So How Does Your New World Appear Different

This type of question is simply an exercise for folks to think in terms of before and after.  If you are able to recall how the World seemed a couple of years ago at the beginning of Holosync usage to how it seems now.  You could say I am fortunate in the sense that I can look at my own writings before and after yet much of what I used to write never made sense (much of the verse) anyways.

Obviously how I change and view the World will not necessarily reflect how others have changed  in Worldview and outlook.  In some people I can see that huge shifts have happened and I can state and say I am glad or happy for them, others who took up the challenge do not outwardly appear to have changed at all in behaviour and outlook, almost as if the tools were just there to reinforce what they already believed about themselves and the World.  Is that good or bad? It is neither merely an observation.  

We are all aware of sayings suchas Leopards not changing their spots and to some degree that does appear to be the case, at least outwardly with some folks, given that we are in a World of 7 Billion people all of whom contribute to the Global Eco-System that is only to be expected.  Likewise some folks’ always had there Heart in the right places anyway and simply struggled with lifes great contradictions.

I think that the thinking speed and inner peace or calmness allows us to not be so reactive to Drama Kings and Queens that we encounter as we go about our lives.  I often find myself questioning whether I need to be interested in the projections or imperialistic tendencies that some folks are incapable of controlling, the ability to be thoughtful or shrug ones shoulders or laugh or respond with counter-projections are all their and all usable yet I often just go on my way, walking on by like the bad Samaritan, why? well I tried to help people to help themselves and became a target of abuse and ridicule, as more folks tried the technologies much of the nonsense thankfully stopped, but I certainly will not be courting such issues again, especially as many of nonsenses/issues were never mine to begin with.  

As has been stated many times by the ‘experts’ many of the releasing techniques and so on are highly counter-intuitive, we can often be hoarders by nature and action, I used to love this type of contradiction seen in Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck cartoons with Duck Season Rabbit Season arguments and Daffy’s “It’s mine mine all mine” upon finding treasure hoards.  The counter-intuitiveness comes from allowing the greed and desire for possession to go, this can be all the more harder for those of us who grew up in scarcity conscious households and so on.   In the Harry Potter World it is sort of demonstrated by the ‘Mirror of Erised’ you can look that up for yourselves.

The more releasing work and letting go I have done the more I have found myself feeling almost ‘Electrically’ charged, and that is possibly something for others to look forward to in the future if you have not yet had that experience for yourself.  Our World ‘appears’ solid and we bodily hoard and trap so many things yet the more release work that is done the more you can see think and feel and experience for yourself that that is part of this on-off black-white duality illusion.  You can probably describe it as levels of flow state, some folks are probably always in that state of impermanence where most of us are working towards that (I think), it again is choice, some folks are perfectly happy with low levels or just enough awareness and it is not for me to say this is better or that is better.

When you do much of the letting go work, you are to some extend raising your vibe, some (more sensitive) people (usually women) become less triggered or calmer merely by your presence because they can sense your own inner peace and it sort of spreads.  Some folks are totally oblivious to it, or have such huge and massive ego’s that they believe themselves responsible (that may or may not well be the case), who truly can state categorically that they know what goes on in the body-soul-mind of others. 

Some may wonder about that effect, it also relates to the two coins effect or two strings effect that you are already aware of (I have mentioned it previously), when one string of an instrument is plucked for instance any other string of the same note in the environment will resonate (we are often oblivious to this because of environmental noise but it is well studied and true) Some of you may have heard of collapsing bridges & buildings that collapsed through vibrational resonance with surrounding atmospherics and so on.

So you raise your vibe and that vibe naturally resonates from you and is harmonically reflected by the environments you are in, some folks are aware enough or sensitive enough to notice, they may even test it moving into your personal space and so on, when they fail to get the normal response they want or expect they may dismiss it and move on, I believe I have had one or two folks try to elicit fear responses from myself and failure was dismissed as my not being aware of them in my zone, that is not to say I no longer fear, merely that I have let go of much unnecessary garbage and refuse to be put back in self imposed cages.   Fear of an oncoming madman or stranger with an axe is potentially life saving, fear of someone testing your self control or restraint is insignificant.  Your unconscious will nearly always be able to tell the difference and cause you to act appropriately (He hopes 🙂 ) before you know what is happening.

These are just some representations of things I have noticed as I have progressed, none are absolutes and all should be taken in context of your own experiences and progressions.

