They’ve Been Away Awhile

Another type of role play game that people can play to improve there own sense of perspective on Life, The Universe and Everything.  So imagine that you have been away travelling in distant galaxies or trekking to Everest and you return to the UK and think “Oh I’ll see if Facebook is still going”, you log in after digging up the scrap piece of paper that your password is scribbled on from last years Diary, you are confronted with hundreds of complete strangers on your own newsfeed all doing some strange “Help Find April Jones” game. WHAT IS YOUR REACTION?

Well it’s the Month After March that precedes May and my name is not Jones, who are you, what are you doing on my newsfeed.

One does of course wonder if these campaigners actually read or pay attention to news, given that it was reported very early on that her DNA etc. had been found in his fire burner cooking stove or something similar, very Hansel and Gretel or even possibly Cannibal.  I have nothing against sensible campaigns and campaigning , but very often they get turned into vehicles for one aspect of the campaigners own Psyche rather than what the original source campaigners chief aim is or was.

Madeliene McCann was another case in point where it seemed to myself at least that her parents were culpable in some way shape or form and we have never heard the real truth from them, we probably never will, and they were treated with far too much respect by the UK authorities for being a Doctor and wife, rather than a possible murderer and accomplice which was how the Portugese initially treated them until pressure from Britain changed the direction of investigations.

Do we have more miscarriage of justice’s than we believe we do?  I think that anyone who has never been isolated and interrogated by undercover CID officers (away from the station), should shut the fuck up.  Every one likes to promote the idea of ‘The Sweeney’ or ‘Life on Mars’  policing as old fashioned policing from the 70’s, I have personal experience of those tactics in the 90’s, and those officers aren’t as friendly as your ‘TV ACTORS’ or local bobby on the streets that most youths think they are being clever abusing. 

We also of course have stories such as those from Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan  former SAS officers from the infamous Bravo 2 Zero unit that demonstrated that even the best trained folks on the planet can crack under interrogation. And we also of course have Prisoners captured fighting against UN sanctioned troops stored in Guantanamo Bay.  Will you Obey or not Obey Robin and Rosie of Cockleshell Bay?  People will often say and do anything to stop being tortured abused and so on, if you grew up being shouted at and abused continuously, then being with people promoting loving relationships and happiness and kindness and so on might in itself seem like a form of abuse, because you have no map to relate to that territory.

What is this post about I am myself now wondering? 

well many of these campaigns are worthy on one hand but are self defeating on the other, it all comes down to sense and sensibility, what you can do for yourself and your own kin, versus where others want to keep you mentally focussed.  Awareness and Preventative campaigns are surely more worthwhile than ‘After The Horse has Bolted’ campaigns.

I for instance were I to start an ‘After The Horse has Bolted Campaign’ would probably create a ‘Take A Weapon To Work’ campaign group, and then whenever a scumbag outs themselves I could whip out my trusty knife and slash a throat, one less scumbag and a warning sent out to the rest   People say these things do not happen-Well after so many years of abuse people do do these types of things, and in some environments and towns and Cities it is of no surprise to myself at all.  In fact I think we will be seeing a lot of these sorts of events appearing in the press and so on in the coming years.

You might say or call it “Somethings Gonna Give” syndrome, for people who have been isolated or lived a life of relative misery they might commit suicide, another type of person might simply Take A Weapon To Work and slash a Throat.  Other people might take up the technologies I have recommended to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE EVERYWHEN and actually transform there lives from the unfocussed miseries to a more worthwhile set of values and life pursuits.  Letting go of the IDEAS OF RESTRICTIONS AND BOUNDARIES and actually having written on the GRAVESTONE “JESUS CHRIST THAT FUCKER KNEW HOW TO LIVE”

Thank you for reading God Bless, Be Well and Remember this blog is for users of the Technologies I have recommended, if you are reading this without using those technologies then you are in all likelihood SUFFERING 🙂

So What Is Wrong With “Money On The Table and Food In The Belly!”

