An Update On New Courses

I recently mentioned that I had purchased some new course materials as well as having a look back at old materials that fell short of expectations in the past.  So do they do what they say on the tin?

Well the first thing I should mention is that you do seem to get what you pay for, so one package might arrive and it is a completely bare bones box of CDS/DVDS with maybe a PDF instruction file, to some that might be a disappointment, yet in some ways is beneficial (anyone who has ever had to pay Her Majesty’s Revenue Import Costs will understand what I mean (your own Government can throw a load of unexpected costs and charges at you for products from non-EU Countries, especially if they are over particular weights and measures)).

Of course you can also order alternate courses and find yourself with a big box of not only CD/DVDs but also books and work manuals, are they worth it?  Well the books in themselves are more substantial than data files (that can be corrupted and so on) and of course having the complete package may save you from having to go out and possibly have to buy hidden extras that you may of not been aware were required.  I say this as someone who finds no great hardship in buying a pen and pad, there are of course people who baulk at having to make any kind of further investment.  Some courses also provide online support materials such-as Video messages and support emails and so on.

Is there any value to taking multiple courses at the same time?   It comes down to choice and time available as we are all aware there are only so many hours in the day, of course my own view is that taking multiple courses is a bit like a kind of stretching exercise, where in doing more than you can initially cope with you can grow into being able to do more because you are pushing or pulling yourself (Its a Contraction versus Expansion issue).

The other great debate of course is potentially what courses to take and from what sources.  Well I have found that there is much common ground for instance in the Learning Strategies materials so as I mentioned previously I have started listening to the Paraliminals, and they seemingly are used across multiple Learning Strategies courses, so anyone with the basic box set can say they kind of give you the basic backbone or skeleton upon which many of the other courses are built up from.  This is great if you want to get everything from one tree, of course I still have my Holosync and thankfully have not found any compatibility issues.

Now I also have mentioned Writing the Wave a couple of times and more recently Mind-Mapping and these are from differing sources but again I have not found any issues and found the knowledge or teachings to be generally complementary.  Mind-Mapping I struggled with years ago because it seemed to myself more Artistically oriented where my brother and indeed daughter are more artistically inclined I cannot draw for toffee. Perfection of artistic abilities are not actual requirements but my brain just did not seem to work in that fashion in the past, whereas now I can be more forgiving of my own lack of artistic abilities and simply stick to the basics of what is asked-generally you might be making some coloured doodles and so on on key points that serve as triggers. 

Given my previous experience, I would say that it is only my use of Holosync that has made doing any of these other courses possible, I say that because some of these types of courses will often talk about or mention the benefits of Alpha and Theta brainwave states and it is in my own opinion and experience only Holosync that gives the necessary clarity and so on.  I think though am unsure that Paraliminals technology is focussed on the use of Alpha-Theta states.

Have I experienced any further brain improvements as a result of any of these Courses? I would say yes most definitely with the Paraliminals, but that was building on the Foundation provided by Holosync.  What does that mean?  Well as someone who has tried and tested and studied multiple Hypnosis styles and techniques and products over the years, I would say that had I experienced Paraliminals without the Holosync Foundation I would not give them such a glowing report. Is that fair?  Well unfortunately it is one of those chicken and egg conundrums, some might argue that my Hypnosis studies led me eventually to Holosync and that may partially be true, but not enough to warrant giving the merchants the benefit of the doubt regarding motive.

Yep the most useless of blog posts but then you could just as easily be writing your own and that is why I do not state explicitly the courses I am taking because something that benefits myself may not be what is required by others that is why I encourage folks to expand there own awareness and intuition you are then better able to know what you personally need rather than have it lectured to you from outside.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.  😉

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