Thank you for reading and In a while crocodile 🙂

So What Can Be Learned From The Best

As soon as I had written this title of course the thought sprang to mind that deciding on a ‘BEST’ is of course quite a subjective activity.  We all have differing sets of needs and requirements and what we think our own lives are demanding from us.

I will say that meditation allows us the opportunity to step back from aforementioned needs and requirements and better see a bigger picture or if need be zoom in and focus on a localised picture.

The system and processes are your own to develop, I generally seek to be pragmatic as to what will work for myself and what won’t.  For instance I’ve enjoyed the ‘Writing The Wave’ book material as it assists in lateral thinking and getting the mental cogs spinning and whirling and in combination with my lyric and verse makes and brings up many connections that I would not necessarily normally see.  Many outright ‘Healing’ processes whilst they may well indeed work are quite dull and bland when used as standalone products, which is why I like the combinatorial approach.

So I wrote recently that you could use the “Last night I dreamt…” process from the Writing the wave book to identify a theme, and that theme would likely be UNIQUE to you in you’re own life until you have resolved or dissolved it.  You could then in having identified a theme switch to ‘The Sedona Method’ to create a goal of dealing with that theme.

For instance you might set a goal of “I allow myself to release with ease throughout my workday” if you have identified a theme of resistance or stress buildup in your working day.   You could also combine that with Erika’s HBR and do some EFT/Chakra tapping on the theme of your Sedona Goal identified by your Writing The Wave process.

So yes investing in complete Healing courses can be expensive (if like myself) you have financial issues.   But you can always find workarounds until your financial obligations allow otherwise. 

So I (because of my own experience) will in all liklihood always recommend the largest investment made be the meditation (Holosync is my preferred Tool) after that you can do what I have done and look at just the books for many of these types of courses.  I do like The Learning Strategies stuff but at several hundred dollars a pop for DVD/CD courses, it can be wiser to stick with identifiable core requirements.  You may in future get all the weird and wonderful offerings, but if you meditate and take advantage of the freebies when they are offered then you are already working towards solutions.   I enjoyed the recent ‘Ultimate You’ freebie and have signed up for the ‘Feng Shui’ freebie, will I upgrade (unlikely) but I will take whatever learning and teachings I can at the time of the freebie.

Goal Writing strategies underpins the paraliminal box set that I bought, and goal writing also underpins Sedona and the Holosync Life Integration Principles courses.  So they are teaching effective goal writing which can often be the difference between ‘I want’ and ‘I allow’ (I hope you can see the difference) I want is a future ofset, I allow suggests the NOW.

I have not kept up with this blog as much as I had intended but that is because I am working and juggling with life just as are many of you, I personally feel I am at a stage where witnessing is no longer a personal priority, I am more interested in releasing and allowing myself to be healthy wealthy and in an expansive state of personal growth, better that than continued stagnation.

Thank you for reading and I will be back in a moment 🙂

Of Course Green Is Just One Of A Multitude Of Colours

Yep every colour in the visible spectrum has been used in revolutionary talk at some stage or other when you sit down and look at the History books.  We have had calls for Red Revolutions quite a bit during the last Century but that was just another colouring on top of many others. You could probably work through a crayola revolutions list and see which colours are most popular and those the least popular in your own mind were you an artist. It is much like the chocolate selection box where all the nuts get eaten last or the toffees or the white chocolates, strange how everyone has there own unique taste and prioritising algorythms though ofcourse they are not thought about in this manner.

Witnessing by bringing your unconscious into your own outward awareness could of course simply be done in the manner of making notes on thoughts feelings actions tastes that you are having in any given moment.  One of the strangest phenomena I recall from my childhood days was that ‘Arty’ types were generally regarded as the dropouts etc etc and then you would turn on the Hypno box and see all those types of folks supposedly at the leading edge of society with nonsense art revolutions be they in fashion or sculpture or whatever, this of course craws in the throat of many who have laboured to get exam results to not be a dropout.  Is there a happy medium? 