Last Night I Dreamt…

That some complete strangers rushed up to me and declared we know who you are, handed me a huge suitcase full of money and said that’s for you to set up The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’ .  And What the hell is The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’ I replied but they had already disappeared leaving me standing with a suitcase full of money and a task of which I had no idea where to begin with.  Suddenly a huge ligh tbulb appeared hovering over my head and suddenly flashed on creating a strange A-like shaped cone glowing  over me.  Wow That is amazing I thought I wonder if it moves with me.  I stepped a couple of paces left and the light bulb duly change its position, I wondered if the light was for me or the money so I placed the suitcase down containing the money and moved a few yards further down the cliff path I know found myself standing on.  The suitcase grew some legs and trundled towards me, the light had stayed with me and now the money was staying with me too, wow I thought why if only all of these events happen in real life I’ll have something fun and enjoyable to do with my time hmmm What could be taught in The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’?

You know the routine.  🙂

Of course I made the above up and it wasn’t very descriptive at all, lots of room was left for reinterpretation by the reader, things such as colours and textures, I could have till put those things in yet when your in the throw ideas onto paper stage its more of an outline or framework and its only when I start asking the questions about the scenario that I can fill in the GAPS what colour was the suitcase, was the initial scene on a cliff or did we switch locations, how many strangers were in the group, were they the same as myself or different, what can be highlighted to show the differences, what can be highlighted to show the samenesses, that brief paragraph were I to develop it into a story could probably fill a chapter of a book.  Many authors keep databases with references to the Worlds that they create so that they can keep track of all the varying themes and the objects, characters etc and very often after they have written a few novels or books with the same characters following some simple success plan-the books pretty much write themselves.  The same happens with video games where for example a set of tools is created to create a platform game, and those tools will be used again and again to create multiple games and very little changes apart from some enhancements and character names and so on.  One of the earliest pioneers in reuse of tools was a company called Ocean Software, they did many of the earliest 2-Dimensional -TV-game Tie-ins using the same graphics and platform engine for a huge number of games, later when 3-Dimensional games started appearing id Software was one of the Pioneers with there Wolfenstein 3D and more famous Doom game Engine that later turned into Quake and other more recent fairs.

Some people ask can a 2-Dimensional Alphabet be turned into 3-Dimensions?

Well you might say that it simply takes a simple leap of the imagination, anyone who ever struggled with maths and plotting coordinates x,y,z will understand.  You might of course if you have ever seen a 3D graphics designer or Computer Aided Design system (often used by architects and engineers) think in terms of looking at things from 3 basic angles, so take the Letter YOU

You might for instance think of the letter Y as a side-view, You might think of the letter O as a top-down view, You might think of the letter U as a sliced view. 

These are of course just ideas that people have had that have lead to tools and further creative developments, its not so much about right and wrongs as continuous experimentation until you get something useable from your own perspective on life the universe and everything.  As I think has been said elsewhere, the problem in the Global Economy affects just about everyone and until new products and technologies and services start appearing that situation will probably continue, we will in all likelihood go into a quadruple-dip recession if you listen to the pundits, that does of course appear different to the folks with money to the folks without.

I have said it time and time again money on the table and food in the belly is preferable to most people than the nonsenses and paths that some self-saboteurs seemingly obsessively follow.

Be The Best That You can Be In Being You, Because I am Quite Sure That Nobody Does You Like You 😉

Quill Quill Upon My Blog, Clear The Evil Mists And The Fogs

Wow Dave you have a quill? Weeelll not exactly though I do admit to having tried to create such implements in my youth.  There was always something appealing about attaining a feather and writing with it, rather than grabbing a biro or pencil or crayon.  Nope not me, I have to go feather hunting for quill writing.  A feature of most modern manual writing implements is of course the repetition of design, I recall years ago the Parker Cartridge Pen being the ink pen of choice, (I attended a school where you were still expected to use cartridge pens).  I have no idea what the current state of play is but can recall ink stains everywhere such was the tendency of the things to leak or get bits of paper stuck in the end creating pellets and god knows what problems with the simple act of writing.

