Magic Feathers Get Your Magic Feathers Here

WTF? I just watched Dumbo and now have to think about changing my Blogsite Tag, I mean seriously I must have really struck out on that one.  So what else have I done during this seemingly long day, sat in the sunshine, been assaulted with water balloons, cooked a roast dinner, yep strange how the hours can whizz by whilst doing so little,  thankfully I have this week off from the night job so won’t be fretting as some that the weekend is drawing to a close.

One of the longer range dynamics or themes that I have been dwelling on in recent weeks is the question of whether Humans are meant to Hibernate.  Sounds silly doesn’t it, but I am sure some will understand what I mean.  At one time years ago, I used to be in a salaried monthly paid job, and whilst I actually prefer that type of wages, one of the major downsides were the occasions where I knew I was going to run out of money long before payday. The sudden bill or unexpected money needs can send you very quickly into a downward spiral especially if you have an overdraft too and a bank that loves to send out those £££ letters, what are the options available to singletons in these types of scenario’s, people can often literally be forced to go into a type of Hibernation mode of not eating much and not socialising and falling into a pattern of ever decreasing circles, the other option can be to beg borrow steal from friends family etc, but anyone who likes the idea of self reliance (as I have always done) isn’t going to allow that to happen, some say that’s pride but I disagree, its more of a learning curve, sink or swim whilst in at the deep end.

I am still continuing to think on that issue.  Now I’m gonna go and watch Wall-E another one of those modern cartoony things.  TTFN. 🙂

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