Well I do not see why people who are regarded as good/bad/indifferent by school teacher commentators in one field cannot persue interest in subjects anyway inspite of said commentaries.  I regretted dropping physics for years and years after leaving school and the reasons were not my own when I later looked at the scenerio.  My ‘Religious’ parents always had a running conflict with my ‘Scientist’ teacher, and my own abilities in that field were completely disregarded in school reports and the like because of that politics and the BULLSHIT ‘ADVICE’ I was given to drop Physics as not being good enough (In spite of being in the top 10 % in exam results). (I later returned college and demonstrated this in getting Electronics Engineering qualifications before then going to Uni, I had to leave Uni through personal circumstances, but that was not through lack of ability in the subject areas I was studying).

There are no non-players-even the best behaved and law abiding of people have all the same mental games running around there heads etc etc unless they have taken action as I and some of you have to reduce the clutter and traffic.  Better to get to a point of focus that you can confidently state as your own than constantly fall prey to commentators and manipulators and so on that is of course if you want greater self-reliance, improved health and so on.  Some people prefer to rely on others and that is fine as a choice but do not then complain about having made such choices.

So if you were going to have a revolution what colour would you choose? Of course we often want to regard ourselves as transparent yet even in those type of regard some form of ‘symbolic’ representation is given, if not through colour then elements suchas metals diamonds etc etc, 

Some of you are interested in how the notes in music are given relationships with colours and the like, well you can either just make it up for yourself if you are artistically inclined, if you want to stick like glue to scientific thought then you have to get the scientific studies done people suchas Stephen Hawking etc, I think it was Johannes Kepler

who did a great deal of work in that area scientifically (or what passed for science in those days), the problem for much of science these days is they have locked themselves into digging holes and then spend all the next generation trying to reverse without losing face and so on.  What we know now as to what we knew then, notmuch different frommost peoples lives except of  course 

any one of us can look to the gaps in knowledge and simply make a niche for ourselves or seek to fill in the spaces-some of you may recall I wrote Stag a deer a male dear as a counter verse to Doe a deer, that was partly for humour and partly to demonstrate that absolutely anyone can pick wholes or Identify gaps in markets and then go on to exploit them (If they so wish) you do not even have to exploit you simply invent a new layer of required learning or speciality (as they do in medicine and science)  If you want to be a Psychic invent a new field of chalk dust reading and so on, the only limitations are those we give ourselves and if we are giving ourselves limitations then the first question must be WHY?

Thank you for reading, and God Bless 🙂

So What Is The Green Revolution?

We often hear of these types of sayings without any due consideration of what they may actually mean, do we not?  I say this of course on the assumption that I have a dumb audience and that in itself is rude and inconsiderate and not at all how it was intended to come across.

So Green Revolution huh? well it could simply mean Contrary Mary is doing some gardening as in the old Nursery Rhyme, I can personally only recall fragments such is the importance to my mindset but what else? Ah The green Revolution “we will not eat our greens” say the rest of the school children upon hearing how social favourite Tommy dislikes peas and anything green on his plate, a strange phenomena given that up until that point all had happily chomped away on the green stuff, no?

Well Ah-in fits and starts of jealous rage a group of total bankers turn into a group of marauding incredible hulk type creatures intent on the destruction of all who cross there paths? No well now I am beginning to struggle ummmm, the green revolution ummmmn Oh no what the hell is that green stuff in this nappy, OMG thats womens work, from now on I shall endeavour to allow you to do what comes naturally to you dear as my being a man makes me clearly incapapable of such activities.

Of course we also have many sports that revolve around greens, bowling greens, the green beige, the tennis court, football and rugby fields the list goes on and on, hmmn what else what else urrrggggg

Ah Money I remember a time when money was green and coinage for lower denominations did not exist, nope anyone with a green pound note was king and multiples thereof only increased peoples ateention spans, of course we civilised English gave up the Green Notes in favour of fake Gold coinage some years ago, not like them Yanks still harping on the value of the Greenback Also known as the Dollar.  Of course the World has had the Dollar as the Worlds reserve currency for as long as most of us can remember, and anyone who knows History will understand that many nations have fought and to some degree worked against that state of affairs.  You could say that the former Soviet Union was an area that was a different currency block and you would be correct but internationally even the Soviets often had to deal in Dollars. Of course it is often said that the Euro currency block is another attempt to replace the Dollar as top currency especially since the US is pretty much owned (in financial terms) by its own debt to China, it has actually been calculated that China could wipe most World Currencies of the face of the Earth were it not for the careful money management of the Chinese Government but again we then get dragged into counter-point politics so loved by double-dealing politicians and the like.