The regular usage of cartridge pens did have one unusual effect however and that was that the implement seemed to customise itself to the user over a period of time,  and trying to borrow and write with someone else’s was also a challenge.

Today of course I would ruin the screen of whichever gadget I happen to be writing this blog upon were I to try a ‘real’ pen, I could of course change my cursor to a quill and you would be none the wiser as to whether I used a quill or not, but why go with a quill when I could change my cursor to so many weird and strange alternatives.

Quill Quill Upon My Blog, Clear The Evil Mists and The Fogs, When That Task Is So Completed, Let The Demons Know They Are Defeated, Should Those Demons Rise Again, Strike Them Dead With The Light Sword Pen, If The Light Does Fail To Glow, Burn The Candle Base Sending Them To Hell, If It Is Hell That They So WIsh, Lock them In A Mirrored Cage, A Dripping Tap And Bells, When The Clock Strikes To Cause Alarm, Let them Have One Visitor A Visit From Themselves.

It is a sort of free wheeling writing that creates these types of poems, but of course the didactic pattern of the writer is unknown to readers unless you have experience of similar didactic patterns in text and verse, that you can use to find the rhythm or chorus or harmony or mutually beneficial ideas of how things should be, this often (in the literary world) lead to great debates and discussion on how a speech is supposed to be delivered or experienced and so on.

Well Here We Go Again  🙂


So What Sort Of An Idiot Would Choose To Live In A ******* Zone

This is one of those self-righteous questions that we all of us are seemingly prone to from time to time, you basically replace my row of stars (* Asterisk (shift-8)) with the Anomaly of current disaster whether it be a tidal wave, earthquake, Typhoon/Twister, Meteorite Impact and so on.

When you actually look at Geological Maps or indeed Weather Pattern Maps it is actually far easier to be affected than you might think, I for Instance live in Herefordshire and we are in fact living in a ‘potential’ earthquake zone, we have some shifting techtonic plates right below us and on occasion they will scrape together giving us some (usually) minor tremors, of course they are always minor to the peoples not experiencing them. The non-science brained folks will in all likelihood use language that gives a greater more fearful presentation of any such events, much like the insurance claimee trying to make sure they are not calpable in any way shape or form with their insurers-who as we are all aware-make it damn near impossible to make any claims.

An interesting thing about insurance is of course the Tradition of listing some events as ‘Acts Of God’ Surely if they have such lists then anyone claiming to be Atheist should automatically lose all rights to claim.  They should go and find Atheist Insurer’s for Atheist people. 🙂

We do of course also when looking at my title have the opportunity to replace the (*) with other words and meanings, I work in a factory where I quite often hear macho-man leary bollox phrases such-as ‘Any hole’s a goal!’, this has always seemed to me to be highly suspect phrase, especially given the headlines we have been reading over the last couple of years (some peoples refusal to learn perhaps) a responsible person should of course thank these male and female paedophiles for outing themselves and hand there names to the Police, people say it does not happen here, yet only last week amist all the one trained killer killed by terrorist furore, the news that a paedophile gang was rounded up in Worcester seem to slip under the radar, obviously not coloured or Muslim or foreign enough to catch anyone’s attention. 

So news about terrorists in London several Hundred miles away or news of Paedophiles in Worcester just a stones throw, aspects of the British Culture being shown up for what they really are. (IMO).  Opportunity to be bigoted versus something you do not want to face about your own race.

