflected in the film and tv that I watch or whatever, it is of course always personal choice.  I think it comes down to how you want your own inner World to be, as opposed to thinking or believing you have to accept unwanted traumas.

As a father I know I have been over protective of my daughter in many respects but I also know that I did not have that as a child myself (or at least did not feel that that was the case).  Whether there are that many differences between generations is of course debatable, the clock might tick-tock and night becomes day yet when you can become centered enough you can realise that all the time is the same time (somewhere around the globe) and that we scratch patterns onto calenders giving ourselves guidelines and measurements that do not really matter  that great a deal.  They can of course matter to people who think in terms of time as money and every moment used wisely or for doing good deeds or having fun is a memory worth being in pursuit of. Having fun raising your aspirations beyond the humdrum has to surely be worth making the effort for.

Of course some people in our lives  are always going to resist our efforts for change and that is to be expected, but you do not have to let that be a bad thing and as I have said previously this blog is simply a thoughts at the time of writing, no-one is forced to read it or not comment.  In fact I can imagine most people who took up the technologies I recommended are already taking less notice of ol’ grumpy less it gets caught like some kind of infection.

No my present research is more involved in gaining a greater awareness of what really matters, you could say that over the years I’ve looked at all sorts of stuff from Horoscopes to Tarot to History and Economics and of course Meditation. The knowledge alone doesn’t actually do anything for me any more, it seemingly has no purpose, whether that is another form of resistance or I’m having a doldrums moment I am unsure.  The pursuit of all the research of course does demonstrate that none of it really matters, or perhaps I need to be motivated to think that it does matter.

The main benefit I believe that any of us is getting Meditationwise is that it does or can help raise our own individual personal vibe-hence my lack of will to watch the dragmedown news etc, If I am to focus on raising my vibe then pursuits of interest might be fun things and spiritual things, or I might use some positive Hypnosis CDs, yes the raising the vibe is what is on my mind at this time, and the more you seek to raise you’re own vibe  you will achieve a point of breaking old long lost unwanted trauma script patterns and the like, hmmmn how can I do to vibe

Thank you for reading,

Happy Mothers Day To Mothers

God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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