Yes there are many many areas of green, we often relate sickness to feeling green also, I in my former role as a medic used to wear a green hat in my place of,work, that has now of course changed and the reasons for that type of change are unfortunate or fortunate depending on your own adherence to colour coding and monopoly board politics.

Can you think of anymore? Let me know

Thank you for reading and God Bless 🙂

So Where Is The Difference At?

This is of course a question that many people may ask in relation to gaining financial independence at the same time as having spending recommendations and suggestions made.  I will give my own quick overview based on my experience to date.


Holosync does (IMO) the best work in breaking the mental barriers that prevent many of us from gaining awareness.

Learning Strategies does the best work in redirecting and improving focus of the newly acheived awareness.IE. We no longer have to be reactive to nonsenses/distractions etc, we can be calmer and more centered:-WISER

The Sedona Method (from my brief tests and trials) acts as a kind of Exorcism mechanism, why do I use that term?  Well I have only used/tried it in relation to the use of the above technologies and for lack of a better word I found myself oftentimes shuddering as though (I imagine) a ghost or demon were being exorcised from my body/mind/soul and yes I did feel better afterwards.

The concern that I had regarding Sedona was that I couldn’t think consciously of answers to qestions of feelings and emotions and so on, so I had to make or give myself the suggestion that my unconscious awareness would respond and respond it seemingly did.

One of the big issues for many people is not having a large enough vocabulary of feeling or emotion related words,I simply dismissed that concern and assumed my unconscious would act according to given need.

 I am well aware that some people may fear I hold them accountable for past actions etc etc,well I would like to reassure anyone whose tried these technologies that that is not the case, why hold on to such worries and unnecessary concerns especially if you (as I have) have mended your ways to the best that circumstances allow, we often feel that things have to happen in this order or that order and most of us are well aware by now that the World for better or worse does not operate according to the best laid plans of Mice and Men! (Or Women for that matter) 🙂

Now I realised recently how much I miss my own poetry so I thought I might start publishing blog posts with poetry on facebook and leaving everything else here on the blog.  That way no-one has to read anything that might distress or go against the grain and so on if they do not want to:- as I said previously much of this stuff is just data coming to the for, and my poetry (IMO was a better medium for me personally than this bland and dull and boring stuff about The Healing Process and so on.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be getting myself back into a more lyrical mode when I can just find the time, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Can a World be destroyed that was never there, a fixture of waves that abound through the air, is it better to hold on or just quickly release, the dizzy giddy spinning globe whose Sims that seek release, if everything’s invented all languages and thought, then whose to tell whats right and wrong, the rich the wrong the poor?  A World thats full of actors, all agent provocateurs, all claiming that this way is best, one crisis motivates spurs.

A player is a player of that can we see no doubt, its strange to think that the game of life is a game where all want out.  Too many broken promises reflected in the sky, a mirror of the Universe in which the quest is why, why not create a better you without a following, independant action immortal lullaby, mirror mirror what do you reflect upon these watery depths, illusory wants and challenges people believe they don’t lie.

Upwards and onwards I’ll pretend I did not die for here I am many years hence and the Sims tell me I’m alive, How would have life been different if I knew I was just a ghost, the freedom to move without remorse hold still those outlined coasts, observe and note and witness the forever take the plunge sell your soul at the value you hold immeasurable eternal soul.

Oh look a flower it grows from the ground I wonder how it tastes, oh no it seems to die so quick since I snapped its stalk to vase. A butterfly that you can catch is a butterfly you don’t seek for seeking is so needy and needy wants to keep, flap your wings enshroud the Earth for whom the Death bell tolls notice all consumed in inner self a self that thinks self true, that TV film and Theatre shared calendars and time, a subliminal you sings and raps bout love a code decoded by whom

Can a better code be created or is conduct a mere orchestra a storm of sound and wonderings wonderings images loud, how many new sets of samples are inspired downloaded from clouds, a dream in a bottle that holds a ship elements snow globes bubbling with crowns, sample sample little star cheat and lie and you’ll go far if that is predestined or learned from the birth stretch out your feet and cross the turf, surrounded conscripted oh me oh my  what next what next is it choice to CRY!

Joining the ranks of the truly insane is one road out of Hell that no Heaven can play or is it just a mystery solved imagine imagine the blackest of Health.