That is not me targeting a work place or town or culture or group of people merely highlighting peoples in generals “FAILURE TO THINK”, what are the smokes and mirrors being used to distract you from what is going on under your nose.  ESPIONAGE EXISTS on all levels of society in one way shape or form and in all environments, remember where you need to focus and do not allow yourself to get sidetracked by people or persons with malicious intent or purpose. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Babel Kebabs Skewered Not Doner’d

Do you ever feel that every now and then need to eat a Kebab.  Many years ago in Hereford the most popularly frequented night club was a place known as The Crystal Rooms, it had many alternate designations such as The Sticky Carpets but The Crystal Rooms was the official name.  I am quite sure people of a certain generation will have deeply ingrained memories of aforementioned Club, it also had something of a monopoly at one time (at least for people only interested in popular chart music).

Nothing was ever so satisfying as having a couple of Kebabs from the Kebab House situated just a few short steps from the Rooms.  Very often people would have consumed vast amounts of alcohol in some day long tour of The City Pubs before depositing themselves in the Rooms for an extension.  You’d walk out of the Rooms gulp some totally unhealthy fresh air stop and watch a couple of fights, see how long it took the police to intervene from the safety of there Van which seemed to have its own permanent parking spot along the street and then join the queue for a Kebab.  The Kebabs were perfectly safe as long as you ate them relatively quickly whilst still drunk.  I once made the error of trying to eat a spare one I’d bought the following morning.  Top-tip Go Hair Of The Dog First! 🙂

Nowadays of course we have many more foreign eating options available to us from all the Chinese’s and Indians and other dreamed up delacacies suchas Balti’s and Thai, but nothing will ever beat the quick fill of a Kebab whilst drunk.  That is of course if you have an objection to a regular fish and chips which seems to have become something of a novelty in its own right given all the alternate options.

So what else can I write on this wet day, hmmmn  ah-ha Do you Know Anyone Who Cheats At Video Games?  as a youngster I was quite the computer and video games addict but have to admit to have given that up over the years whilst I seem to now know many people who regarded it below themselves as youngsters who now play obsessively as adults.  The first console I had was a Kevin Keegan sponsored Grandstand thing, that had games such-as Tennis on it. I also recall many one game type hand-held devices that existed in the 80’s the forerunners of all these Nintendo DS’s and so on.  So do You Know Anyone Who Cheats At Video Games?  or is it not called cheating, perhaps it’s Winner Takes All, or No Retreat No Surrender or some other motto that folks gives themselves to justify behaviours that they would be thrown into prison for outside of the Gaming World.

Of course many games have what are called cheat pokes and codes and walk through modes, that were initially developed by the designers to test and practice levels with, but these days even those have gone to a new level of sophistication in what can be achieved.  The other big debate of course is the Next Generation Consoles are appearing and getting people to want them is going to be a task in itself.  Nintendo Wii U, Sony Play Station 4, Microsoft Xbox One, they all have many bells and whistles and many people once with a particular company tend to stay out of some misplaced sense of loyalty and better the devil we know.  Sometimes I have been in that situation myself and when I did give up the brand loyalty and switch I found that I had made the most appropriate of decisions, sometimes these changes can be forced ie what if one of the above companies decided to pull the plug on consoles and not release anymore, you would have to switch to keep up.  This of course happens in most industries and many business’s, the tightening of belts, or the rationalisation of our business plan, sometimes it can be referred to as asset stripping if a Larger Company buys a smaller one just for it’s Sellable Brand’s.  That happened in the Car industry a lot over the years, a big one for the UK in recent years was BMW buying the Mini and Range Rover/ Land Rover brands.  They ditched everything else and focussed on those, and they even stole the blueprints oops not stoled liberated technologies to put in there own vehicles.

Well That’s enough from me for today. Bye Bye For Now 🙂

Do The Expressive Gesticulators Practice In Mirrors

This a question to be asked of those people who always seem to manage to pull off the most perfect of gesticulations.  I am of course referring to any kind of gesticulation not just those found on sports fields and so on.  Every culture seemingly has its own set and can very often mean very differing things to different cultures.

If you ask anyone to do an impression of a Frenchman or Italian or Jew or Arab, you will see a diverse set of hands going all over the shop, much like the game of charades where people have to guess Book, Film, Theatre, TV etc. from the mime artist’s miming skills.

