Is There A Volcano Deep Beneath That Iceberg

Well I decided to sit this week out and enjoy the awe inspiring master of his craft that is Paul Scheele, of course having previously had know experience of his work I was in the dark as much as everyone else as to the contents and free teachings given in “Ultimate You Mindfest”. Yes I fortunately bought the Paraliminals in the past yet had never actually used them, such is the nature of impulse buys that I am sure many people can relate to-those clothes that looked good in the shop but never quite make it into usage and clog up our wardrobes and so on.

Well the course certainly gave myself multiple new perspectives and ways of looking at things which I was perhaps not open too or aware of previously, the most beneficial sessions for myself within that selection were the initial new version of making money, Chakras/Jack Canfield one and the Intuition Amplifier one-all of which are not in my present collection (what am I to do lol).  Well when someone gives you such a clear set of thought processes on all the issues and concepts that you have struggled to put across effectively you simply have to listen (In my opinion).   

I hope now that those people who listened to myself are far better able to understand the concepts and so forth that I have struggled to sell effectively.  You could say I knew why I was leading and encouraging folks in particular directions such as opening the chakras for instance but was never able to articulate the ideas as masterly as Paul Scheels has done throughout this week.  The Learning Strategies website also has a selection of recommended books and of course courses so everyone can choose from a large multiple selection of directions they would like there lives to go in.

I will now reflect on the title of this piece “Is There A Volcano Beneath That Iceberg”, I was trying to think of visual ways of combining the elements that we all take for granted in our day to day lives-those of air water fire and earth and found myself asking ‘how can I have fire in water’ and of course the intial response is that water puts out fire and we CANT, I then said but WHAT-IF and came up with the Volcano get-around (Its a work in progress) the Volcano (Earth) spews forth its molten lava (fire) into the sea (water) and yes the fire doesn’t remain as fire but a chain reaction of processes takes place resulting in the freeing of moloecules etc creating air (Air).

What about the Iceberg-well I was struck by the pyramid imagery concept given in the intuition amplifier and wondered (I like to wonder) at the possible translations to other areas of life, the pyramid of course is man-made much like our modern tower of babel skyscrapers-where nature creates icebergs and mountains and so on with zero help from us humans.  We are always trying to recreate and re-invent all those aspects of nature that our control freakery can never control and in so doing are always challenging the status quo.

Hieroglyphs (going back to pyramids) are of course visual representations and it was not only the Egyptians who used them-they are common throughout many ancient civilisations, much like well articulated versions of our early childhood scribblings and early attempts at drawings before we go to school and learn alphabets and so on.   

So what next well the choice is always best left to the individual-I personally decided to buy myself a couple of the courses to improve my own skills-some may say that is unnessessary but I am someone who enjoys learning these things and even if I am not the best-I can at least take satisfaction that I looked for better ways and in some ways have found and indeed experienced them.

I have not seen facebook at all this week but went on earlier and noticed a particular birthday girl highlighted who has long been a favourite amongst my facebook lists so happy birthday chick 🙂 xx

Thank you for reading be well and may your own believe system be congruent with you. 🙂

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