Thank you for reading I do not know why but thats your own choice and the choice holds a sigh, TTFN 🙂

Can Dave Find A True Life Purpose Through Blogging

This is a question I find myself asking at the Present time though I am unsure as to the reasoning or logic behind such thinking! Why? Well many of the courses and activities I have encouraged people to experiment or try out for themselves contain or are based around purpose.  Anyone who read my poem could say that a purpose can be found within it yet as my own awareness has grown I am unsure as to whether that is in fact true anymore as a goal statement.  For example why would you need Paraliminal Accelerators if you already travel at Silvertoevelocity? 🙂 

Another theme that has built up over these recent years is one that anyone who followed my Facebook poems then Holosync blogging activities will likely now have in their own awareness in  one morphic shape or form or another.

What Theme:The Learning Process

The simplest expression that I have witnessed runs something along these lines:-

Unconscious Incompetance->Conscious Incompetance->Conscious Competance->Excellence

At least that is how all the successful folks write that it goes.  You could say that without any awareness of any kind we start of in the Unconscious Incompetance mode where our all-powerful ego’s run the show.  The Conscious Incompetance stage might be alikened to the stage I was at on facebook with my poetry where I had identified TIME and the fact that it does not exist as predominantly ABSOLUTELY EVERYONES ISSUE, I then went through a year or two where many people were promoting myself as an EMPATH OR PSYCHIC–believers in such phenomena were predominantly hostile and actively promoting hostility towards myself in protection of what they believed I could read from their minds.  Hostility came in many forms, though not from everyone-a very very few knew me well enough to know myself as being Harmless unless provoked.   Of course word of Psychic or Empathic abilities tends to spread and it often gets linked to the Heterophobic community (working and living in the same society or environments as such people is as about as close as my own experience comes having always been an open and honest Heterosexual) this of course does not matter to the Hostile and as I have mentioned previously much and many attempts to pidgeon hole me have failed. U-BUGGER IF YOU WANT TOO, THIS MAN IS NOT FOR SODDING.

So most of us who have done the work and experimentation and so on have experienced some seismic perspective shifts-Internal Confusion and Internal Conflict and Internal Chaos-happens causing Overwhelm (For Holosync Users At Least) A shift to even Higher Levels happens when the current map no longer functions (Does my repetition repetition repetition act in supressing this Overwhelm? It depends on what you personally are suppressing, EVERY ARGUEMENT CAN BE COUNTERED, and private exploration of this is potentially–A-MUST–if you want to get higher levels of clarity, but forcing it can be counterproductive so just relax more about the whole state of things.  You could say that the chest pains I experienced were as a result of suppression (as are possibly many Health conditions) I simply tried a new or differing technology of letting go the learned fears anxieties shames guilts and so on.

So what causes my issues-The pressure or desire or goal to achieve Conscious Competance or Excellence is most definetely one issue-so I have to let go of the expectancy (I THINK) caused by the PRESSURIZED CONSCIOUS EGO and ask my UNCONSCIOUS WHOLE MIND to bring into my CONSCIOUS mind the information that I need at this time.

Now I have not found blogging to be particularly fun perhaps because I have no stated purpose or goal to achieve with this blog, apart from perhaps WITNESSING and I have found witnessing to be less and less interesting as I have proceeded. So I am now going to ask my Unconscious Whole Mind to provide me with a goal or purpose that better fits the level of COMPREHENSION THAT I AM AT NOW!

Thank you for reading I wish you better success than I am personally experiencing 🙂

I Do Not Care What It Takes…

Many of us in our day to day lives will likely at one time or another have stated this or something similar in tone or attitude very often in relation to Health Issues and so on.  One of the issues for say a Holosync user is that you do not want to keep rushing through the levels to get the results are there alternatives?

Well I think once you have gone through the earlier levels you can ease up on the gas so to speak.  The problem for just about everyone of course is that since the moment we are born we are like Harry Potter type characters collecting or being infected by Horcrux’s from the World about us.  Holosync can break through the layers to not only give awareness but enable you to realise you have this problem or that.  Many of our mental maps are skewered and having old repressed pains and the like suddenly appearing is not always a nice experience, but you do have to work through them.

I recently found myself experiencing some Heavy chest pains in the area of my Heart and nothing I did seemed to want to shift it, I listened to my Holosync, I listened to the Perfect Health Paraliminal and still the pain remained.  Eventually I turned to using the basics of  ‘The Sedona Method’ that I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, I combined it with some basic EFT/Chakra Tapping and the pain eased up I went to bed and woke up later to find I was no longer experiencing that discomfort, so you could say it is a case of finding and combining the best tools that you can find and also repetition of the techniques.