You can also see another quite famous set of gesticulations at the horse races from the on-site bookies passing secret messages amongst each other.  Military personal also use them and operating theatre personnel-you could in fact say that we all of us pick-up or learn many of these gestures and have banks and banks of them in our heads. 

So is the problem with gesticulation a misunderstanding or lack of alignment with another persons set of held gesticulations or something completely different.  You could say that the job or environment and the people all give importance or higher priority to the gesticulations that they assume are being conveyed the most. Persons not used to an environment may give very differing meanings to these non-verbal cues than someone who has settled in.  Of course the technologies I have recommended can leave you shrugging your shoulders quite a bit, but I am sure that successful non-verbal skills and alignment of meanings amongst groups can pay dividends.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Magic Feathers Get Your Magic Feathers Here

WTF? I just watched Dumbo and now have to think about changing my Blogsite Tag, I mean seriously I must have really struck out on that one.  So what else have I done during this seemingly long day, sat in the sunshine, been assaulted with water balloons, cooked a roast dinner, yep strange how the hours can whizz by whilst doing so little,  thankfully I have this week off from the night job so won’t be fretting as some that the weekend is drawing to a close.

One of the longer range dynamics or themes that I have been dwelling on in recent weeks is the question of whether Humans are meant to Hibernate.  Sounds silly doesn’t it, but I am sure some will understand what I mean.  At one time years ago, I used to be in a salaried monthly paid job, and whilst I actually prefer that type of wages, one of the major downsides were the occasions where I knew I was going to run out of money long before payday. The sudden bill or unexpected money needs can send you very quickly into a downward spiral especially if you have an overdraft too and a bank that loves to send out those £££ letters, what are the options available to singletons in these types of scenario’s, people can often literally be forced to go into a type of Hibernation mode of not eating much and not socialising and falling into a pattern of ever decreasing circles, the other option can be to beg borrow steal from friends family etc, but anyone who likes the idea of self reliance (as I have always done) isn’t going to allow that to happen, some say that’s pride but I disagree, its more of a learning curve, sink or swim whilst in at the deep end.

I am still continuing to think on that issue.  Now I’m gonna go and watch Wall-E another one of those modern cartoony things.  TTFN. 🙂

There Aint No Rain Here Fool

Exactly my own thoughts until they were rudely interrupted by a water balloon bombing campaign courtesy of my not so little one, some of them even managed to bounce to there target.  Of course these days we have these quite expensive water pistols that people use for such battles, a top tip for cheapskates – my bro and I as youngsters use to collect empty washing up liquid bottles and use those-the range was often better than many of the designer shop guns.  Its probably more difficult to get the tall straight washing bottles now given how so many have been repackaged and designed etc, but if you can they are a great and easy adapt and overcome implementation of using your noggin.


And for my second post of the day

Do not try and tell me how many posts I have written, my unpublished works will no doubt be dugout and studied for there merits to future generations until then

Who Remembers EAMONN ANDREWS not related to JULIE ANDREWS of course but nevertheless an interesting individual of historical note for my UK audience.  I will say no more other than research can be the difference between results.

So Sunday 26th May 2013 at 08:52 am (at least that’s when this post began, and there will no doubt be thoughtful interludes during the course of deliverance). what are you going to be doing? Edgar Allen Poe’ ing, Chevy Chase ing, Griswold ing have you ever wondered if all effects are followed by an ing?

Nope me neither I mean what could be so important about an ing, maybe I could create an importance myself and when they call it DAVE S PERKINS ING i’ll be given a commemorative plaque.

New topic? Okay did you ever see the movie about the funniest joke in the World, it had Billy Connolly and other comics all talking about a rude joke that gets drawn out and out going on and on until the punchlines are given, it is delivered in many ways by many varied comedian and the build up usually ends in the humour about the Aristocracy.  This should not be confused with “Everybody wants to be a cat” a song from the Aristo Cats, a film that has the most awesome of effects, Winnie the Pooh playing a rat.

