Seeking Serendipity

So here we are again another day another opportunity for seeking serendipity and what springs to mind on this the 7th Day of our Lord in this month of April Two Thousand and Thirteen.  Go ahead and be awesome in your thinking you have no-one else to do it for you.  Of course charting a course through the minds eye of chance can be an interesting activity yet how many of us give up on chance in favour of an over-reliance on the logical and the rational training that keeps us enslaved to the principles of you will never succeed so quit now and go and be miserable and sour and hate-filled and on and on.

Of course serendipity can be sought by anyone-yet all to often it is something that is likely pidgeon-holed into particular sectors of the mental map and that in itself can course problems. Of course taking responsibility is never the choice of folks who always seek to look outside of themselves for answers or blame and the falling into yawn-yawn sticks and stones behaviour patterns.

So why do I talk of serendipity at all-well my recent process writings (those blogs posts in which I mentioned themes and patterns and layers etc) gave me the idea that I could create a Serendipity Theme or Layer in my imaginings, so for instance imagine:that you carry out the exercises that I have suggested –

What serendipity would you write that bridges and integrates all the themes and layers into a higher shape and form of transcendance.  Imagine that you are Mr or Ms SERENDIPITY and that you are fully able and equipped both physically and mentally for the fullest experience of this Serendipitous New Life.  

Feel free to add your very own deepest questionings on Who What Where When Why and so on, it is for you to know how you want to feel think act and so on, I just love the Word Serendipity (and I recall enjoying the film some years ago (for a chick-flick)).  And I have never seen anyone anywhere amongst all the ranks of Healers and Preachers and Teachers ever seek to use or include the Serendipitous model.  

So please do not get distracted by the film model as my own thinking was that the underlying concept of serendipity can be used and adapted for just about anything.  Now some people might be wondering what type of films give examples of where these technologies can lead, and there are a countless numbers of films.  Obvious ones for families with kids might be Adam Sandlers Bedtime Stories, Inkheart is another that I recall.  The Matrix films are oft quoted though I think them somewhat limited in scope.  So effectively it is do your own work, you are highly likely to have encountered a multitude of movies and productions that explore the same  ideas and themes and with this being a half-term etc.

Of course there are often rules given in movies and films that people have to follow, I have no idea which sets of rules are best, but the guidance of the more successful with your chosen PLAN or PURPOSE as always is more likely to lead onwards and upwards than those who know nothing of what it is that you hope to achieve.  IE. I am a slaughter house factory cleaner not a Billionaire Financial Wizard who has the World As His Playground.

Thank you for reading and may you have a Serendipitous Day! 🙂

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