Different Strokes

Wow do ya remember the theme tune he says as an aside. Well I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, me I have just been going about my quiet life.  I recently finished the Holosync courses though of course am thankfully able to run through it all again and I am sure I’ll not be the only one.

Of course I should have a break first and a recent Email I received from Learning Strategies offering some free access to Paraliminals gave me an idea.  So I went and dug out and dusted off the complete Paraliminals set that I bought as an impulse buy a year or two ago and finally got around to actually listening to it.

How does Paraliminals fair?  Well unlike other general Hypnosis materials I’ve looked at Paraliminals is far more modular and differing groups of CDs can be combined for particular purposes.  Each CD had 1 or 2 Paraliminal soundtracks for a named specific issue.   On the whole they were quite old technology (a pet annoyance was references to the tape, but aside from that they were a different form of technology to Holosync and other technologies I’ve personally looked at.  The Paraliminal effect was actually enjoyable and the script routines did feel as though they were doing something, so overall I would say try before you buy, there is a free offer this week from the Learning Strategies website so have a listen, why not.

Many of these types of technologies are not only about emptying the cup but also perhaps correcting or removing obstacles, which are generally excuses we give ourselves for not doing this that or the other, the Paraliminal was more directed for that market (In my opinion).  So you could say it may help remove the mental blocks we have to being successful or wealthy or healthy or whatever, I have a basic package collection of 20+ CDs with a newer Accelerator set of CDs too (which I haven’t yet looked at).  The style of the overall sound on top of the Paraliminals varied from disc to disc but there was far more variety than you might get from say Paul Mckenna or Richard Bandler or Eric von Sydow, and the Paraliminal Effect much like the Holosync Effect is what raises it to a higher place in the ratings.

It is to early to tell whether the CDs will change my life but I waited to finish the Holosync course  before trying them and Paraliminals could be a logical progression for some people if not myself,.  The basic concept is that despite us all telling ourselves you can’t teach an old dog new tricks your brain is actually constantly working all the time, so you may as well try out technologies that help make it work for you with awareness than without.

have a nice day, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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