I know that a number of people who followed my guidance do not have English as a first language so the investment may not seem appropriate.  In this type of scenario I would suggest people box clever or apply strategy.  Get a group together of like minded individuals and each select one of these technology tools that is within your own budget.  You can then each share your new teachings or rotate the slightly differing technologies in your group.

Likewise because ‘The Sedona Method’ is a very simple set of questions repeatedly used in differing scenerio’s I would suggest that that is a good option for people to translate into there own languages if you are unable to find a version already available in your first language.  The book is less than a tenner on Amazon.(Cheaper than buying the audio course for non-English speakers)

Of course not everyone is going to have the same motives, someone else who doesn’t want to hang about in learning these types of materials might choose the Photo-reading course first enabling them to then rush through other courses when the time and money becomes available for them to do so, it really is a case of deciding your own requirements and needs and so on. 

I stated previously that we are all containing the cause and the effect so why buy or translate any of these courses?  Well Holosync is supposed to take 10-20 years to go from Awakening Prologue to Flowering.  I personally do not want to wait that long to change my own circumstances and life.  So I am motivated to buy these other courses that assist in that Healing process.  Why?  well these people/experts are using and teaching tried and tested technologies that can act as short cuts for us in our own learnings. 

Remember they are predominantly based on the idea that we already inherently have all the abilities that they are teaching and that they are effectively selling us ways of peeling back the layers of shit on the diamond.  It is always choice, and we already know that there seems to be layer upon layer upon layer of stuff that comes up.

So even if you do not want to purchase the full audio/DVD box set courses and so on because it seems like a poor investment, you may well find you can purchase basic books from the courses on Amazon, I have found that option and will surely use it when I feel it appropriate.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon enough. 🙂

An Update On New Courses

I recently mentioned that I had purchased some new course materials as well as having a look back at old materials that fell short of expectations in the past.  So do they do what they say on the tin?

Well the first thing I should mention is that you do seem to get what you pay for, so one package might arrive and it is a completely bare bones box of CDS/DVDS with maybe a PDF instruction file, to some that might be a disappointment, yet in some ways is beneficial (anyone who has ever had to pay Her Majesty’s Revenue Import Costs will understand what I mean (your own Government can throw a load of unexpected costs and charges at you for products from non-EU Countries, especially if they are over particular weights and measures)).

Of course you can also order alternate courses and find yourself with a big box of not only CD/DVDs but also books and work manuals, are they worth it?  Well the books in themselves are more substantial than data files (that can be corrupted and so on) and of course having the complete package may save you from having to go out and possibly have to buy hidden extras that you may of not been aware were required.  I say this as someone who finds no great hardship in buying a pen and pad, there are of course people who baulk at having to make any kind of further investment.  Some courses also provide online support materials such-as Video messages and support emails and so on.

Is there any value to taking multiple courses at the same time?   It comes down to choice and time available as we are all aware there are only so many hours in the day, of course my own view is that taking multiple courses is a bit like a kind of stretching exercise, where in doing more than you can initially cope with you can grow into being able to do more because you are pushing or pulling yourself (Its a Contraction versus Expansion issue).

The other great debate of course is potentially what courses to take and from what sources.  Well I have found that there is much common ground for instance in the Learning Strategies materials so as I mentioned previously I have started listening to the Paraliminals, and they seemingly are used across multiple Learning Strategies courses, so anyone with the basic box set can say they kind of give you the basic backbone or skeleton upon which many of the other courses are built up from.  This is great if you want to get everything from one tree, of course I still have my Holosync and thankfully have not found any compatibility issues.

Now I also have mentioned Writing the Wave a couple of times and more recently Mind-Mapping and these are from differing sources but again I have not found any issues and found the knowledge or teachings to be generally complementary.  Mind-Mapping I struggled with years ago because it seemed to myself more Artistically oriented where my brother and indeed daughter are more artistically inclined I cannot draw for toffee. Perfection of artistic abilities are not actual requirements but my brain just did not seem to work in that fashion in the past, whereas now I can be more forgiving of my own lack of artistic abilities and simply stick to the basics of what is asked-generally you might be making some coloured doodles and so on on key points that serve as triggers. 

