You Are Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off

This a well known quote from the ever popular original movie version of ‘The Italian Job’ and, the reason I turn my thoughts to this are quite simply the imparting of knowledge that may or may not help others in there understanding of how many of these things are worked out.

You could say that ever since the Holy Roman Empire and its subsequent demise and breaking up occurred that vernacular languages took over the previously and quite religiously enforced Latin Language.  Yet one of the great ironies was that many works from more ancient times had been translated into Latin and these works for the supposed sake of posterity were often times then translated into the various vernacular (regional by Country) languages.

The interest in translating between so many vernacular languages has been a boom industry ever since with huge discussion taking place and so on.  My own interest came through my writing of poetry and verse, where throughout the centuries great effort has been made to ascertain as near as possible syntax and rhythm patterns of various languages.  

Pretty much all languages have there own patterns and rhythms and emphasis and volume and masculine feminine and vocal properties, that can never truly be replicated in textual format.  Much of the psychological work that goes into some forms of Stimulation Hypnosis products are very often exposing people to more Worldwide type rhythm and sound and patterning than they may be used to. I happen to be reading Dante’s Inferno at the present time, not easy for some readers but I just fancied going back to poetry, and this is simply a Long poem translated from Italian, with all the dramatization that language offers.

I have also recently read ‘The Art Of War’ a supposed chinese ancient classic that could easily be read by a primary school reader in a few hours, yet is constantly quoted as an important work by lots of famous luminaries, I was very dissappointed.

A book for the lover of Detective stories ‘How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes’ was actually very interesting and written by a Russian born US psychologist who was brought up listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in Russian.  She explains some of the current research into the mysterious workings of the human brain by comparing fictional Mr Elementary with his fictional biographer Watson, explaining the ways in which differing peoples brains are found to operate.  

None of these things are that important of course for people who are looking for emptying there cup type stuff and raising Thresholds, well for that there are the options that I recommended previously, a recent method that I looked at and thought worthwhile was ‘The Sedona Method’, I just recently received and viewed a complementary DVD and was impressed by its simplicity and power.  I was not keen on the guy but his method and explanation seemed simple when seen in action and the (2hr) dvd worked for me on the demonstration, the huge bundle package offered unfortunately screamed at me over complicated, so I will likely spend a little while deciding its worth, I may well get it and see what I can learn and combine the core basics with the other materials I am already using (Holosync courses, tapping etc) the more I  can push myself in that direction the better things will overtime be.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day as a yankee would say 🙂

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