No okay but it is Sunday and it looks like it is going to be one of those incredibly rare Sundays of peace and tranquillity and British Culture. OR NOT 🙂

yes today I think I’ll be posting in the style of a Tweeter or Facebook er, Sunny spots with brief interludes of rain is that how they give weather forcasts? Is the Silver lining to be followed by a bloody great grey cloud, anyone, anyone, nevermore has a plan of action been required for this day, for this day shall last in the annals of history, make it so 🙂

Do you Know when You’ve Been Dominoed

Most people regard themselves as being beyond being Dominoed yet continuous pressure of some sorts can break just about anyone even those folks that think themselves beyond having pressure brought to bear upon them.  Me I’ll quite happily eat a Pizza in the style of the Martini Man Anytime Anyplace Anywhere.  🙂

Dominoes of course also once better known as a popular pub and club game.  I was first introduced to dominoes at a young age on visits to my Up North relatives, my grandfather following WW2 worked on the Railways for many years and one of the benefits especially being based in Crewe was the memberships of multiple clubs that that generation seemingly possessed. (My Hereford based Grandparents also belonged to multiple clubs and I’d find myself going from Conservative club to Liberal Club and so on depending upon which group of friends they were catching up with). I digress

So Northern Grandparents working class from typically large families (My great-grandmother hated the Royals and Tories with a vengeance (having lost multiple brothers and sons in both WW1 and WW2) it was understandable when you were shown pictures of family groups of 10-20 people and then told how many of them were deceased through war via the draft.  The Americans have since romanticised the idea with “Saving Private Ryan” and this idea that no family should lose more than so many siblings members etc. any claims to that in the British army IS COMPLETE BOLLOX and my own family is proof of that.  I had more deceased relatives in the photos and portraits than living and my own Grandfather got lucky taking a bullet through his hand when many of his comrades were killed outright in a surprise air raid during his time in North Africa (He fought against Rommel).

Anyway Grandad would take us to the Railway club in Crewe and we’d sit and he taught us to play dominoes the game.  Nowadays people tend to think of the domino effect where you line them up and then topple them but the game itself is actually well worth learning for getting the mental cogs moving.  When you think about it that is an alternate use of what the game pieces were originally intended and the same could be said for house of cards type games and Jeenga.

So taking ordinary items and usages of items and finding alternate uses is pretty much the art of invention.  This is often how science works where scientists independently create a seemingly useless technology in there own field for the sake of study and it takes a clever clogs to bring the technologies together to redefine what the original technology was intended. 

When you look at much of the Arab countries these days they are quite often populated by a quite grey in complexion peoples compared with the old romanticised idea of Egyptians and so on and that is simply because the grey tribes outbred the brown tribes.  The Koran God it could be argued  is like the Jewish Hebrew God of the OLD TESTAMENT in the sense that whilst the God is represented as all powerful thunderbolts and lightening and striking down of opponents, they generally did not go around preaching that.  The Western idea of god is usually the Jesus model of turning the other cheek and so on.  Although our laws are fundamentally based around the original 10 commandments of the old testament.  The modern preachers of Islam are seemingly all setting themselves up as this 13th Imman, which is like the return of Jesus but the Koran model is wholly based Old testament, they have no outright Jesus model as such and that is why the Hate Preachers are so successful because there are less counter-balances.  hope that makes sense, they can be as peaceful as the Jews or as hateful as the Nazis.

Of course on the issue of colour and having a mixed race daughter I tend to find that many White Hate race preachers are laughable.  They are very often the same people rushing to tanning salons and boots to get there Spanish holiday suntan lotion.  If you hate ’em so much why are you trying to Emulate Them you dozy fuckwits (tends to be my thought for the day).

Thank you for reading god Bless and Be Well 🙂