Given my previous experience, I would say that it is only my use of Holosync that has made doing any of these other courses possible, I say that because some of these types of courses will often talk about or mention the benefits of Alpha and Theta brainwave states and it is in my own opinion and experience only Holosync that gives the necessary clarity and so on.  I think though am unsure that Paraliminals technology is focussed on the use of Alpha-Theta states.

Have I experienced any further brain improvements as a result of any of these Courses? I would say yes most definitely with the Paraliminals, but that was building on the Foundation provided by Holosync.  What does that mean?  Well as someone who has tried and tested and studied multiple Hypnosis styles and techniques and products over the years, I would say that had I experienced Paraliminals without the Holosync Foundation I would not give them such a glowing report. Is that fair?  Well unfortunately it is one of those chicken and egg conundrums, some might argue that my Hypnosis studies led me eventually to Holosync and that may partially be true, but not enough to warrant giving the merchants the benefit of the doubt regarding motive.

Yep the most useless of blog posts but then you could just as easily be writing your own and that is why I do not state explicitly the courses I am taking because something that benefits myself may not be what is required by others that is why I encourage folks to expand there own awareness and intuition you are then better able to know what you personally need rather than have it lectured to you from outside.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.  😉

One Cannot Not Communicate

This title of course I mentioned in a previous blog post so I thought that now I have talked a little about themes and layers I will bring it up again.  Many years ago I was set the task in a communication studies course of writing an essay on this topic.  As I recall I set about dissecting the statement to discover whether it was flawed in anyway.

One cannot not communicate

Its a toughie is it not? Of course you can say I am not going to talk to anyone-yet that in itself is a communication.  You could also be let down by your non-verbal communication. That is actually one of my own biggest bug-bears with ‘communication experts’  Why?  Well you can go into a book shop and find many books all promoting definitions of non-verbal behaviour, you can open many newspapers and magazines all with brief glossy explanations of non-verbal communications.

You can turn on your TV and watch a multitude of programs about non-verbal communications and once again much of these expertises are saying the same set of parrot fashioned explanations with LITTLE TO ZERO explanation of other than so-called norms.

Of course some other than norms are quite obvious when you watch TV because so many Celebratories over rely on BOTOX their lack of non-verbal facial movement and expression tells you that they are likely highly vain botox users.  (As an aside I should mention that botox does have genuine medical uses, my former step-daughter (having Cerebral Palsy) used to have botox injections in certain muscle groups enabling her the ability to physically move and exercise parts of her body that had over-tightened up, the botox relaxed the nerves causing the issue, and it was important for her normal growth and development.)

So what other other-than-norms are there, well I personally think there are way too many to list in a brief blog (and not just medical related ones), and that yes many are learned and can be unlearned-yet often the question has to be asked as to need?  I for instance mentioned that I spent a couple of years as a teenager relearning how to walk and walking on crutches for a prolonged period of time can often change your posture (for instance) I recall that even after no longer having the crutches I was very much still (in body language terms) acting as though I were on crutches, example:- a tendency to have my head usually pointed downwards plotting my route through the walkway-traffic and so on.  Now seeing myself with my head pointed downward many people are taught that such postures and non-verbal signals are highly negative and to be avoided, so you can see how one set of circumstances can lead to the next and the next and so on.

Now I am not suggesting that we all go about balancing books on our heads to learn good posture and so on though I am sure it can be good fun for the children.  All I am saying is that you have to learn to see through OUTWARD facades.  Most people are and I include those who have learned appropriate body language highly incongruent, because many have spent a lifetime worrying to much about how they appear to others without ever considering how they appear to themselves.  You could say the extreme worry and the extreme vain are kinds of opposite polarities but there are always so-called tells and most or many of us are inbetweeners, we might look great in one environment and lousy in another, you could say that that is the principle that some TV shows rely on when they take and train people to Ice-skate or dance or eat maggots, the paradigm shift of discomfort caused by taking them out of one learned set of rules and placing them in another environment and seeing how they cope is as old as you or I.

The great thing about learning about underlying structures is that when you learn the underlying basics regarding layers and so on you can become more congruent where-ever and when-ever you are regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.  Congruence and alignment and integrity can bridge the gap and threshold between environmental circumstances.

I hope that brief explanation on top of what has gone before gives people a better way or process to trawl through some issues worries or fears they are still holding onto.

Thank you for reading-god bless and be well 🙂